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Lucas woke up disoriented. He sat up, glancing around the room as his eyes adjusted to the bright midday light that was streaming through the window. He glanced around at his surroundings, feeling as though there was something amiss. His hands dropped down to the bed next to him, feeling the empty space. His heart began to race as his search became frantic. He turned to the side, sighing as he noticed Skye lying next to him on the edge of the bed.

Skye murmured softly in her sleep before rolling over. Lucas noticed a piece of paper fall off her as she rolled over and snuggled into the pillows. Lucas picked up the piece of paper, turning it over in his hands before his curiosity got the better of him. He opened the piece of paper slowly and as quietly as he could so as not to wake Skye. His eye's flicked over the paper, frowning as he read the words that were written there.

We're watching you.

We'll be back.

Keep an eye on your precious Bucket.

Lucas felt himself becoming consumed by anger, the calm that he has felt the last week slipped away as he was overwhelmed by fury. He swung his legs over the bed and stood up. He strode across the room, knowing that it was best to put some distance between him and Skye while he was in this mood. When Lucas got angry his anger would escalate until it took over him and prevented him from making rational decisions. He still had enough control now to know that he couldn't be near Skye if that happened.

The note was from Mira, it had to be. Lucas was furious, how dare they walk in here and threaten him. How dare they go near his Bucket, especially when she was sleeping. It was as if Mira and the Sixers were taunting him. They had come in here while he was sleeping and left the note on Skye, proving to him that they could get to her. Lucas raised his hand, sweeping it across the desk causing papers to fall to the ground, scattering everywhere. The noise of the papers falling brought Lucas back to his senses. He glanced over at the bed, hoping that his little outburst hadn't woken Skye. His wish was granted, Skye slept peacefully though the whole thing. Lucas sighed with relief, his face softening as he watched his angel sleep.

Lucas looked down at the ground, glancing at the mess he had made. He saw Mira's note sitting atop the pile of papers the littered the floor where it had fallen after it had slipped out of his hand. He bent down and picked it up, reading it for the third time.

We're watching you.

Lucas couldn't stop himself from glancing around the room, checking for any sign that the sixers were watching him. He couldn't see any signs that they were watching him but he knew that that didn't mean anything. The Sixers were sneaky. Their message was clear, they were watching him, he wasn't safe there. The Sixers weren't the sort of people that you could cross and get away with it. They would be out for revenge.

Lucas looked back down at the note, reading it again.

We'll be back.

Again the message was obvious. They would be back for him. They wanted him to fix the portal. He knew the way that these people worked having worked with them for several years. They would do what it took to get him to return to them. He was their only hope of finding a way back to 2149. They would come back for him and force him to work with them. With them having significantly larger numbers and the element of surprise Lucas didn't stand much of a chance against them. He knew that it wasn't safe here, he couldn't just sit here and wait for them to turn up, he would have to leave before they came back for him.

Lucas looked at the next line of the message. This was the line that angered him the most.

Keep an eye on your precious Bucket.

This line made Lucas furious. He could handle them coming in here and threatening him but the second that they threatened Skye it was a whole different ball game. He couldn't believe that they would have the audacity to threaten Skye. Well, in all truth he could believe that they would threaten Skye, they knew that she was his weakness, but that didn't make him any less angry. If anything it infuriated him even more. The second that they threatened Skye was the second that he put his foot down. He wouldn't let them get to Skye. He knew that it wasn't safe there anymore. It wasn't safe for him and more importantly it wasn't safe for Skye. The Sixers wanted Lucas but they would use Skye to get to him. He had to leave as soon as possible, he had to get Skye out of there as soon as possible.

Lucas' brain jumped into action, thinking of everything that they would need to take with them, where they would go and how long it would take to get there. He walked across the room, picking up his clothes from where they had been tossed and hastily put them on. He made his way throughout the room, gathering everything that they would need and throwing it into two bags.

He looked out the window, noting that the sun was high in the sky. He went of the journey in his head, calculating the route they would take and possible detours that would throw anyone who might follow them off their track as well as how long it would take them. He estimated that they would make it there by dark. His arm and chest were healing well, they barely bothered him anymore, they wouldn't hold him back and provided that Skye could keep up with him they should have enough hours of daylight left to make the journey. Now he just had to wake Skye. He made him way over to the bed, crouching next to her. He hated to wake her but he knew that they had to get out of there soon. There was no telling when the Mira and the Sixers would return.

"Bucket," he whispered as he shook her gently yet with urgency. "Bucket get up."

Skye opened her eyes, groaning slightly and blinking as her eyes adjusted to the light. Lucas walked back across the room to continue packing, satisfied that Skye was awake.

"Come on Bucket. Get up, get dressed," he called in an impatient tone.

Skye stood up and walked across the room to where Lucas was standing with his back to her. She wrapped her arms around his waist before standing on her toes and bringing her lips to his neck.

"Come back to bed,'" she murmured seductively as she pressed gentle kisses down his neck.

Lucas seemed to relax under her touch, his tense muscles softened as a sigh escaped his lips. As much as he would love to go back to bed with Skye and hide from his problems he knew that he had to leave as soon as possible for Skye.

"Bucket," he sighed. "You need to get dressed. We're leaving." He wiggled out of her arms, continuing to collect the things he was taking with him and throwing them into a bag.

"Why?" she replied innocently. "Where are we going? Do we really have to go now? Surely we can wait for a bit longer." A seductive smile appeared on her face. She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him back towards the bed.

"We need to go now." He answered a little more harshly than he had intended. Skye's face fell slightly. She dropped Lucas hand and walked back across the room, gathering her clothes as she did.

Lucas turned his attention back to the pile of papers containing his calculations. He didn't want to bring them with him, he had no use for them now but he didn't want the Sixers to get a hold of them. He deliberated what to do with them. It was unlikely that the Sixers would be able to make sense of them he reasoned. But he didn't want to risk it. These calculations explained how the time fracture worked. These calculations would help them get one step closer to finding a way back to 2149. Lucas settled for taking a few pages of calculations. Without these the others would make no sense, rendering them useless to anyone other than a genius like Lucas.

Lucas threw the calculations into his bag, his anger apparent on his face. He had finally started to experience true happiness and then Mira and the Sixers had to come and threaten to take it all away. He zipped up the two bags with a little more force than was necessary. He turned around to see a fully clothed Skye standing in front of him.

"What's wrong Lucas?" She asked, her voice full of concern as she took in his worried expression. She knew that something wasn't right. Lucas hadn't acted this way in weeks. This was the way that he used to act back when he first met her. Lucas let out a breath that he had unknowingly been holding. He placed his hands on either side of Skye's face, looking deep into her eyes before pulling her to his chest, holding her close, trying to hide his anger and worry.

"Nothing Bucket," he replied in what he hoped was a soothing voice. "Nothing's wrong. I am just going to take you to one of my other shelters, show you some more wonders that the jungle has to offer." Skye raised her eyebrows at him but didn't question his lie.

Lucas didn't want to worry her with his troubles. He would keep her safe, she didn't need to know about his meeting with Mira or the subsequent note that he had received. She didn't need to worry about it. Lucas thought it was best that she was kept in the dark.

Meanwhile back at Terra Nova Taylor was standing outside the Command Center, watching the colonists going about their day to day business. It wasn't the same without Skye here. Over the years he had truly begun to think of her as his daughter. The truth was he missed her. He regretted banishing her. At the time he had had no other option but now he could justify that her time in the jungle had taught her a lesson. He knew that he needed to get her back. He had honestly thought that she would be back by now. He knew his son and he knew that it was only a matter of time before Lucas made a mistake that sent Skye home to Terra Nova. Taylor just hoped that when the time came Skye would be able to get back to Terra Nova. He couldn't shake the feeling that something major was on the horizon. He knew that the time to go and find Skye would come sooner rather than later. But for the time being he would wait. He would wait for the right moment to bring Skye home to Terra Nova.

"Ready to go Bucket?" Lucas asked as he tried to mask his stress. He was eager to leave as soon as possible, eager to put as much distance between Skye and the Sixers.

"I think so," replied Skye.

Lucas glanced around the room one last time, making sure that he hadn't left anything vital behind. He took a deep breath, trying to eliminate his anger so as not to concern Skye. He picked up the two backpacks, passing the lighter one to Skye and shouldering the heavier one. Skye stepped through the door and waited for Lucas to join her. Lucas pulled Mira's note out of his pocket. He read over it one last time, glaring at the words. He crumpled it up roughly before tossing it to the floor. He would let that be a message to Mira; that was what he thought of her threats. He took another deep breath, composing himself and putting on a smile, forcing himself not to show his anger in front of Skye.

Skye watched as Lucas stepped out of the door and pulled it closed behind him. He walked over to her, taking her hand before setting off through the jungle, acting as though nothing was wrong. The pair walked along through the trees, towards their new life together, towards their future. Little did Skye know that their whole new life together was built on a lie.