Buon giorno friends! I bring a drabble of sorts to the beautiful fandom wholly inspired by my bestie thekookyeccentric who was wondering about the types of clothes our boys wear. And so after a conversation involving Armani, Valentino, diamond-studded cuff links and whatnot, this drivel was born.

This might turn into a collection of mostly, but not entirely, related oneshots, drabbles, and everything under the sun revolving around the Vongola and their fashion sense.

Title: Cuff Links
Characters/ Pairings: Sawada Tsunayoshi, Gokudera Hayato; mentions of Ryohei and Hibari in this chapter.
Rating: T for Gokudera's mouth
Warnings: Coarse language
Summary: Perhaps it had been a bad idea to let Gokudera be in charge of their trip to Italy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I am but a poor Biology major.

Unbeta-ed. Mistakes are mine.

Cuff Links




Now that Tsuna thought of it, it was probably a horrible idea to let Gokudera be in charge of their entire trip to Italy. It would seem that in a moment of sheer forgetfulness or stupidity (he was known to be susceptible to either); Tsuna had overlooked the little fact that Gokudera Hayato, his self-proclaimed right-hand man was something of a perfectionist.

Actually, scratch that, perfectionist was too light a term.

The man was so incredibly nitpicky about the littlest of things that Tsuna was starting to think that Gokudera had OCD. And perhaps it would be a good idea to have him checked before the silver-haired Italian does something else that will piss someone off (namely Hibari) and would result in Vongola Decimo getting maimed by a pair of tonfas and ohmygodwhatisRyoheiwearing?

"Gokudera-kun," the young Vongola Decimo finally managed to choke out, immediately catching Gokudera's attention. "Is this really necessary?" He asked cautiously, not wanting to hurt Gokudera's feelings because, well, he looked entirely too happy with whatever it was he was doing and Tsuna would hate to rain on his parade.

Green eyes widened comically, and Tsuna felt the beginnings of a monumental tirade bubbling up inside his Storm Guardian's throat. "Of course it is, Tenth! We have to make sure that we all look presentable for an audience with the Ninth! We have to make a good impression on the ally families and show those fuckers that we mean business. I'm sure you understand, right, Tenth?"

The thing was, Tsuna understood very well.

It was just that he couldn't quite understand as to how fussing over tie designs would establish their power in the Mafia world.

Who knew the Mafia was so fashion conscious?

Certainly not Tsuna, that's for sure.

"Hibari, you're next!"

Today was going to be a long, long day.





A/N: I might continue this, I might not, it all depends on how I feel and how thekookyeccentric will feel regarding about a possible collaboration. Also, it depends on my other bestie, Kram, who I am engendering to join this collaboration as well.

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