Title: Lips Like Liquorice
Prompt: Livejournal femslash100 Prompt #303 – "Sweet"
Pairing: Ginny/Luna
Rating: G
Word Count: 222


Ginny sat down next to Luna at the Ravenclaw table. "You going to give me some?" she asked, pointing at the stack of liquorice wands that Luna had in front of her – presumably purchased at Honeyduke's last weekend.

Luna's lips were stained from the candy. She smiled serenely at Ginny, and picked up one of the liquorice wands, twirling it between her fingers, then slipped one end between her lips. "Puh'ur mouf on d'ofer end," she said through it.


Luna pulled it back out. "Put your mouth on the other end."


Ginny leaned forward nervously, and bit down on the other end of the liquorice, closing her lips around it, meeting Luna's eyes questioningly, wondering what she had in mind.

Luna smiled, and then moved forward a bit, biting down on the liquorice and pulling her mouth along it, towards Ginny's, until she had eaten most of the wand, and her and Ginny's lips met. Ginny's eyes went wide, but Luna just smiled, lingering for a long moment, then breaking away.

Ginny ran her tongue slowly around her lips, swallowing the last little bit of liquorice left in her mouth, looking at her friend with mingled confusion and innocent desire.

She could taste the sweetness of the liquorice on her tongue and where Luna had left it on her lips.