It's Not Over

AN: This story is written by the amazing writers from Love in Llanview. This story is written as a means of entertainment only. The characters belong to ABC's One Life to Live.

"You're coming with me, Manning," John said, training his eyes on Todd to avoid looking at the near-to-naked Blair who only had a flimsy cotton sheet covering her gorgeous body.

"I'm not going anywhere with you," Todd spat back. "Now get the hell out of here!"

"This warrant says you have to come with me," John said. "Don't make me have to pull you out of that bed, Manning."

"Pervert," Todd muttered and turned to Blair who was sitting there, unnaturally quiet. "I'll go with him, okay, but I'll be back before you know it."

Blair said nothing. She just cinched the blanket up higher on her body as tears filmed her eyes. Had Todd lied to her? Or was that what he had been trying to tell her before they made love for the first time in so many years? She had insisted just minutes before that she trusted no one more in the world than him and she had believed her own words in that moment. But now here was John arresting Todd for supposedly killing his own twin brother. She wondered if she should have been so hasty to believe in him; to believe that he had changed.

"Are you going to turn around, McBain?" Todd asked. "This isn't a peepshow."

With an elongated sigh, John turned to face the wall. "Get dressed, Manning. No tricks."

"I wouldn't dream of it," Todd sneered and then he looked at Blair. "Can you believe this guy?" Blair said nothing. "Blair?" She just gathered the sheet around her, twisted it tightly around her lithe body, and then hurried into the bathroom, slamming the door after her.


Jessica closed the door on Brody and sighed. He had said if she needed anything – anything at all - that all she needed to do was ask and he would be there. She realized though that she did need something – she needed a friend and she knew Brody would be a true blue one, even after the ways they had hurt each other.

She quickly dashed to the door and yanked it open, screaming his name "Brody! Brody, wait!"

Her screams brought Natalie running down the stairs. "What the hell is going on?" Natalie asked as she then saw Brody standing on the front lawn. He turned around and looked at them both as Natalie's eyes bugged out. "What the hell is he doing here?"


"Be careful with him!" Destiny cried out as her big brother Shaun dutifully carried her to the car. They were all heading to the hospital so Destiny and Drew could be officially examined.

Matthew was carrying the baby in the car seat and he turned to look at her. "You don't actually think I'd hurt our son, do you?"

"No, it's just nerves, I guess," Destiny said. "I never want us to let him out of our sight, Matthew – not for anything."

"You have to let him grow up sometime," Shaun said wisely.

"Yeah but Des is right – not for a long, long time," Matthew said and shot Destiny a wide smile.

Everyone followed them to Bo's cruiser and they tucked the little wide-eyed infant into the back seat between Destiny and Matthew. Everyone else vowed to follow in the car behind them as Nora took shot gun.

"Everyone buckled up?" Bo asked and everyone murmured in the affirmative. Then he looked over at his wife. She appeared more radiant today than he had ever seen her. The flush of happiness she was wearing on her beautiful face made him smile. "You ready for this new adventure of ours, Red?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," Nora said, returning his smile.


The script in crazy Allison's hand hit Victor square in the face. He felt one of the pages knick his cheek and he began cursing as best as he could through the gag in his mouth. If he wasn't shackled to the bed, he would kill this crazy bitch with his bare hands. He kept screaming at her but it came out sounding like pathetic mumbles to his own ears as he bucked on the bed, trying to free himself.

Allison finally came over to him and grinned manically. "You're being very bad today, Victor dear. I guess you need one of your special shots. I am dressed as a nurse after all so I can treat your particular brand of sickness." He glared at her as she picked up the needle and aimed it towards his arm. In the next second, he made a decision. He thrashed out of her grasp, violently bucking on the bed so she couldn't pin him down.

"Now, Victor, be nice and take your medicine!" she screamed as she tried to inject him. But he then pushed up into her and knocked her down. She fell forward, right onto the needle. In the next minute, she was unconscious, face down on his lap. It was disgusting but he managed to move his knees and she slid off him, hitting the floor. He then tried to figure out how to free himself from these bands so he could get the hell out of here before They returned.

Victor pulled as hard as he could hoping that he could loosen or break the ropes that bound him to the bed. He had to get out of here and warn her of the danger that was coming her way. He would never forgive himself if they hurt her...she had been hurt enough. He didn't know the details about what his crazy mother and Carlo Hesser had planned for her, all he knew was that he had to break free and warn her before it was too late.


Tea was looking through her wedding pictures. She had been so happy that day. Victor was the love of her life and the pain of losing him was unbearable...still she had to find a way to survive for Dani and her unborn baby girl.

It helped knowing that her brother was free and Todd would soon be behind bars. The ringing of her cell phone brought Tea back to the present.

"Hello, Blair...calm down and tell me what happened."

"Todd's been arrested for killing Victor. I feel like such a fool. Do you think that Todd is guilty?"

"I know he is. Tomas and I will be right over and we can talk about it in person."

"I can't face Tomas right now. Will you come over alone?"

"Of course, I'll be right there," Tea stated.

Tea drove to Blair's house, but she couldn't shake the feeling that somebody was following her.


Patrick stared out the window waiting for his visitors to arrive. Thank god Cole was in California with Starr and wouldn't be here when they came. Margaret would be furious with him, but he had no choice, he had to give in to her was the only way of keeping his family alive.

"Margaret, come out here please," Patrick stated as he saw them walking to their front door.

"What's wrong?" Marty asked as she walked out into the living room.

"I need you to trust me and go with them. If you put up a fight she will hurt you."

"What are you talking about?" Marty asked as there was a knock at the door.

Patrick opened the front door and Irene, Carlo and a couple of their goons came in.

"Carlo, what the hell are you doing here?"

"We came to pick you up," Carlo stated.

"What is this Patrick?"

"Marty, please just go with them."

"I'm not going anywhere Patrick. I don't know her and Carlos's a psychopath."

"Marty, I'm hurt that you don't remember me after all that we've been through together. That's okay, I understand...after your recent breakdown, I guess it's only natural. I'm Todd and Victor's mom, Irene Manning."

"Didn't you die?"

Irene burst out laughing, "death is no match for me and I'm not the only one who's recently cheated death. I have great plans for you and my son Victor."

"You're insane... I'm not going anywhere with you," Marty said as she tried to run to the back of the house, but Patrick grabbed her before she could lock the door.

"You said that she wouldn't be a problem Patrick, but you were wrong," Irene said as she pulled a long needle out of her purse. "It's a good thing that I always come prepared."

"Patrick, how could you do this to me? I'm your wife...I loved you."

"I had no other choice," Patrick stated as Irene stuck the needle in Marty's arm.

Marty instantly fell asleep and Patrick handed her over to Carlo.

"I'm sorry Margaret," Patrick stated as they disappeared and left him all alone.

Todd was now incarcerated at the Llanview jail. He had been thrown into his usual holding cell. "Don't I at least get one phone call?" Todd called out. Unfortunately, the guard walked away as though Todd wasn't even there.

"Great," sighed Todd as he sunk down on the bunk inside his cell. "I'm glad Shorty is in California with Cole so she doesn't have to see her dear-old-dad locked up AGAIN."

Hours later, McBain allowed Todd his one phone call. He couldn't really call his lawyer, Tea, considering she hated him and thought him capable of murder, so he called the only person in the world he knew who truly cared- his sister Victoria Lord.

"Vicki, I need help. I'm locked up in jail. Please... you need to get over here right away," Todd practically begged.

"I'll be right there," Vicki promised.

When Vicki arrived, she stared at her younger brother behind bars. "What have you done this time, Todd?" she asked him with a heavy sigh.

Todd stood and faced his sister. For the first time in months, he chose to tell the entire truth. Lying had gotten him no where, so he hoped and prayed telling the truth would somehow set him free. He told her about Tomas, leaving out no detail. Then he told her about his memories of shooting Victor.

"I remember pulling the trigger... and I remember saying, 'You took my life, now I'll take yours,' but there are bits and pieces missing. It's as though I watched it happen. I don't remember what happened next or how I ended up at the pier with the gun in my hands. It was as if it were a movie I was watching- as though it couldn't have been real. Did I kill Victor?" Todd said in a voice full of torment. "I don't know, Vicki. But I need help. I need you to find me a competent attorney. Tea hates me. She thinks I killed her husband. And she knows I kept Tomas prisoner for over a month." Todd then went on to tell Vicki about all his strange visions involving his mother, and how she had taunted him about killing his twin. It had been his mother who had told him he had to get Tomas out of the way.

"She seemed so real. My God, Vicki... am I losing my mind?" Todd lamented.

"Todd, I don't know if you need an attorney as much as it appears you need a shrink," Vicki stated.

"I just need a good lawyer... so I can get the hell out of here and solve this mystery. Tea hates me... and now I think Blair hates me, too. I don't want my kids to hate me."

Vicki reached inside the bars and took her brother's hand into hers. "I'll never hate you, Todd. You're my brother, and I love you... no matter what happens."


Tea arrived at LaBoulie but did not know she had been followed. When she rang the doorbell, Blair immediately answered. Blair's face was blotchy from crying and her eyes were red and swollen. "Ohhh Blair," said Tea as she took her in her embrace. "I'm so sorry that Todd turned out to be the disgusting, murdering asshole I feared he would be."

Wrapped up in Tea's embrace, Blair started crying all over again. Tea led Blair into the living room so she could comfort her. "I'm here now, Blair. You can tell me anything," Tea prompted. "I know you're hurting. Let it out."

Neither Tea nor Blair knew that a man was standing in the foyer, listening to the entire conversation. He could hear everything that Blair and Tea were saying.

"I feel like such a fool. Why do I always sleep with the wrong men?" Blair cried out. "Todd and I had just made love when John McBain came busting in, ready to arrest Todd. I can't believe Todd killed Victor... and he kidnapped Tomas! He was lying to me all along."

Gently, Tea brushed away Blair's tears. "Blair, this isn't your fault. Todd was lying to all of us. You can't blame yourself," Tea said soothingly.

"But I thought I had fallen in love with him again. I thought things were going to be different this time; that we could have a future together," Blair said as she sobbed. "But the whole time he was going behind my back, covering up his many crimes."

Tea cuddled Blair closer as they sat on the sofa together. "I think you just need a good cry. I'm here for you, Blair. We're going to get through this together," Tea promised as she kissed the top of Blair's head.


At the hospital, Destiny was resting in bed holding her newborn baby boy. "He's such a cutie," said Shaun as he gazed at the baby affectionately.

"Yes, he is," she agreed as she caressed her son's ebony curls. "And he's such a lucky little guy because he has so many family members who adore him."

Bo and Nora walked in, carrying some gifts they had purchased from the hospital gift Shoppe. There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a crystal vase for Destiny, and a fuzzy light-brown teddy bear for baby Drew. "Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. B.," Destiny said when they presented the gifts to her and her son. "The flowers are just beautiful."

"I'm just returning the favor," said Nora as she kissed Destiny's cheek.

"How's my adorable little grandson?" Bo asked as he smiled at the cute baby boy in Destiny's arms.

"He's hoping his grandpa will hold him," Destiny responded. Matthew gently lifted the baby boy from his mother's arms and handed him to Bo once Bo had been seated in a nearby chair. At that moment as Bo cuddled the little bundle in his arms, he was the happiest guy in the world.

"We need to get some pictures of this," Nora said with a smile. "That's one thing we forgot to get... a disposable camera from the gift Shoppe."

Just then David walked in. He saw the baby in his dad's arms and he couldn't stop grinning. "Ohhh he's so cute. He has the Buchanan chin," David commented.

David then looked at his brother. "So, bro, what did you decide? Did you name him after me?" David asked.


Joey and Kelly had just arrived at Llanfair with Zane. They had arrived for a surprise visit and happened to come upon a huge argument between Joey's two sisters. "What the hell is HE doing here?" Natalie screamed again at Jessica.

All eyes moved onto Kelly, Joey, and Zane. "Joey!" Jessica exclaimed as she hugged her brother. "I didn't know you were coming!"

"Kelly, Zane and I decided we'd surprise everyone with a visit. What's going on here?" he asked as he looked at his sisters who appeared to be having some sort of quarrel over Brody Lovett's presence. "Why are you two fighting again?"

"I don't want Brody anywhere near Llanfair or MY son!" Natalie exclaimed as she gave Brody a vicious glare.

Pain flashed through Brody's bright blue eyes. "I was just leaving," he said as he turned on his heel to go. With one last look at Jessica, Brody started walking away toward his car.

"Wait, Brody! You can't go!" Jessi called out as she began chasing after him.


Victor hadn't been able to loosen the bonds which bound his wrists to the bed. Alison lay on the floor unresponsive, but even so, he couldn't manage to get free. Hours passed, and blood rolled down from his wrists where the rope had cut into his skin. He would have screamed for help, but a gag was stuffed in his mouth.

"Victor, Mother's back!" came the dreaded voice of Irene as she walked into the room with Carlo Hesser.

Irene and Carlo saw Alison on the floor with a syringe halfway sticking out of her abdomen. Alison was moaning as she was just beginning to come to. "Victor, I can see you've been a very bad boy. Mother's going to have to punish you," Irene crooned as she stroked Victor's cheek.

Victor glared at her, his ice-blue eyes full of hatred as he thought of all the ways he'd like to annihilate his evil mother and her sadistic partners in crime. One of them was now dead, thanks to his niece Natalie, but Carlo and Alison still breathed and he wanted to destroy them all. "Victor, you look so angry. Tsk, tsk. Mother brought you a little playmate," said Irene as the two goons carried in an unconscious Marty.

Victor struggled anew when he saw Marty being carried in. Marty was tossed in the bed next to Victor and nearly landed on top of him. "She's going to be waking up soon... and I'm going to let you comfort her," Irene said to Victor with an evil laugh.

"Very soon we'll be moving to our new location, Irene ~ darling," Carlo stated as he came to stand behind Irene.

"Ahhh yes, then we can put our wonderful plans into motion," spoke Irene with a sinister laugh.