Chapter Twenty

Written by AngelsInstead

Marty was nine months pregnant and it was her wedding day. She looked so beautiful in her antique lace wedding gown. Victor looked handsome as well. He was wearing a tux and that sexy grin on his face. Thankfully, most everyone they had invited had arrived to attend the wedding (plus a few uninvited guests, too). Alison, Carlo, and Irene were attending, but they were all in disguise. No one knew that Todd's evil mother had placed a 'special' package with the other wedding gifts.

Starr was in attendance with little Hope. She was sitting next to her dad. "Is it true, Dad, that you're dating John?" Starr asked her father.

"It's true, Shorty. I guess I should just admit it... John and I are in love."

John came to sit next to Todd and held his hand. He was smirking when he heard that Todd had fallen in love with him. "It's about time you admitted that," John said.

"Dad, did you know that Jack is gay?" Starr asked.

"No, I..." Todd said, but his words trailed off when Jack arrived on the arm of Shane Morasco.

"I'm glad my son is happy," Todd stated as Jack and Shane took seats close to Tea and Blair.

"We're all one big happy family," Starr said. Dani was there as well, keeping an eye on baby Brenna and little Sam.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Patrick had arrived. Natalie was dressed scantily, in a red silken gown that showed off a great portion of her immense jumbos. She and Patrick took a seat near the back. They were pawing each other as the minister began to speak. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony," spoke Reverend Carpenter.

Irene let out a little squeal. She was so excited to see her son marrying the woman of his dreams. As soon as that baby arrived, she was taking it far, far away so she could raise it herself. Everyone looked her way as she let out a sound of delight, but no one recognized her in her long, dark wig.

"If there is anyone here who has any reason to protest to this marriage... please, let him speak now or forever hold his peace,' said the Reverend.

There was moaning in the back row of chairs but no one spoke up. A few eyes turned to see Natalie sitting atop Patrick's lap. They were making love as the ceremony was underway. "Natalie!" Vicki whispered loudly to her daughter to try to get her to stop moving up and down on top of Patrick, but she was already deeply entrenched with lust and didn't hear her mother's pleas.

"Ohhhh Patrick... YES YESSSSSS Ohhhh Yes!" Natalie cried out.

Blair's eyes turned to see what was going on in the back row of seats. She had to cover up a little giggle, because she could remember riding Patrick in just the same manner on horseback many times in their youth when they had been young and very much in lust with each other. "Blair!" Tea warned when Blair couldn't take her eyes off the sexual situation in the back row of seats.

"Sorry, Tea... but Patrick was such a good lover..." Blair said apologetically.

"Well, you don't see me fawning over Victor... and he was a damn good lover, too," Tea said, getting a little mad.

"Don't start screaming, Tea. It's you that I love," Blair assured as she leaned over and kissed Tea softly upon the lips.

Soon, Tea and Blair were making out, too. They just couldn't stop themselves. Seeing them in a passionate embrace, John started to feel a bit horny himself. It had been hours since he had made love to Todd. They were always so busy, searching for Irene, Carlo, Alison, and Cole that they hadn't been having enough sex lately. John felt lonely and with everyone so passionate at the wedding, John needed some satisfaction, too.

"I want to fuck," he whispered in Todd's ear.

"Here?" Todd answered back. "No! My daughter's right beside us."

"I need to be inside you so deep," John said in a sexy voice. "I want to wrap my big strong arms around you as I enter you from behind... again ... and again... and AGAIN!"

Todd started getting erect as he heard John's words. He stood up suddenly, grabbing John's hand. "Excuse us," he said to Starr.

The two of them hid behind the many piles of wedding gifts, having wild, passionate sex. Countless moans of ecstasy could be heard as Reverend Carpenter cleared his throat, trying to speak. "Just go on with the wedding. And make it quick," Victor insisted impatiently.

"Okay," said Andrew as he hurried on with the proceedings.

Marty and Victor were saying their vows when suddenly, Marty's water broke. "Holy SHIT!" she gasped as warm liquid began trailing down her legs.

"Make it faster!" Victor bit out as he knew the baby wasn't going to wait.

Rev. Carpenter started talking frantically, trying to get them through the ceremony so they could both say "I do." They barely got all the words out when Marty started having fierce contractions.

"The baby!" she gasped.

"Someone lay her down on the wedding cake," Vicki suggested. "We need someone to deliver this baby!"

"I now pronounce you man and wife," Andrew stated, but Marty wasn't listening. She was panting in pain.

Victor lifted her into his arms. He knew she was in active labor and needed a doctor. "Is there a doctor in the house?" he called out.

"Only me," Marty stated. "And I can't deliver my own baby!"

"I am a nurse," called out Alison. She was wearing a disguise which made her look like she was about 95 years old.

"Nurse, we need some help here," Victor said as he carried Marty over to a comfortable settee.

Alison rushed over and checked Marty. "Ohhh yeah, she's definitely having a baby," she said as she peeked under Marty's wedding gown. "The head! Ohhhh! I can see the head!"

At that same moment, Todd was crying out that he wanted John to give HIM head. John was just about to wrap his lips around Todd's throbbing erection when they heard muffled whimpering from one of the huge wrapped packages they had been hiding behind. "What was that?" John asked.

"It was nothing. Suck my cock," Todd insisted.

"There's someone in this box!" John said as he pressed his ear against the package and heard the frightened whimpering noises.


The doctors were working frantically to save the life of the second twin. Her airway was blocked so they had to clear it and give her oxygen. After much time and effort, the baby's flesh began to pink up. She was going to survive. As soon as the medical staff was sure that she was going to make it, they brought her to Nora and placed her in her mother's arms, along with her red-haired twin sister.

The second baby had reddish blond hair. "Ohhh Bo, they are so beautiful. We have two precious baby girls," Nora said with happy tears.

"We do," Bo said, wiping his own tears away. "This is the happiest day of my life, Nora... along with the day that I married you."

He kissed Nora tenderly as she held their newborn daughters. "What will we name them?" he asked.

Nora thought for a moment as a smile came to her face. "Call Rachel and Kevin inside. Then we can talk about name suggestions."

"Alright," said Bo as he went to locate Rachel and Kevin.


Matthew and Destiny had arrived at the hospital as well, eager to see how Nora and the new babies were doing. Bo entered the hallway to find Rachel and Kevin and saw Matthew and Destiny as well. "Any word on little Drew?" Bo asked his son.

Matthew shook his head sadly. "Just keep holding onto hope, son. One of our daughters almost died in the operating room, but we just kept hoping and praying... and now she's alright. We'll find Drew. It's a promise."

Matthew nodded as the whole family entered the room and gathered around Nora's hospital room. Smiles broke out when they saw the new little twins. "What did you name them, Mom?" Matthew asked.

"This is Joy," said Nora as she introduced the firstborn of her twin daughters. "And her little sister is Faith... because we never lost Faith as we went through a long and difficult pregnancy and almost lost our girls to death... and now that they are here, in our arms, we have tremendous Joy."

"I love the names," Bo said to Nora. "You did good, Red."

"Thank God that the babies are safe," Destiny spoke as she gently caressed baby Joy's tiny cheek.

"Where's little Drew?" Nora asked, frowning.

No one wanted to tell her that little Drew was missing. Instead, they were introducing her to Rachel's new baby girl, Nora Victoria Buchanan.

"She's an angel," Nora said as she smiled at her granddaughter.

"We're all very lucky to have these babies," she said as she kissed baby Faith's forehead.

Sadly, she had no clue that her firstborn grandchild was missing. No one wanted to give her the heartbreaking news - she had already been through far too much.


Thankfully, a fully-recovered little Ryder was being released from the hospital. Cris and Jessica took him home to join his sisters. Ryder was so happy to be home where he was loved. Bree hugged him so tightly. "I am glad you are all better, Ryder!" she said as she kissed her adorable baby brother. "Look! We have a new little sister."

Bree showed Ryder the infant baby girl lying peacefully in her cradle. "She's our sister Cristina and she's all ours!" said Bree.

Softly, Ryder stroked Cristina's cheek, having no idea that his baby sister had saved his life. Jessica and Cristian watched their children lovingly with tears in their eyes, knowing they were so lucky to have Ryder home and to be given such a gift of three precious children to love.

"I lost Chloe and Megan and everyday I miss them,' Jessica said to Cris. "But now we have this amazing family and we are getting married. My heart is full... and I am so happy."

"I love you, Jessica," Cris said as he gave her a tender kiss.


John and Todd had stopped fucking long enough to open the package. They discovered Cole inside, competely naked with duct tape wrapped around his mouth. "What the-?!" John gasped.

Realizing he had a situation on his hand, John called headquarters, asking for back-up as soon as he had pulled up his pants. Todd too hurriedly got dressed so he could assist Cole. After Cole was on his feet and out of the package, Todd carefully removed the duct tape. Cole joined the wedding party, stark-naked, announcing that Carlo Hesser, Alison Perkins, and Irene Manning were all at the wedding in disguise and intended to steal his mom's baby.

But by then it was too late; the baby had been born into Alison's hands. She passed the baby off to Irene who was wearing the long dark wig. Irene had run off with Marty's child.

Marty was disoriented as Victor screamed in alarm, "Give me back MY child!"


"What just happened?" Natalie asked in between orgasms. Everyone at the wedding was screaming and there was some sort of commotion going on. Patrick stopped fucking Natalie long enough to see a long haired woman running off with a squalling infant in her arms.

Patrick pushed Natalie off his lap and intercepted the woman. As he bumped into her, her wig fell off and he saw that it was Irene Manning, the woman who had taken Marty from him that fateful day.

As he saw her holding the baby and trying to escape, he knew he had to save the child - Marty's baby girl.

He grabbed the baby from Irene's tight grip. "There is no way on earth I will let you steal Margaret's child... just as I let you take Margaret from me."

Coming to his assistance, Natalie punched Irene in the nose. "How dare you disturb our fucking, you bitch!" Natalie screamed, her jumbos bouncing up and down as she assaulted Irene.

Carlo tried coming to Irene's assistance, but he was stopped by Victor, who was beating the holy crap out of him. It was Todd and John who apprehended Alison. "You are under arrest," John said to Alison as he started handcuffing her and reading her her rights.

Meanwhile, Patrick held the baby in one hand as he zipped up his tight jeans with the other. He walked toward Marty and placed the infant into her arms. "I am sorry for how I hurt you, Margaret. Please forgive me,' he said.

"Thank you for rescuing my daughter, Patrick. I accept your apology. If it hadn't have been for your actions that day, I never would have been reunited with Victor and I never would have had this precious baby girl." Marty looked down at her daughter with love.

The police had arrived to take Alison, Carlo, and Irene into custody. "Son, don't do this to me. I am your mother!" Irene cried out to Victor.

"I will hate you until the day I die,' Victor said as he went to rejoin Marty and their baby girl.

"She's adorable," Marty said to Victor as she stared at their daughter with love. "What will we call her?"

"Let's call her Victory," Victor suggested.

Marty smiled. It was the perfect name. On that day they were truly victorious.


Meanwhile, Tea and Blair had come up for air. "What the hell is going on?" Blair asked, her hair a disheveled mess.

"I'm not sure... but I think the wedding is over. Did we miss the cake?" asked Tea.

Thankfully, there was so commotion that Sam didn't notice all the sexual activity going on at the wedding. He was with Starr and Hope who had just been reunited with Cole. Someone had wrapped Cole in Marty's wedding veil to hide his nudity.

"Cole!" she said as she kissed him and hugged him tight. "I am so glad you're alright.'

"I love you and missed you so much,' Cole said to Starr.


At the Llanview jail, Irene, Carlo and Alison were placed in a cell with Sam Rappaport. "Ohhh he's a hotty!" Alison said as she came up to Sam and started caressing his cock through his jumpsuit. "I really want to sink my teeth into this FINE piece of meat!"

Irene let out a wicked little cackle. "I want a turn with him next," she said.

Carlo thought he wanted in on the action, too. "I hold him down while you ladies have your way with him," Carlo suggested.

"Guard!" Sam cried out frantically. "Let me out of here! PLEASE! I will tell everything... EVERYTHING! Just lemme out!"


And so it was that Sam admitted everything, including selling Destiny as a sex slave and assaulting Matthew. He gave the location to little Drew's whereabouts and the child was soon reunited with his parents. Destiny and Matthew were so relieved. Little Drew was safe and unharmed and back in his family's arms.

Everything in Llanview was fine. It was completely back to normal...

Or was it?!


Author's note- Thank you to everyone who worked on this story. It was so much fun to write. I hope you enjoyed the ending.