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What a rather strange turn of events. Hours ago I was daydreaming about the chance to be with Bo, and now that she's here for the taking... I'm losing my resolve. I'm sitting on the recliner opposite the couch in which Bo is stretched out. She is in immense pain. There is no doubt that the damage she sustained is hurting her unbearably. Her breathing pattern has become considerably worse, and she's starting to clutch her chest. I want to help heal her so badly. But, this is wrong. We can't do this. As much as I hate the thought, I swallow the lump in my throat and begin to offer up probable solutions.

"I could call Dy-." She cuts me off so quickly that I don't even think I got the first syllable out.

"No… He's …un-un-reachable."

"Bo, this is wrong. And you really need to heal."

"So…heal me." She stares at me longingly from her lying position on the couch. Even in her weakened state she still has a powerful pull on me. I jump up and begin pacing back and forth.

"You just can't do this Bo! You can't show up at my doorstep like this and expect me to…" I don't say the last part, but I'm sure she understands me perfectly. I continue pacing, and her eyes are still fixated on me. She doesn't have a clue what doing this means. Or what it means to me.

"It's completely unprofessional! You are supposed to be my patient. If the Ash were to find out-"

"Fuck…The…Ash." Her voice is just above a whisper, but the words held the same bitter and harsh resentment she always had for the light Fae elder.

"Bo. You can't ask me to do this. I mean...I can't do this with you." My emotions are getting the better of me, but my voice remains even. I can see that she is trying to process what I've just said. I don't want her to know…I'm not ready for her to know about my feelings just yet.

"There are rules Bo…" I say looking at her directly this time as my pacing comes to a halt. I watch her struggle with my definite tone, hurt instantly staining her features. I feel horrible.

"I g-guess I should…go." She's trying to sit up, and I immediately rush to her side as she falls back down in pain. I'm sitting on my knees next to her unsure of what to do next. I catch her eyes with mine hoping she could somehow understand that doing this would render me useless. I gently held her hand in mine and ran soft circles over it with my thumb. She needs to understand that I care for her. I'm struggling with this decision. My heart is telling me that if I do this with her under these circumstances I will be broken. However, my mind is telling me that I need to help her.

"Bo I'm afraid…," I say looking down into my lap. Not too long later I see her wary hand reach out and lift my chin up to look her in the eyes.

"What are you afraid of?" She's just whispering now. I reason it's because it doesn't require a lot of breath, and her voice is less likely to crack as it was before. We stare at each other, and to me it feels like hours; but it was only a few moments.

"This." I lean forward inching closer to her face. I allow my hand to gently caress her cheek before I break the point of no return. My feelings aren't worth having her suffer like this I reason again with myself. I no longer care if I'm just tonight's conquest, and she will be back with Dyson tomorrow. Before I could continue this internal battle, I close my eyes, and the distance that lies between us.

Heaven. It's the only universal word that I can think of to describe how kissing Lauren feels. When she gently pressed her lips against mine, I felt myself surge. Her lips are soft and gentle, and right now I just want to see what else fits that description. I'm still in a lot of pain, but I manage to place a few soft kisses on her lips until finally I catch her bottom lip between mine. I suck gently and brush my tongue against it. I can feel her whimper a little, and I manage a small grin without letting go.

I go back to kissing both of her lips, and we both start to add just a little more pressure to our chaste kisses, making them needier. I know it's going to hurt like hell to move, but I take my left hand and tangle it in her hair, gently pushing her head closer. I brush my tongue against both of her lips this time hoping to gain entrance. Permission granted, as Lauren opens her mouth I swoop in, quickly fearing she will close it again. As our tongues connect I want nothing more than to take her right now.

Our mouths start to dance with some type of urgency, and it's getting pretty heated. I can tell it won't be long till my wish is granted. I'm so lost in being with Lauren that I can't even feel the pain anymore. I can already feel myself getting stronger with her energy. I place my other hand in her hair, and I push her head even further into me as I want to taste every part of her mouth. As the kiss deepens her breasts push up against mine, and the feeling hurts and feels good at the same time. I now understand the meaning of sweet torture. We both pull back after a while to catch our breath. We stare at each other again, and again I'm drawn to her chest; the way it is rising and falling at a rapid pace as she tries to even her breath. I want her naked right now, and I quickly look for the fastest route. I had forgotten Lauren was in her robe. All I have to do is pull the end of the tie, and I would be like a kid in a candy store. I hear her chuckle as I think about my next move.

"Bo…my eyes are up here." She has a knowing grin on her face. God her brown eyes are so beautiful.

"I know…but I want what's down there…come here" I pull her by her robe slamming her lips back to mine. This time my kisses do not have the same trepidation. I want her, and I want her now. I feel her moan as I run both of my hands in the opening of her robe. I'm met with the hot skin around her stomach and back as I caress through the gap. Even though my eyes are closed I can tell her breasts are threatening to fall out due to me opening her robe wider as I touch every inch of her mid-drift. God she feels so good. Her hands are on my face, and I can tell there will be no more protests from her tonight. I move my hands up towards her front slowly, ready to feel her beautiful chest, and she pulls back a little ending the kiss; but she doesn't move.

"Bo…" It's not a command to stop but rather a silent question to make sure this is the right decision.

"I promise to take care of you Lauren…I would never hurt you," I whisper calming her fears. She nods slightly, and I know she is scared. I don't know why. But I bring my hands back to her head, and I bring her lips to mine again trying to kiss away all of her fears. I pull back slightly, and my forehead is against hers as I look into her eyes. I drop my hands to the tie in her robe, and I stop waiting for her to give me permission. She smiles and places a soft kiss on my lips as a signal to proceed. I gently pull the tie so that I can see all of Lauren before I ravish her. Before the knot becomes undone we both jump at the pounding on the door.

She quickly jumps back from the edge of the couch, and all I can do is curse my fucking luck. She quickly pulls the robe back tight around her, and I watch as she goes over to the peephole in the door. Her shoulders slump as she turns toward me with a look of sadness.

"It's Dyson…"