Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha in any way shape or form. The beautiful manga and anime belong only to Rumiko Takahashi. Nor do I own the idea of the Lying Games or the figure of A from the Pretty Little Liars. Those ideas belong to Sara Shepard.

Summary: When seventeen year old Rin Fumiko began her first year at Shikon University, she didn't expect to be to be courted by the powerful and dangerously sexy Sesshomaru Takahashi. She didn't expect to fall in love. And she damn sure didn't expect to get caught up in her lying games. As Rin tries to keep a mind-blowing secret from him, she's also trying to keep herself and her friends safe from an unknown figure with ties to her past. Who is this stranger? Why is he after her and her friends? And what will happen when Sesshomaru discovers the truth?

The Calm Before the Storm

"Hey, whatcha doing?" Kira asked as Rin listened to some tech geek go on and on about her cell and laptop. Rin held a finger up, shushing her while nodding to the tech. After about five minutes, a dejected Rin sent the genius out of the dorm room/apartment, leaning against the door in defeat.

"I was trying to trace a cell phone number." Kira nodded, interested, and plopped down on the couch. She leaned on the back of the couch, still watching her best friend staring at her cell.

"And how did that work for ya?" Kira inquired and Rin shot her an exasperated look.

"I need some ice cream," Rin replied and stomped her way over to the kitchen and pulled out medium sized tub of Eddy's strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Before coming to the living room, Rin decides to grab two spoons and walks over to the couch and a cheesing Kira.

Strawberry cheesecake flavored ice cream was Kira's favorite.

"Why did you need to trace a cell phone? Too many fan boys calling you?" Kira teased and Rin shoved her before scooping some ice cream and plopping the creamy, chunky confection into her mouth, shivering at the coolness before allowing the ice cream to melt on her tongue.

"Shut up." Kira grinned and Rin turned serious for a moment. "Promise you won't tell anyone. Especially not Kenji."

"Seriously, Rin? We've been best friends for how many years and you question if I'll keep a secret for you? Really?" Rin giggled and relaxed, leaning against an arm of the couch. Kira did the same on the other side.

"I've been…getting these texts from…someone. And I don't know who they are," Rin finally said and Kira stared back at her blankly. "I know! I know! I should have said something, but –

"And have those texts always come at some troubling point?" Kira asked and Rin narrowed her eyes at her best friend suspiciously.

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"I've…I've been getting them too," Kira admitted and Rin sat up quickly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kira almost felt bad. Almost.

"Well, why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I didn't want any of you worrying about me," Rin replied quickly. Kira pouted for a moment, not even sure if she should reply. After all, what excuse did she have for not telling her best friend?


"Well, I thought it was some stupid, sick joke that somebody was playing." Rin gave Kira a condescending look, which made Kira flush and dig into the ice cream.

"How long have you been getting these texts?"

No reply.

"Kira," Rin said, using her best intimidating voice. Kira pouted.

"Since we've been here." Rin gaped at her best friend before throwing a pillow at the girl's face, making her drop her spoon. "What about you?"



Still silence.

"Rin Mizuki Fumiko –

"Okay, okay! God, what's with you and Kagura calling out middle names?" Kira stared at her expectantly and Rin stared at the tub of ice cream before her, not wanting to meet Kira's piercing eyes at the moment. "Since this summer."

"WHAT!?" Kira shrieked and Rin winced. "What the fuck, Rin? You should've told us this sooner. This is serious."

"I know," Rin told her while passing the ice cream over. "And one of the texts…I got it from your phone." Kira widened her eyes. Now, she was officially freaked out.

"What did tech guy say?" She asked and Rin sighed.

"There's nothing he can do," she admitted. "The call's not traceable. It's almost like…ghost texting." Kira just stared, not even wanting any more ice cream.

"So, what you're saying is that we're getting texts from someone who may or may not exist?" Rin shrugged, crossing her legs. "Do you think Kenji's been getting any?"

"I honestly don't know." The girls sat there in silence, Kira taking in the fact that Rin actually admitted something like this to her. Rin wasn't known for this; that's for sure. But, after a minute, Kira sat up, curious.

"Well, what about that Kaede lady you used to talk about a lot? If it's anything like that, wouldn't she know what to do?" Kira asked and Rin stared at her for a long time, blankly.

She hadn't talked to or seen Kaede since her parents' funeral. She remembered going over the woman's house for years, sneaking over with Kagome because Kagome's mom never wanted Kagome over there for fear of Kaede "tainting" her baby girl. After her mom died, Sakura kept Rin away from Kaede for some reason.

"We could try," Rin said and Kira perked up. "But we have to wait until the week. We have the lockdown tonight, remember?" Kira pouted.

Every year when midterms rolled around, students gathered in Rumiko Hall on Saturday night to study in groups and spend the night. The staff members would facilitate it, hold sessions, tutor, order food and make sure that it was a fun and productive night. It was mandatory that freshman participated simply because it was their first college exam week.

Knock! Knock!

Rin and Kira exchanged looks before Rin climbed off the couch, glancing at Kira suspiciously as she walked to the door. Kira shrugged in response, watching Rin as she reached the door. Cautiously, Rin unlocked it and turned the knob, swinging it open.

Nobody was there.

"Really funny," Rin called as she started to step out into the hallway only to almost trip over a long, rectangular black box. Glancing around herself suspicoulsy, Rin crouched down to the box while Kira walked over, surveying the area.

The hallway was pretty much empty.

"Who's it from?" Kira asked as Rin touched the box gently.

"Don't know." Sharing a look with her best friend, Rin sighed before opening the box. Her eyes widened a fraction before she reached into it, pulling out the note attached to the item.

You're going to need this soon, pretty girl.

"Well, that's not creepy at all," Kira remarked dryly and Rin smirked before taking the object out, wielding the weapon. "Why would someone send you arrows and a bow?"

It was a beauty too. If Rin could recall, this was a compound bow. She recalled Sakura informing her of the different kinds of bows, Kagome having been more comfortable with the crossbow. And this was a black, sleek compound bow. It was lightweight and Rin could tell there would be amazing power when she drew. Then her eyes fell onto the box again, onto the arrows. Amidst the normal-looking aluminum arrows, she noted a few arrows with thicker rounded tips. Curious, Rin took one out, staring at it curiously.

If memory served her right, it almost looked like the ones Sakura used to have when she was younger. One of the only arrows Rin had never shot.

"Auntie, what's this?" Rin inquired, reaching into Sakura's bag and pulling out a peculiar-looking aluminum arrow. Its tip was rounded and thicker, definitely not one Rin had seen before. Sakura whirled around to face her niece before her eyes widened.

Rin was not supposed to be seeing those.

"Don't play with those," Sakura snapped and snatched the arrow away from the seven year old, placing it back into the bag. Rin pouted.

"But you always let me play with your stuff." Sakura immediately felt bad about that. It was true. She let Rin go through her stuff, never truly minding if Rin found something. Minako always called her out on it, but who cared? Rin was Sakura's niece. She was allowed to spoil her.

"That's not something your mommy would want me to let you play with," Sakura told the little girl and Rin accepted that answer, not noticing her Auntie's faraway look.

Because your mother would kill me, Sakura added mentally. Literally.

"Hmm…how about we go try something." Rin immediately perked up at Sakura's words and Sakura immediately relaxed, glad she could appease her niece.

"YAAAAAYYYYYY!" Rin squealed and Sakura grinned, grabbing her second black bag and her niece's hand, and walking the girl downstairs. Please don't let Minako come home any time soon, Sakura thought before leading Rin out to the backyard. Luckily for them, the Fumiko backyard was basically secluded by the two gigantic trees on either side of the yard and then the back led to the forest. So, no one would see what they were doing.

"Did you know that your mom was terrible at archery when we were kids?" Sakura inquired and Rin's eyes widened in disbelief. After all, Rin's mom was her hero. She would never believe her mom was horrible at anything.

"Really?" Sakura nodded, pulling out a lightweight bow-and-arrow set.

"Yep," she replied and Rin listened, enraptured. "Your mom was so bad at archery, your Grandpa used to tease her mercilessly." More like torture her and berate her until she got the hang of it, Sakura again added in her head, but refused to say that to Rin. Who says that to seven year olds anyway?

"Why don't I ever seen Grandpa?" Rin asked and Sakura froze for a moment.

"Not sure, kiddo," Sakura replied swiftly, changing the subject before Rin could pry any answers out of her. Rin had a way of doing that. All she had to do was bat those fucking lashes and she'd have you wrapped around her little fingers. "Now, we're going to make sure you know how to shoot. Just so Grandpa can't tease you like he did Mommy."

"M'kay," Rin exclaimed and Sakura smiled, handing her the bow and arrow. Surprisingly, Rin loaded the bow with ease before wielding it steadily, drawing back gently. It was a simple recurve bow, nothing serious.

"Now, be careful," Sakura instructed, kneeling behind the young girl. For someone so small, Rin wielded the bow like a pro, arm not shaking at all. She just needed help with her anchoring. Eyes concentrated on her niece's determined expression, Sakura whispered with the wind, "Release."


The arrow slammed into the hole of the tree, right at the center. Sakura was pretty sure squirrels usually lived in that hole, but she wouldn't remind Rin that. She'd probably cry and Minako would definitely never let her live that down.

"I did it!" Rin exclaimed happily, dimples out in full affect. Sakura smiled at her niece, ruffling her hair gently.

"Yes, you did, kiddo!" Sakura replied earnestly and gave Rin another arrow, letting the girl load it. "Now, this time I want you to try hit the exact same spot or really close to it. That's called having great precision and it's one of the best ways to determine if you're a good archer –

"What are you doing?" Minako inquired, stepping out of the house from the back door. Sakura tensed immediately and Rin turned around, smiling at her mother so innocently and adorably that Minako almost forgot about Sakura.


"Mommy, did you see me?" Rin exclaimed happily and Minako's eyes softened as her little girl dropped the loaded weapon and ran to her. Ignoring her sister for the moment, Minako caught the child just as she leaped at her, spinning her around for a moment before hugging her child.

"Yes, I did," Minako reassured her and Rin grinned happily. "You did very good, pretty girl." Minako then turned her eyes to her sister, narrowing them at the other woman. "But Auntie wasn't supposed to teach you how to shoot an arrow."

"I didn't," Sakura told her quickly. "She already knew what do. I was just helping her –

"You were influencing her," Minako interjected and Sakura bristled, clenching her jaw.

"Is it really that bad if Rin learns a few things? I mean, this is what her family does," Sakura pointed out and Minako glared at her sister, tightening her arms around her daughter slightly. Rin simply glanced between the two women, lost at what the two most beautiful women in her world were talking about.

All she had done was shoot an arrow. Was that bad? Did she do something wrong? Rin thought she did pretty well. Was her mommy mad at her?

"I don't know want her to connected to that part of the family –

"This is every part of the family, Mina!" Sakura shouted and Rin held onto her mother, not liking her Auntie's tone. "No matter you feel, this will always be a part of the family – your family. And for Rin, even if she's disgusted by it in the future, this will always be a part of her family – a part of who she is. You can't escape it. No one has. No one will."

Silence took over for a few moments as Sakura's words sunk in. Even Rin at such a young age knew that the words meant something deep, though she had no clue what her Auntie was talking about. After all, what child thought about her family hunting demons? Definitely not this girl.

"Just…just promise me that you won't ever try to get Rin involved," Minako pressed and Sakura stared at her sister with hardened eyes, refusing to say a word. "Sakura!"

"Fine. Whatever." Was Sakura's reply as she shoved the bow and arrow into the bag. Just as she tried to walk past her big sister, Minako grabbed her arm, staring at her sister fiercely. "What?"

"Promise," she demanded and Sakura rolled her eyes before glancing at her niece, who decided to smile at her at that particular moment just because Rin knew that when she smiled, Sakura smiled. Sakura softened, despite how irritated she was.



"Kagome, it's been a long time," Kaede said gently, not even opening her eyes as she meditated before the Goshinboku. Kagome waited patiently a few feet away, not daring to step any closer. These grounds were sacred, especially that tree, and Kagome recalled many times where Kaede would pop her for walking about the place so carelessly.

"Yes," she replied softly and waited until the elderly woman finished a prayer and stood. Kagome smiled as she stared at her mentor. "I was hoping you received my message." Kaede nodded, grabbing her cane as she approached the younger woman. Kagome bowed momentarily in respect.

"Stop the formality, child. I've known you for years now." Still nodding at Kagome's display of respect, Kaede led her into the small house where steaming tea was awaiting them. As Kagome removed her shoes, Kaede sat at the table and poured the two cups. "When you called, I was surprised. You've been busy since acquiring your job; I hardly thought you'd consider calling me."

"Nonsense, Kaede. You've been my mentor and practically my godmother my entire life. How could I not?" Kagome sat on the other end of the table and took a sip of the green tea. She hadn't had a chance to sit down and enjoy a cup in a minute. Although Inuyasha had his various "ways" in relaxing her, a hot cup of green tea was Kagome's favorite.

Especially following a hot bath.

"So, what's the urgent matter you wish to discuss?" Kaede asked finally, getting to the point. Kagome nodded, clutching her cup thoughtfully.

"Rin." Kaede's eyes widened.

The last time she had seen the girl had been the girl's parents' funeral. Rin had simply sat there, pale and unresponsive. Her aunt, Sakura if Kaede remembered correctly, told her that Rin had been that way since the deaths. Her eyes had been so dead, so blank. Rin didn't even acknowledge Kagome and that said something. Afterwards, Kaede got all of her information about Rin from Kagome. Apparently, someone in the family decided to keep her away.

"How is she? I remember you saying she'd been in an accident before." Kagome nodded.

"Oh, she's fine now. It's just…I've been having these…dreams about her." Kaede's eyebrow raised in interest.


"Yes. Ever since I found out about her body healing from the miasma, I've just been getting this vibe that there's something dangerous Rin is hiding and each day, that feeling gets worse." Kagome pondered her words before shrugging. "Maybe I'm worrying too much. Rin used to say I did that a lot."

"Not at all," Kaede reassured her student. "What exactly happens in these dreams?" Kagome sighed, recalling her last one.

"Don't look so surprised, Kagome," Rin purred silky, hazel eyes practically black at this point. Kagome stared in horror at her closest childhood companion. She was there in a dark field, the sky the only sense of actual color because it was purple with dark, ominous clouds. Thunder crackled around them, lightning flashing occasionally.

"Rin, what have you done?" Kagome called and Rin cackled, causing Kagome to flinch at the sound. It was dark and evil, nothing like Rin's usual laugh. Rin was dressed in all black and had Kagome not known her, Kagome would have sworn even Rin's hair was black. And she looked so pale.

"Ended all the bullshit," Rin replied with a smirk before turning her eyes to a large white dog. It didn't take long for Kagome to realize who it was. It was Sesshomaru.

His fur was drenched in blood and his body was eerily still. And if Kagome was seeing things clearly, his neck was twisted in such a horrid way. She could even make out bones.

"Oh my God," Kagome gasped, covering her mouth with her hands in fear. She glanced around and saw a few familiar bodies, one being Sakura and another being Rin's best friend, Kira. Rin shrugged carelessly.

"Your mate was no better." Kagome whirled around to see Inuyasha on the ground, his body twisted horribly. His eyes were wide open in surprise and agony, a giant bloody hole in his abdomen. Kagome cried out, heart breaking almost immediately, and ran to her mate, falling onto her knees beside his body. "At least he died saying your name. It's a pity, really. I always thought Sesshomaru would put up more of a fight. It seems your half-breed wasn't as pathetic as I thought." Kagome pulled Inuyasha's dead body into her arms, cradling his head gently.

"This isn't you, Rin," Kagome shouted and Rin giggled coquettishly, true amusement on her face. She began walking towards Kagome, freezing Kagome where she knelt with those icy, hardened eyes. "You are nothing like this. Snap out of it!"

"Actually, this is me, Kagome. And it's time you all realize that." Rin was suddenly in front of Kagome, crouched to her level and staring at her with an almost sincere look on her face. She also seemed to be teasing. "Ya see, this is me without all that bullshit whiny, pity act you all seemed to adore. Ya know, the smiley-face-everyday-cuz-life's-so-damn-swell? Yeah, that was all an act. Even our friendship." Kagome shook her head, tears forming in her eyes.

"I don't believe you." Rin smirked.

"Believe it!" She leaned closer to Kagome, stroking the older girl's cheek gently. "You all were sooo foolish and I let you be – let myself be. I cried out for Sesshy all the time. Always crying for help. Always acting pathetic. Why me? Why now? Why? Why? Why?" Rin shook her head in disgust. "So fucking weak. Just. Like. You."

The tears fell. Kagome couldn't help it. She had never heard Rin talk so cruelly, so unlike herself. Kagome refused to believe that this monster before her was Rin, didn't want to acknowledge it. But Rin grasped her face with her hand harshly, forcing Kagome to meet her eyes.

"I killed every last one of these idiots. My aunt, my so-called best friends, my family and my mate. They all held me back, always treating me like some piece of glass that could break if they held me too tightly. God, I really leaned on you imbeciles, especially you. And we were supposed to be enemies." Kagome shook her head vehemently.

"No," Kagome choked in tears and Rin smirked knowingly.

"Uh huh. Come on, Kagome! Kaede used to tell us all the time that we had two of the most powerful spiritual energies in the world," Rin reminded her and Kagome stared, recalling that. That was when her Mom had said she didn't want Kagome going back to Kaede with Rin anymore. "You didn't honestly think we could both exist without confrontation, did you? Especially after what my father did to yours."

"I don't believe anything you say," Kagome swore and Rin giggled, an almost innocent delight on her face.

"You should," she told her old friend before singing teasingly, "My Daddy cut your Daddy in the neck!" Rin grinned. "His head fell off. Remember that?"

"You're lying!" Rin chuckled in amusement.

"Why don't you sound sure about that?"

Kagome had two options. She could listen to this bull crap that Rin was trying to spill or she could run and attempt to find some help, some guidance. Because this was freakiest shit she's ever been in.

"You can try to run, but I will catch you," Rin told her, practically reading her thoughts. "And then I'll kill you." Kagome didn't even think twice.

She bolted.

Suddenly, Kagome was in a deep, inescapable forest. She breezed past trees, tensing and speeding up when Rin's playful laughter echoed in her head. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it, Kagome screamed in her mind. Without warning, Kagome tripped onto a risen root and crashed into the ground. Just as she scrambled to her feet, Rin was in front of her, dark veins appearing on the girl's neck and around her eyes.

"Hi, Kagome," Rin exclaimed brightly, terrifying Kagome to no end. Then Rin's small hand shot out and wrapped itself around Kagome's throat. Suddenly, Kagome was slammed into the nearest tree, black and blue spots dancing along her vision at her head's impact. Rin's expression grew colder and her eyes began to glow with a red light. "Goodbye, Kagome." Kagome screamed in horror and pain as something pierced her abdomen, tearing through skin and muscle, promoting a searing pain.

Kagome gasped back into reality as she relived the dream, sweating slightly. Kaede stared at her impassively, lips pursed.

"That does sound like a problem," Kaede said gently, pondering the dream intensely.

"And it hasn't gotten any better, especially after I found about this lockdown the school is having. What does it mean?"

"It means that something very horrible is about to transpire and I'm afraid if we don't act soon enough, someone might not make it past this night," Kaede answered gravely and Kagome's heart began to race in fear. "Now, Kagome. Tell me everything that has happened with Rin since her parents' deaths."


"What the hell are we doing out here? And what genius decided to build a school near the woods?" Kira hissed as she struggled to keep up with a determined Rin. It was almost an hour before the big lockdown and Rin had decided to drag Kira out to the forest with her.

No response.

"And eeeewwww! I can feel the mud seeping into my boots," Kira continued, pouting at her suede boots. And she really liked these.

"You shouldn't have worn them out here," Rin said simply and Kira glared at the back of Rin's head as the girl finally stopped at a small clearing. They were almost at the center of a circle of trees. Rin's eyes were concentrated on the one farthest away.

"Well, nobody said we'd be coming out into the forest either," she shot back before her eyes fell onto the bow and arrow that Rin was holding. "What are you gonna do with those?"

"Shoot them, duh." Kira bristled at Rin's sudden attitude, not sure what was up with her best friend.

"Okay, what the hell is your deal?" Rin sighed and turned to Kira.

"When I was a kid, Sakura used to have these arrows with her all the time. I never questioned her too much about them. I just thought they were simple arrows that looked weird. But the way she acted around them, the way she hid them from me…I can't help but wonder. Aren't you at least a tad bit curious?" Kira rubbed her arms gently, trying to shake off the chill she just got.

And it wasn't just from the chilly night either.

"Well, y-yeah." Rin nodded.

"Alright then." Rin loaded the arrow carefully before raising the bow, anchoring it slightly. She did a small pre-draw, smiling when the compound bow became perfectly light in her hands because of its pulley-system. With ease, Rin drew the string back further, narrowing her eyes at the center of the tree.

And then she released.

And it exploded

"Oh shit," Kira swore as she clung to Rin' who shielded herself as tiny pieces of bark and wood and smoke surrounded them.

After the smoke died down a little, the girls uncovered themselves, staring in surprise as they realized that the entire top half of the tree was gone. Kira gaped at Rin, who narrowed her eyes then and there in suspicion.

"Why in the hell would someone send you that?" She cried and Rin shook her head, completely clueless.

Why in the hell would my Aunt be using this? Was the real question floating around in Rin's head. Why had the woman been so elusive when it came to them? And why had her mother not wanted her to touch any weapon?

"I don't know," Rin replied, jaw set with determination. "But I'm gonna find out." She turned her eyes to Kira, who nodded in return. If Kira knew anything about Rin, it was that Rin was very determined when she put her mind to something.

And if this was as serious as Kira thought it was, Rin would get to the bottom of it.