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Chapter Five

The next day was filled with my trying to avoid Chisami, who was on some sort of warpath to get me to break out in my rash. And when she wasn't trying to tackle me, Dad was attempting to fawn over me, and how his little Sho-chan was all grown up and with a girl and why didn't I ever bring her home.

Let's see…why I don't bring Kiri home… Hmmm. Number one: she's the daughter of your old arch-enemy. Two: You're crazy. Three: Chisami would just try to make me break out in hives all the time due to the fact that she's incredibly jealous of me because I stole her wonderful Prince-sama from her. Oh, and Four: You're crazy.

I don't know, Dad. Why don't I bring her home?

I sighed. But, with my uncanny luck, Chisami heard me and had to voice her obnoxiously loud opinion.

"Chisami agrees with Papa! Chisami would love it if her wonderful Prince-sama stopped by and had tea with her and confessed the flames of undying love." She paused. "And meandered around with you as well, I suppose." That last bit was definitely an afterthought, and it made me kind of nauseous to think about just how accurate I was about the whole "wonderful Prince-sama" thing. Bleh.

"I don't want to bring Kiri here just to have you monopolize her!" I shouted at Chisami. An evil look bloomed in her eyes.

"What's that, onii-sama? You want a hug from Chisami-chan? I think I could manage that." She glared haughtily at me and took a step closer.

"Don't you dare, Chisami, or I swear I will—"

Her eyebrows raised up into her stupid poodle-hair. "Or you'll what?"

"SHO-CHAN, PAPA WANTS TO MEET YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Dad all of a sudden yelled, tackling me.

"Get off! Gross!" I yelled trying to shove him off. "Why would I want to do something like that!?"






"FINE!" I screamed. I breathed in and out slowly. "Fine. I'll go invite her for dinner. Tonight or tomorrow?"

"Tonight!" they both exclaimed like little puppies. I grimaced and muttered curses under my breath as I yanked my shoes on and exited my stupid, annoying house. I made my way to the Koshiba Beauty Salon, still frowning. The sign said that they were closed, so I knocked on the door. Seiji Koshiba answered, glaring at me.

"And what is it that you want?" he demanded.

"Dad!" I heard Kiri's indignant exclamation against her father's rudeness.

"I am here, sir," I began as polite as I could manage, "to ask your daughter to dine with my family per my father and sister's request." Sure, it was a little too formal, but it would do.

"And if I refuse?"

I met him eye-to-eye, man-for-man. "All I'm asking is to have dinner with your daughter—the girl I love—tonight at my house so my father can properly meet her as my girlfriend."

We stared at each other for the longest of moments. "Fine—but I don't like it."

"Join the club," I said with a sigh. "May I come in?" He nodded. I entered.

Kiri frowned up at me, cute big eyes curious. "But I've already met your dad," she stated.

"Apparently, it doesn't count because now he had to meet you as my girlfriend." I grabbed her hand. "And Chisami was about to have an aneurysm."

She let out a quiet, small laugh. "I can imagine. Now, when is this atrocious event supposed to be?"

I smiled at her attempt at humor. "Tonight," I said solemnly. "I'll guess around six-thirty, but I'm not really sure. Perhaps I'll just pick you up around then and we'll make do with what happens, all right?"

"Sounds fine to me."

There was a moment of pause.

"Well, I guess I should be leaving then," I said awkwardly. Kiri smiled.

"I'll walk you out."

For a moment, I was going to protest. But then I realized it was her way of getting us alone and instead felt my face heat up. Once outside, she raised a hand and gently grazed my face. I kissed that palm.

"This is probably going to be the worst dinner ever to occur on this Earth," I said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Indeed it is," she replied, keeping her ease, well, much easier than I was able to her. I could have been envious, but instead only felt that strong pull in my chest that was my love for her.

I pressed my lips against hers in a sensuous kiss that lasted much longer than I had planned for it to, but also not long enough to truly satisfy me. "I'll pick you up later then," I said softly, heat definitely in my cheeks. But hers were red to, so I didn't feel too bad.

"Yeah. See you then."

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