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Storming into Mary Margaret's apartment, Regina was taken aback by the emptiness that greeted her. Neither Mary nor Emma was around and the Mayor simmered on the spot for a moment, at a loss for how to vent her rage. However, her newfound stillness allowed her to pick up on the sound of water coming from upstairs. One of them must be in the shower, she thought, and she didn't much care which one it was. The chance to embarrass either of them in such a way was too much for her to resist, so she made her way quietly upstairs, careful not to tread too heavily as she approached the bathroom door.

Regina grasped the doorknob, turned it slowly and pushed the door open ajar as gently as she could. A light, melodious voice bounced off the tiles and sent a disconcerting buzz through Regina's veins, but she wouldn't let herself get distracted by the song or the singer. She deduced that it must be Emma in the bathroom – she knew that honey-like tone anywhere. Not that she thought about Emma's voice a lot; the blonde just happened to have great difficulty keeping her mouth shut in the Mayor's presence – an immense annoyance, Regina insisted to herself. She stepped through the doorway and onto the tiles, preparing herself for a piercing shriek, or something of the sort.

There was no reaction from Emma, though, because she had her back turned to the doorway. Steam had covered the glass door of the shower, obscuring the figure inside, but Regina could still make out shapes and, seeing that the blonde was absorbed in rinsing her hair, she allowed herself to lean against the wall and observe her victim, certain that this would only increase Emma's torment when she realized the Mayor was with her. Regina's eyes swept over Emma's raised arms, the curve of her waist and stopped when they reached the bottom of her spine. The Mayor was almost frightened to let her gaze move lower, all too aware of the effect that Emma's graceful – graceful? – back was having on her. Then the Deputy turned around.

Regina was so stunned by her full-frontal view of Emma Swan that she barely registered the scream that shot from the blonde's mouth. It only took a moment for the Mayor to come to her senses, though, and step towards the shower, speaking through the glass. "Shhh stop it! Do you want the whole building to think you have an intruder?"

"I do!" Emma shouted hysterically.

"No, you don't," Regina argued, her eyes sliding down the exquisite body in front of her. Emma quickly moved her arms in an attempt to cover herself, but her skin still burned from the Mayor's gaze. "Do you really think I'd hurt you?"

"Get out of here." Emma was starting to panic. What was this woman up to?

"No – not until you explain why Henry arrived home at eight o'clock tonight when he was meant to be at home all evening, doing his homework."

"He told me that you said it was fine for me to take him out to dinner! What was I supposed to think?"

"You're supposed to assume that Henry is going to lie to you if he thinks it will mean that he gets to spend more time with you."

"And what do you expect me to do – ignore my own child when he wants to spend time with me?"

"My, you do care a lot, don't you, Miss Swan?" These acerbic words brought Emma back to her current situation and she decided that enough was enough.

"We can do this another time. When I'm not naked."

"But your lack of clothing makes arguing with you so much more enjoyable, Miss Swan."

Emma tried to calm her breathing as she registered the seductive tone in the older woman's voice. "Can you please leave? You're making me uncomfortable."

"Really?" Emma regretted the words as soon as she heard herself saying them and saw the glint that they instilled in Regina's eyes. "Would you be more comfortable if I was in there with you?"

"No," Emma sputtered, but Regina was already stepping out of her heels, shrugging off her jacket and opening the door, giving her a perfect view of Emma's body. She tried not to gasp at the blonde's beauty as she pulled the door closed behind her and stepped under the water, letting it soak through her remaining clothes.

Emma staggered back into the corner of the shower, terrified at this new development. Well, terrified and thrilled. Regina's shirt began to cling to her skin and Emma had to fight to keep her eyes away from the Mayor's breasts, barely concealed by a lacy bra. "What the hell are you doing?" she gasped. This was not supposed to happen. Not like this.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Regina replied, moving forward to pin Emma against the wall with her own body. "If you're going to blatantly ignore my desire for you to stay out of Henry's life, you're going to have to pay for it – and there's only one thing I would want as payment from you, Miss Swan. Unfortunately, you've made it much too easy by removing your clothes for me." Emma felt Regina's smirk as the older woman pressed her lips to the blonde's, stealing her breath with a searing kiss. For a moment, she struggled beneath the Mayor's grasp, but in the process, her knee found it's way between the brunette's thighs. The ensuing moan that came from Regina sent a shiver through the younger woman and suddenly, she wasn't so interested in escaping the shower.

When Emma intensified the kiss, running her tongue along Regina's lower lip, the Mayor's legs grew shaky and Emma had to hold her up to keep her from slipping. "You want this?" Regina whispered, her face inches from the blonde's.

"Yes." All the fear and anger had left Emma's voice, replaced by a yearning that sent heat straight to Regina's core when she heard it.

"Well…" That was all the Mayor was able to get out before Emma clasped her hand around Regina's neck and brought her mouth to her own once more.

Regina was thrown by the blonde's sudden enthusiasm, but that wasn't going to stop her from getting exactly what she wanted. One hand moved to palm Emma's breast, eliciting a soft groan, while the other ventured further down the blonde's body, pausing to circle her naval before dipping below her pubic bone and gliding along her core. Emma's breath hitched at this contact and she pulled away from Regina's lips. "Don't you dare tease me," she murmured into the Mayor's shoulder.

"I believe I'm the one giving orders here, Miss Swan," Regina replied as she slid a finger inside the blonde, "but I'm not inclined to torture my victims."

She began to build up a steady rhythm and Emma's breath grew more ragged with every thrust. When she came, a well of pleasure exploding inside of her, Regina swallowed her scream with a kiss, capturing Emma's lips in her own. Regina held onto the younger woman until she had recovered enough to stand on her own, then moved away, wanting to give her some space. Looking into eyes that were filled with so much she didn't understand, Emma stepped forward and began to unbutton the Mayor's shirt, her fingers lingering on the skin beneath her collarbone. "Why don't we stay in here for a while?" she said, and they found each other, while the water washed over them.