A/N: Title: Young Biologists
Author: StaraptorEmpoleon (Michelle)
Fandom: Wild Kratts
Pairing: Martin/Chris friendship; possibly Martin/Aviva
Genre: Adventure
Rating: K+ - T (I don't know if I'll do any M ones, but I do take requests)
Summary: A collection of drabbles of when Martin and Chris are young and in college.

Drabble #1: Birds and the Bees for the Birds

"Bird reproduction is fascinating…" An instructor, Dr. Crane lectured, pointing to a picture of European robins mating, which was casted on a white screen (via a projector). "Birds usually don't have a penis, except an ostrich." A few giggles erupted from the women in the class – except three.

They were Martin and Chris Kratt and Aviva Pinto. They were staring at the doctor in awe. Aviva was drawing a picture of what she had seen. Birds and animals fascinated her, but reproduction in particular fascinated her even more so.

"Enough!" Dr. Crane snapped, startling everyone. "I will not tolerate such absurdity in my classroom. As I was saying…" He switched pictures. This picture was a bird's testes and ovaries during the breeding season. "During the breeding season, the bird's testes and ovaries double their size."

A bell letting the class out screeched. Everyone except the three stayed behind. Martin and Chris were noticing that Aviva was still drawing.

"Hey. Who is that?" Martin asked.

"I don't know, but she's cute," Chris sneered.

"I think her name is Amina…"

"Ahem." Aviva cleared her throat. "I'm Aviva. I'm studying to be a biologist so I can create something called a Creature Power Suit." She turned around, urging them to leave the classroom. The two young men shrugged, following her.

"So, how will it work?" Chris questioned.

"I don't know yet… I just thought about it today. Maybe you could help?" she asked.

"Yes," the two echoed each other, monotonously. The two looked at each other and nodded.

"Anything to get near this girl," Martin mumbled under his breath.