A/N: I'll be using first person POV for some drabbles, mainly because it's better to describe how they feel than in third person's POV.

Drabble #4: Accipiter

I felt alive. I had never felt this way before.


What was this?

Was this all a dream?

No. It couldn't be.

It was Aviva's new Creature Power Suit.

I was a Northern Goshawk, an Accipiter, a type of long-winged hawk: an Accipiter gentilis to be exact. I flew effortlessly around trees, easily avoiding them. My red eyes glowed when I saw a bird fly past me. That is what my species ate: mostly birds.

"Stop, Chris!" Aviva shouted. Startled, I landed on a branch. I screeched in protest.

"I'm starving!"

"Crap! The suit's malfunctioned…" Aviva sighed. "No wonder he wants to eat Martin so much…"

"I'm Martin, you idiot!" Martin twittered uncontrollably. "I. Am. Your. Brother! Not. Food!" he tried to explain, albeit I didn't seem to understand. A bird is a bird is a prey item to me.

"Chris, could you come down here please?" Aviva asked. I narrowed my eyes and flew down next to her. "Deactivate." She pushed the button on my breast. I slowly turned back into a person. "Phew." I looked over at Martin. He wasn't a food item; he was a regular Purple Martin, Progne subis: the largest swallow in the United States.

"Martin, I don't see you as a prey item anymore…" I stated.

"You don't?" He blinked. He landed on my shoulder.

"You too, Martin. I have to fix these. I'll be back soon." Martin flew off my shoulder, landing on the ground. She pushed the deactivation button, causing Martin to return to his normal self. "Bye, guys." She ran off.

"So… What do you want to do while we wait?" I asked.

"I don't know… Listen, we have to talk. Let's go somewhere private." Martin gulped. He appeared to be scared for some reason…

A/N: Accipiter genitilis (ACK-sip-ih-ter jen-til-is). Accipiter means a hawk; gentilis means of, or belong to, the same (noble) clan.

Progne subis (PROG-nee-SUE-biss). Progne, from Prokne, daughter of Pandion, who was fabled to have been changed into a swallow; subis, a name applied by Pliny, a Roman naturalist, to a bird that cracks eagles' eggs.

I have no idea what either of these mean - Latin is a strange language... I got the info from my (highly outdated) bird encyclopaedia:

Terres, John K. (1980). The Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. ISBN 0394466519.