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Chapter 1

Lavi ran as fast as he could through the alley. He had never been so scared in his whole life, the whole 6 years of it. He ran and ran as he continued to be pursued. He stumbled into a warehouse and slammed the door behind him as he continued to run deeper into the building. He dived behind a crate and tried to calm his breathing. He heard it break down the door. Please, Stop! Go away! God, help me! He heard its footsteps click as it approached.

"I found you!" The metallic voice sang as it pushed away the crate Lavi was hiding behind.

"No!" Lavi screamed as he covered his face with his hands and closed his eye.

An explosion sounded throughout the building that was accompanied with a blinding flash of light.

Lavi looked up at where the monster should have been, but there was none. Instead he saw a man. Lavi stood up not knowing whether to run or thank the man before him.

The man walked closer and knelt beside Lavi. "You okay?" He smiled and offered Lavi a hand.

Lavi looked as the man's hand, unsure. The hand the man was offering was gloved, but the other hand was blood red.

"It's alright, I promise, I won't bite." The man assured.

Lavi accepted the man's hand, as the man helped Lavi up and guided him out of the dimly light boxing warehouse.

"Completely safe now," the man smiled and ruffled the red head's hair.

The man looked to be about 30, yet he had snow white hair. His left eye was scarred and, as Lavi had noticed earlier, his hand was red. The man knelt beside Lavi. "What's your name? Where are your parents?"

Lavi said nothing as the man questioned him.

The man sighed, "My name's Allen Walker."


"Still nothing?"

Lavi looked away from Allen.

Allen sighed again and sat next to Lavi. "How about a new question, do you have any parents?"

The red head said nothing.

"Look, Kid. I can't help you if you don't help me by giving me what I need to know."

There was still nothing said from Lavi.

"I'm an orphan…"

The red head looked at him confused.

"I was alone. I hated being alone, but enough of me rambling. We could just sit here and watch the…"

"No…" Lavi whispered.

Allen raised an eyebrow.

"Please continue." Lavi finished.

"I was alone. I hated being alone. I don't know what happened to my parents. I don't know if they died, were killed, or if they just gave me away. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the last one."

"Why?" The young boy asked.

"Well for several reasons," Allen continued. "My hand is one," He held up his red arm. "The other is that I was born with a rare disease."

"What disease?'

"It's nothing important," Allen smiled.

"It has to be something if it causes your own parents to give you up."

"Your smart… what do you want to do when you grow up? I never did catch your name."

"My name's Lavi. I want to be a bookman."

"Bookman Lavi, huh?"

Lavi grinned and nodded. "I'm an exorcist!"

"Really?" Allen asked confused.

"Yeah…, but Grandpa doesn't let me carry my innocence with me. He thinks I'll lose it."

"So you live with your Grandpa?"

"Yeah, but continue your story."

"What story?"

"You know… The Story."

"…Nobody wanted me. That's pretty much it."

"Please finish it." The boy whined.

"I'll tell you when you're older."



"How do you know that you'll ever see me again?"

"You see… I'm an exorcist too." Allen showed him the emblem on his cloak. "I'm a parasite-type exorcist, my hand is my innocence."

"Mine's a hammer!" Lavi stated as Allen and Lavi stood up and started walking down the alley.

They walked to an apartment building and climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor.

"Grandpa!" Lavi called as he burst through the door and jumped into the man's arms.

Bookman hugged the boy and noticed the stranger at the door. "Hello Allen."

"Hello sir." Allen nodded.

"Grandpa you know him?"

"Yes I do Lavi, yes I do…" Bookman sighed.