Chapter 5

The tears wouldn't stop coming. They were like the flow of water after a pipe busted, fast, constant, and unrelenting.

Lavi placed the rose on the grave of the man who saved his life and the kid who made him smile.

"You know that he can see you from heaven, right?" Kanda asked as he too laid a rose on the grave.

"You knew him?"

"Yeah, I trained with him a long time ago."

"I'll miss him."

"Many people will, but I bet you will the most." Kanda sighed. "Komui wanted me to give you this." Kanda produced a letter from out of his cloak. "This is Allen's final message to you. Komui said that he wrote it after you left his room on your birthday."

Lavi took the letter and unfolded it. He read:


You've grown so much! I hardly recognized you, bet you didn't recognize me. I write this to you, knowing this is my last. Lavi you have been my inspiration to live since the day I saved you. I was determined to see you grow up. Now that that wish is fulfilled, I can die happily. I saw you, a strong man who is a bookman and an exorcist. I can't express my joy any further. Know, Lavi, that I will die thinking about you and that I will always be with you.


Allen Walker

"Are you okay?" Kanda asked as Lavi fell to his knees and cried.