G/N: I had the want to write this for a bit now... I really can't think of much to say besides that I'm going to try to keep the forth wall (Mostly) intact. As you can probably guess this is going to be a self insert for disgaea two. And if people like it enough I might make a squeal. Guess that's all for now. O and before I forget theirs going to be a slight change in the starting team that Adell gets. Now that's all for now.

Story: Disgaea: cursed insert.

Chapter one: How the hell did I get here.

"Damn." I said under my breath as Flonne took out most my team with one attack.

Now how do I do the stage? I thought to myself. Flonne was level two hundred while most of my team was below one hundred. All except for Desco, Axel, and Valvatorez. Val was also over two hundred being the only one to be at the level now.

If you haven't guess by now I don't blame you. I was sitting their, trying to figure out how to do the second extra stage on disgaea 4 (Still need help their if anyone wants to tell me a quick way to do it). I looked back at the screen. A confused look spread across my face. Instead of the title screen being their, their was a almost completely black screen. Except for a box, asking if I would like to enter the world of disgaea.

I laughed in my head. What kind of joke is this. I thought. I clicked the yes. Popping up in the next box was, which game would you like to enter. It had a list of all the main series. I still didn't thing anything strange at the time, and why should I have. I was a normal, slightly over weight teenager. I went to the second game, clicking on it since it was my favorite.

Sometimes I wish I had never clicked, just turn the game off like my cousin does, maybe my life would have never changed. But it's to late now, and it will never change back. Not like it matters tho, I like my new life a lot. My eyes were taken over by darkness. I quickly fell, yet hit no ground.

"Who are you?" Questioned a voice, coming from nowhere. "What are you?"

"I'm human." I said, confused. The voice let out a slight laugh.

"Then you might regret your choice later, just know, it's to late to go back." It said as the darkness around me went mute. I was covered in it, unable to see, hear, or feel. Then suddenly I was in a bright light. I opened my eyes, seeing a forest around me, a town as well.

"Who the hell did I summon?" Came a voice beside me. I turned my head, seeing a girl with pink hair, tied into a small ponytail, with bat-like wings behind her.

I jumped up, shocked by what I saw, it was Hanako from Disgaea 2.

"I don't know but you seem to have scared him." Said someone behind me. I quickly turned, seeing a red haired person, I would guess to be in his teens. I was even more in shock, I knew who it was as soon as I saw him. Adell, the main carector of Disgaea two.

"Who are you?" He asked.

I felt like I was getting light headed, was it any human that came to this world or just the ones already in it. I thought staggering backwards.

"My name is James." I said. It was then followed by a scream, my scream. I was holding my head, unable to move. A three eyed lady came out, running I think. My mind was clouded at the time.

"It seems the curse affects humans who are from other worlds." She stated in a slightly sad tone. The pain in my head increased, as horns shot out of my head. Then the pain stopped, blood rushed down my face, from where the horns forced their way out of my head.

I opened my eyes, confused. Adell looked down at me.

"What?" I asked, not knowing what happened, I then looked down at my hands.

"The hell!" I yelled out, seeing they were covered in blood.

"Seems you didn't know, this a curse on the world, turning all humans into demons." He stated in a slightly sad voice. That's when it hit me, what had happened. I felt above my head, feeling horns now have come out.

I wonder if I can force these changes. I thought. I didn't really care for how I looked, I had a lot of acne along with dirty blonde hair coming over my left eye. Along with the horn's, my eye color tinted red, showing I was turning into a demon.

A smile played on my lips. "I'm fine with it." I said getting up. For some reason along with the horns and eyes my hair got longer, now coming down over my mouth. "I could get use to this body." I stated cracking my neck.

"How could you say that!" Yelled Adells mom.

"I really don't care, I think I'll enjoy this version of me a lot more." I said, it was then that I noticed, Rozalin wasn't their. Maybe they haven't summoned her yet. I thought.

Adell's mom continued to glare at me.

"Well if Honako is done messing around I can attempt to get Zenon." She said, sticking her two children and her husband in the cauldron. I didn't care to pay anymore attention, knowing what was going to happen.

So it wasn't a sick joke. I'm now in Disgaea two. And as a demon. A smile played my lips. I can now leave that body behind. It was true I didn't care for my body, counting I have or I guess had conic back pain. I decided to test out my new strength, if I got anymore that is. I hit a tree, I made a slight dent into it but that was all. I heard a yell, sounding feminine.

I new who it was right away, their was only one person who it could have been, Rozalin. I walked over to where I heard the yelling to see Rozalin their. Damn didn't get much time before she got here. I thought. Don't get me wrong I like her character, but I don't like people like her. I groan as soon as I heard her, knowing this was going to be very long.

Maybe theirs something I could by from the shop. I started walking their when I remembered something, I have no money. Damn. I thought, I decided to go to the lake instead, seeing the changes that had happened to my appearance. When I did I was shocked, I now had red eyes. That might not be so strange since I'm a demon now but since I had two different color eyes I thought I might end up with one staying the same color.

I turn, seeing that they were finally about to leave. As I walked up to where Adell and Rozalin were, Adells father showed the mercenary's that he had hired. Nearly forgot about this part. I thought as they started to appear.

First to appear was a red skull.

"This here is Clive, with magic support." Said Adells Dad.

Second was a fighter with an axe.

"This is the leader of the group, Sabre.

Third one that came was a healer named Treya. Well that's all of them. I thought walking up to them. As I walked up tho, the Dimensional gate opened again, showing a lady fighter coming through.

"And the last one name is Freya." I looked at them. Clive had white hair coming out of his hood that looked like a skull. It was all red and he had clear glasses on. Treya the healer had on a long brown dress, hair blonde and going halfway down her back.

Sabre was shirtless with a bandana tide around his head. He had brown pants covering his legs. The last Freya, She had green hair, part of it sticking out. She had a belt bra (Is that what its called) on and pants. She had armor boots coming up to her knees, with the back missing so she could still move quickly.

As I walked up she turned to me, she shot me a strange look before turning back. I walked up behind Adell.

"You mind if I join as well?" I asked, hoping I could tag along, I wanted to help since I would be here for at least a while anyway.

"Do you even have any fighting experience?" He asked giving me a strange look.

"No but I'm a quick learner." I said.

"Then I'm not going to take you with me. I don't want you getting hurt because you didn't know what to do." He stated.

"Your taking Rozalin and she has never been trained." I stated, trying to change his mind.

"How do you know that?" She questioned with a surprised look on her face.

"I know a lot more then you think, and I'm going to keep saying what I know until you take me with you." I stated, anger getting into my voice.

"Like?" Asked Adell.

"Well lets see. Your not really related to anyone here." I whispered to him, so no one would hear.


"I might tell you later, IF you let me come with you."

"...Fine." He said, getting annoyed. I nodded looking over the group. My eyes stopped on Freya again. Her hair only came down to the side of her face but she looked rather cute to me. She looked back to me, I quickly looked away. I could tell she was glaring at me for some reason.

I then noticed that my clothing when I was at my house I had been wearing jeans long with my shirt that completely contradicted my personality. Now I was wearing what appeared to be black armor, covering most of my body. I didn't notice it earlier but I also had a helmet on, which now had two holes in it from where my horns grew.

The next thing I knew we were in the town fields. I looked around, seeing a few prinnies. I should throw one! I thought rather loudly in my head. Wait? Am I classified as a monster or human type? …. Who the hell cares! I yelled back in my head. Wait... their talking. By the time I thought that they were done and we were about to fight.

I saw Sabre pull out his axe, Clive a staff, Treya a bow, and Freya a spear. I closed my hand into a fist, ready to start. Adell made the first move, rushing up and punching a prinny. While I rushed by them, Sabre beside me. The prinny turned, seeing us. I was about to punch it when it pulled out two swords out and sliced me in the arms.

"Damn!" I yelled out. I moved to the left, Sabre went to the right. The prinny turned to me as Sabre sent his axe down over its head, cutting it in half. I turned to my left, seeing that Freya and Clive were taking down the other. I turned left seeing Adell and Roz fighting the first one.

I felt a tingling sensation in my arms, I looked down seeing it healing up. I looked up, seeing Treya near me, healing.

"Thanks." I said, she nodded and went over to Adell and Roz. I turned to see that the other prinny was down. That left Adells the last one. I could see Freya who was sitting down, seeming to be cleaning her spear. Must have got blood on it. I thought.

"I've noticed you keep looking at her." Said Sabre behind me. I jumped slightly surprised.

"I noticed to. I just don't know why." I stated, hoping he would drop it. He did, but changing the subject.

"Your look is strange." He said. "You have demon traits yet you seem human."

"That's because I'm human but where this worlds curse changes humans into demons I'm changing." I stated in slightly cold voice, hoping he would stop talking.

"You know you will not get me to stop talking by simply acting cold." He stated.

A smile played my lips. "Then I got some work cut out for me." I said. I didn't notice but Freya had been close enough to hear the conversation.

"That you do." He said, Adell and Roz had been talking but I payed no mind, since I knew it wasn't major story.

"So what's your story, how did you end up here?" I asked. Sabre seemed slightly shocked by my question.

"Well since I'm the leader of a mercenary group it's my job to find jobs that last a while so we get more money. What about you?" He finished and asked.

"I really don't know or care. I was at my house one minute and then the next I was at Holt." I stated. I could tell he didn't seem to buy it but I didn't care. Freya had drifted close enough for me to notice her. I didn't say anything tho.

"So you just accidentally got caught in this." She asked, I could see that she was skeptical in her eyes. I nodded. "Then why do you want to fight for Adell?"

"Because, it seemed like it would be fun. Plus I wanted to try my new powers out, now it seems I don't have a chance yet." I said, she continued to look. I could see she wasn't buying it, but it didn't matter it was the truth.

I looked at her again. Her eyes were blue, which I just noticed. Sabre came up behind me.

"Your doing it again." He whispered. I quickly turned my head.

"Thanks for telling me." I said.

"Welcome." He said, turning to Treya. He seemed to be talking to her. Damn I don't think Adell and Roz talked this long in the game. I thought. As soon as I thought it they decided that we were going to continue our traveling.

We got to a pond, which had five prinnys near it. And yet again I zoned out, since I didn't see this as important. After a few seconds of talking a fight broke out. This time I made the first move, jumping over the first four prinny's, since they were in a line. I landed on the other side.

The prinny looked slightly shocked. I quickly punched it, sending it back a bit. It got a confused look, as I punched it in the chest. He responded by going back a bit and jumping into the air. He quickly pulled two swords out of the air.

He quickly made a few slices at me, sending wind slash's blasting at me. They hit me, cutting me up. I started to slow down a bit. But I was still fast enough to hit the prinny again, knocking it out. It seemed my new demon blood wanted blood since I still was ready to fight. I kicked it in the face.

Adell quickly came behind me. Grabbing my arms.

"The hell are you doing!" He yelled.

"I...don't...know..." I said slowly, gaining control of my body again.

"It could be because he's just turned into a demon that he hasn't been able to handle himself yet." Stated Sabre.

"Their have been cases like that before, my books talked about demons who were humans or angels before are more violent as their new blood gets use to the body." Said Clive, closing a book.

"Or he could just have a violent nature." Said Freya. Why the hell is she trying to make him stop having me around. It seemed they had taken out all the other prinnies. It seemed that the conversation had ended. I walked over to Freya.

"Why are you trying to get Adell to not bring me." I asked slightly annoyed.

"Because your all secrets. No one knows anything about you. I talked to Adell and you just came out of no where." She said, slightly annoyed.

"If you want to know about me just ask." I said, getting slightly angry.

"Fine where the hell did you come from?" She asked.

"I came from another world, one of the human worlds. It was massively polluted, a world that they didn't deserve." I told her. She seemed to believe me this time, but she continued to look at me strange. "Now can I ask you a question?" I asked.

She seemed to think about it for a bit. "Sure."

"Why do you only wear that?" I questioned pointing to her bra. She blushed slightly.

"Would you be willing to fight a girl who was only wearing this." Was her response.

"I don't know, this is my first day of fighting." I stated. I looked up into the sky, noticing the sun was going down.

"Your joking right?" She questioned.

"No, this is really the first time I fought." She suppressed a giggle. "Adell the suns going down, maybe we should make camp." I suggested. He turned to me. Seeming to think for a bit. Then nodded. I quickly went to a tree dropping down ot the ground. I leaned against the tree. I could see the others making a camp as I fell asleep.