A joint fic with one of my friends. So let the insanity begin(That reminds me I have to update that one.)

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Field Trip

Twinkle Park

"This was your idea of fun!" Sonic shouts as he stares at the sign in front of him. The sign was for Twinkle Park. Lucky for him Amy was too busy being bugged by a hawk. A very aggressive and good looking female hawk. It's not like no female hedgehog was around to bug him. There was always the darkhog to worry about. But it's not like she was much for relations.

"Sorry but Miley insisted on it. And it was her turn to pick." Tails says as he looks at his failed clone. Two tails and same fur. Only female instead of male.

"Will you stop Aria! I'm not interested in you! That's it." Amy yells as she grabs her hammer. The head is instantly cut off.

"Not the best choice of weapon right?" Aria says as she catches a metal disk that is spinning towards her. It's a Razor Wind that is midnight black.

Meanwhile at Eggmans base Eggman has plotted a plot to defeat Sonic.

"They are going to Twinkle Park. This is perfect! To easy. I'll squish Sonic and his friends easily." Eggman laughs as he runs towards his hanger. Amazingly he can run very fast for someone his size.

Back at Twinkle Park Sonic and his company have managed to get in without being questioned about any weapons. Which is funny considering Aria's Razor Wind is strapped to her back.

"Well where are we going to go first?" Cream asks as she looks at the others. In the group are Amy, Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Miley, Blaze, Silver, Aria, and Miki.

"Don't know about you but I'm going to the hall of mirrors." Aria says as she runs off. Without saying a word Miki follows after her.

"Well the roller coaster looks fun." Shadow and Amy say in unison.

"I'm not sure where to go." Blaze says as she looks at a map. The next thing she knows is that she and silver are being pushed towards the tunnel of love.

"Well I'm going to the midway." Sonic says as he starts to walk off. The next thing he knows is that he has two foxes next to him.

"Hey Miki look at this mirror!" Aria shouts as she looks at one of the mirrors. Miki walks up but is stopped short by a robotic leg smashing through the roof in front of her.

"Mwah ha ha. Bow down in terror of me puny mobians!" Eggman shouts from atop his mech. He prepares to fire a few missiles into the crowd to cause chaos but doesn't get very far.

"Hey Eggman do you ever realize your out matched?" Miki asks as she grips the leg in one hand.

"Oh one of the heroes. And the first to be squished." Eggman says as he looks down at Miki. A Razor wind cuts across the armor near the control pod without delay.

Miki doesn't say a word but just twirls on her toes and throws the mech clear across the park.

"Nice throw" Aria says as she looks at Miki.

"Not really I didn't put that much effort into it. Let's go find Sonic." Miki says as she runs off.