All great changes are preceded by chaos.


The sky was not falling apart. The building was not on fire. The earth was not exploding. There were no guns pointed in his direction. Just silence, long dark faces - sad faces; troubled, nervous, and anxious. America felt as if he could not breathe. His hands were cold, and a hollow was formed in the middle of his chest. Pure and uncorrupted agony, he did not think such emotion could exist within himself.

The room he was in was full. Seven national entities of the world were present and many more were outside the room, filling the house. All gathered for the same reason. America thought that he could not breathe normally anymore, not with a knot squeezing tighter and tighter around his throat each passing second.

America couldn't cry. He was in no position to do it. He was not allowed to shed a single tear. Because, he was a nation; because he needed to be strong; because everything, was his fault.

'Oh God...' America thought and sighed deeply. He rubbed his eyes until he felt his eyes burn.

His gaze trailed to the person in front of him. Germany stood straight, close to the wall, opposite to him and next to the bed. A deep frown married his features, a tense air surrounded him. Beside him, Italy gave off a sense of gloom, sniffling lightly. Unlike America, Italy displayed his emotions without shame. America swiftly looked away, but the next person in his line of vision was not any better.

Switzerland's face showed the evidence of the lack of sleep taken by the days he had not slept since that thing occurred. The small blond noticed America staring and fixed his gaze on him.

America quickly looked the other way. He knew what the Swiss was going to ask him but, he did not know; he did not know anything, he did not know what to do.

Finally, America's baby blue eyes, his gaze, landed on the cause of his agony. The peaceful source of his sadness. His despair was shaped in the form of his former caretaker. His brother. His friend. Perhaps, it would have been better to realize about it sooner. He felt absolutely awful to think that, for him to realize that England was, indeed his friend, this accident, this catastrophe had to happen.

England laid on a white bed, surrounded by wires connected to his skin. Machines were beeping constantly. An oxygen mask was placed on his face. His eyes were closed and his beautiful emerald color could not be seen.

Switzerland spoke bluntly, "Let me run more tests on him." The blond moved closer to the bed.

America flinched slightly. "No." He answered in a deep voice.

"America, we may find was wrong with him if we only run more tests, you-"

America cut Switzerland's words. "I don't want you to make a guinea pig out of him."

"America, it's been a week and England doesn't wake up." Germany interjected, "You can no longer be obtuse about this matter. This is serious."

"…America, I think you should listen to them…" Canada spoke, his voice barely above a whisper, making himself noticeable by the others. But the attention span was short lived.

"England is getting weaker and weaker as we speak." Switzerland's tone was dark. "His life is in danger. At this rate he's going to-"

"What the fuck do you want me to say then?" America growled, standing from his seat, "I can't remember anything more! I only know what you know! I was driving, and he was beside me and we were talking and then, and then some jerk crashed with us! And then we were out of the road and… I-I only remember the river getting closer and-and everything went white…"

"America, it's okay." Canada tried to calm down his brother.

"No! It's not okay, Mattie! England, he's like this, it's my fault!" America walked around the room like a caged lion, "I should have paid more attention to the road! If I, I shouldn't have been teasing him! I failed-"

The tallest nation of all that were present stood in front America, blocking his path.

"America, that is enough." Russia was smiling while his voice was not. "Whether it was your fault or not isn't the problem here. The car-crash didn't leave England like this. We need to know what happened. We need to know if this can happen to us too."

"Like hell if you think I'm gonna let you touch him!" America glared darkly, shouting with rage. His face darkened and his muscles tensed. It was the look of a desperate man, a mad man.

Italy shivered in fear and hid behind Germany, Canada stepped back. Germany and Switzerland took a hold of their guns. Russia merely smiled even wider.

A few seconds passed and the door was opened loudly; France and Japan stepped in.

"I have the authorization from the UK, Amerique. Step aside please." France was uncharacteristically serious. He walked directly to England, ready to prepare him.

"What? I won't allow it!" America yelled.

"I'm afraid you don't have a say in this matter anymore, America-san. A collective petition was made and everyone agreed. We must find what is happening with England-san." Japan said in a business-like tone; however, his tone softened afterwards, "Please, America-san. Do not worry, we will take good care of England-san's health."

Japan was, is, England's friend after all.

But America felt scared. What were they going to do to England? What if something goes wrong during whatever test they plan to do? What if he can't see England anymore? With that turmoil of emotions, America leaped towards France. He grabbed France from his shirt, pulling him away from England.

"What?" France glared, "Are you trying to hurt the person who tries to help Angleterre?" He slapped America's hand away and resumed his work.

The other nations were uneasy, but impressed by France's cool. He too was very affected by this whole affair. Like Japan, he was trying to find the quickest solution for it.

America gritted his teeth.

"America, understand. This is necessary." Germany said earnestly.

America watched helplessly as England's bed was removed from the room. The big nation was powerless again. The room emptied leaving the American alone. He cursed loudly and punched the wall. Small pieces of concrete fell on the floor. Again and again he punched it, releasing little of his frustration away. His hand was probably bleeding. He did not care. He did not give a fuck!

He just wanted England to wake up! He just wanted to go back to normal! He just wanted their routine!

America stopped punching the wall, and his blood dripped from his hand and fingertips. Small droplets fell, staining the floor in red.

He just wanted, "…England…"


A tray of medical instruments fell loudly on the floor. A series of French curses crossed the habitation. Upset shouts filled the room until France was too tired to even move. After the commotion, quiet voices talked among themselves.

"The tests aren't working. England-san's results are inconsistent." Japan said, sighing. "It is as if he is just asleep. Even though his vital signs are decreasing in an alarming speed."

"…As if his life was being drained slowly…" Austria presented his opinion.

Japan stayed silent, contemplating the theory.

"For the love of God! Don't say such ridiculous things!"

"We have done everything we could possibly do for these past four days and he doesn't show any changes." Switzerland walked to England, replacing an IV.

The four nations were in charge of running the tests and to keep track of England's progress. However, that progress had not appeared for two weeks. France, Japan, Switzerland and Austria had been working hard but there were little to none results.

"Maybe.., maybe we should take another blood test…" France said, playing with his hair frantically. He looked worn-out. All of them looked exhausted.

"We already did them, five times," Switzerland tossed an empty bag in the trash bin, hard enough to make Japan jump and Austria to move away, "The results show only that he has a light anemia. Besides that, he's perfectly okay."

"He is not okay." France hissed angrily.

"Do you think I don't know that?" Switzerland narrowed his eyes, "I was the first one to check on him and treat him."

The Swiss walked near a shelf.

"Yes, indeed; you, mon ami, were the first person to appear in the scene and help mon cher Angleterre. Tell me sincerely, did you really only gave Angleterre first-aid?"

The things in the shelf trembled as Switzerland kicked its base. "Bastard, are you insinuating something?" He turned around with a glare.

France crossed his arms and smiled mockingly, "Not at all, I'm just connecting dots in my head."

"Do you want to have something besides dots inside your head?" Switzerland's hand moved inside his coat.

"Guns aren't permitted in this place." France said daringly.

"It's sterilized, do you want to try it out?" Switzerland said dangerously.

"Gentleman, please, calm down." Austria said nervously. Being the pacifist wasn't his thing.

Japan was silent. He was still thinking about Austria's words. As if his life was being drained slowly…

The two blonds were still bickering in the background. And Japan suddenly spoke with a terse tone.

"Either Norway-san or Romania-san hadn't contacted us, have they…?"

The three other males remained in silence.

"No, in the north there has been a recent crisis. The Nordics can't come down now, not at least in a couple of days. And Romania seems to be with his own problems. Bulgaria said it was a natural disaster that has been holding him back from coming." Austria informed.

"…I see…" Japan said.

"Why? Do you think they have something to do with this?" France said, with a strange combination of relief, hope and anger.

Japan stared at him, "No. I'm sorry. I just thought that they might have been of help. That's all…"

The familiar sounds of the machines lulled them. The faint scent of blood floated in the air, mixing with chemicals and other odors.

"We can't do anything for now. We should move him to a fitting room and rest as well." Austria said.

"Yeah, besides America has been unbearable lately." Switzerland moved away from France, helping Austria with England.

The French man was quiet, silently looking at his enemy, or friend? Frenemy? The youngsters' terms came in handy sometimes.

"France-san, you should take a bit of a rest." Japan said walking up to him. "America-san will make sure to take guard and keep England-san safe."

A sad smile appeared in the corner of the Frenchman's mouth, "I know."


"America, I think we shouldn't do this!" Canada tried to yell and be quiet at the same time.

"Why not? Those old men couldn't find anything wrong with England so it's in my hands to save him!" America held England carefully, close to his chest. It was difficult since England was not as small as he seemed but with America's strength it was not a big problem.

Canada was there carrying the oxygen closely, behind America. They went up to the rooftop. It was past midnight and everyone was fast asleep - even the ones who were usually on guard were absent.

America had made sure to have Italy and Liechtenstein on his side. They were his backup with the guards. Germany and Switzerland would not be happy at all if they found out about it. Italy and Liech were informed about his plan.

"Tony must have a solution! He'll sure help us out!" America said when they reached the last floor.

"You have too much faith in him." Canada muttered.

Even though he was partially, absolutely, scared of the consequences of the thing they were doing, he couldn't help but to feel a little bit of hope. Who knows, maybe with alien technology England could be cured.

They reached the rooftop and walked to the center of the roof. A few moments passed and suddenly a white light appeared above their heads; after that, a ray descended on them, and some unknown force pulled them towards the spaceship.

America, Canada and England were in a dark-green place with many machines, machines and wires everywhere. A door opened and a grey being with enormous black eyes entered the room. Canada shivered. No matter how much time passed, he still could not stay calm around America's friend.

The talk between the American and the alien was short, being the fact that the alien only knew two words or the fact that America was being demanding.

America placed England carefully on a table, removed the oxygen mask and waited for Tony to do his job.

Seven minutes and forty seconds later, Tony informed America that he could not do anything about England. He told him that nothing was wrong with him and that he was just sleeping.

America was not happy in the slightest.

Tony left them where he picked them up saying his goodbyes, which consisted in the repetition of the words; fucking bitch fucking, fucking fucking bitch bitch fucking…

"I am sorry, America, that I could not be of much help. I hope everything turns out fine. My regards to your friends, later," America translated for Canada.

England wore the oxygen mask again, Canada walked quietly behind America while he held England tight against his chest. The night was dark, the moonlight had abandoned them; their path was filled with a deafening silence.

During the time England was away from him. America felt something always hurting his chest, something invisible squeezing his insides. Now, that feeling felt tenth times worse and it was deadly.

The feelings filling his heart were murderers.


"Ve~ it's so sad. I haven't seen America like this before… It's so sad, so very sad…" Italy said, obviously peeking inside the room where England and America were.

"Stop it. It's rude to peep into others' rooms." Germany scolded him and pulled him away from the door.

They walked for a few moments until Italy asked, "Would you be sad if it was me?"

Germany froze and hid the cold shiver that ran down on his spine when he thought about it.

Italy wanted his answer, "Tell me, if it was me who was dying-"

"Stop!" Germany barked and Italy went rigid. "Don't say anything else. Don't you dare to ask me that again, understood?" His tone was absolutely terrifying.

"Y-Yes!" Italy stuttered.

Germany began to walk again and Italy followed.

The awkward atmosphere was still with them. Germany sighed, defeated. "Italy, I'm sorry for yelling at you. But understand, it's a painful question you asked me."

Italy looked up at him, "Painful… you mean…"

"Yes, I'll be very…, very sad if something happened to you… I don't know what I'd do if that happened." Germany's anguish was clear in his words.

"Wow, Germany doesn't know?" Italy was surprised. Germany knew a lot of things. Almost everything. It was shocking to know about something he did not know. He gave little, if not any, importance at the painful ache in his heart.

Germany was too busy archiving new feelings in his brain to notice a stranger walking pass them and directing his path to England's room.

America wasn't there.

A sandy blond went in and sat on the edge of England's bed. He took England's hand in his own and kissed the back of it. He trailed his hand over England's arm until his palm was resting on the middle of England's chest. He narrowed his eyes.

A scream startled the blond and turned around to see America in the doorway looking extremely upset.

"Yo, America. Long time no see." The man smiled, "That's how it goes right?"

"What are you doing here?" America spat angrily.

"I'm here to see my brother, isn't obvious?" The sandy blond replied, removing his hand from England's chest, but he still held his hand.

"Wales? What are you doing here?" France asked beside America. With his scream, the entire house was alerted.

"Like I said, I'm here for my brother." Wales replied again.

"Don't you think is a bit late? It's been three fucking weeks since the accident!" America growled.

"Busy life, busy-busy." Wales shrugged.

America clenched his teeth. "Jerkass." He walked towards Wales.

"I know why brother can't wake up." He said good-naturedly.

America and all the nations present in the doorway froze at those words.

"This was-" Wales caressed England's face, trailing a thumb along his cheek, "-made by an enemy."

"By who?" Everyone was shocked, confused but more than ready to hear about it.

Wales let go of England and turned to them with a smile. "A demon."

•To Be Continued•

Darkness is close, getting closer and closer to us.