File # 34

Predator's name: Jamie

Age: 10

Recorded First Meal: Year Younger Sister

Home: Oak Park, Illinois

Time: 5:39 am

Jamie looked around her club and smiled with pride. She was the only predator in her home town and she had opened this club because she loved vore very much.

Just last week she had swallowed 25 mice and had wowed everyone by eating up small animals... now she was ready for swallowing something bigger.

As her club members looked at her with smiled on their faces her plumpish tummy rumbled hungrily as she licked her lips. "Ok everyone," she said "Today is the day that i, Jamie the Predator, shall swallow something bigger then the last small animals we have. Now let's see what we've got."

"Uh, Jamie?" a boy asked "We kinda don't have anything small, you ate them all."

"What?" Jamie asked as her belly growled sadly and hungrily "But i haven't eaten anything! What about the rats?"

"Eaten," the club members said.

"The-the cats?"


"The dogs?"


The guine pigs? The parroits? the canaries? The hamsters?"

"All eaten."

"Then what am i suppose to eat!" Jamie asked as he stopped on the ground "I'm sooooooo hungry! I'll eat anything!"

"I-I might have an idea," a girl said "How about you eat... Alyssa? She keeps forgetting to bring food and she's always piggy, i say you should eat her up." "You know, that might not be a bad idea." Jamie said as she walked towards the 8 year old girl, who was forced to sit still by the other members and Jamie opened her mouth wide.

Then she shoved the head into her mouth and swallowed. She more she swallowed she realized how delectable this girl was and she didn't stop until the girl was now inside her warm sticky stomach.

For a moment everyone was quiet but then their love of vore kicked in and they cheered wildly as Jamie patted her large wobbling tummy, filled with her squirming meal "Sorry Alyssa," she said as she burped "But your member ship is here by history." "LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Alyssa yelled as she squirmed madly inside the belly of their leader "I love vore but i don't want to be food!"

As Jamie patted her huge stomach she licked her lips as she looked at her team members and saw them as something new; food. Little did she know that after she would divore and digest her former members of her club she would wake up to find herself on Predator Island to truely start a real, permemint Vore Club.