Disclaimer: All Transformers characters belong to Hasbro. Any made up characters were created by me.

Summery: Transformers Prime Universe. Set in season one, following the episode cannon loosely. Arcee discovers a secret about her past and has to learn to live with it. Can she move forward to a peaceful future?

"blah" – Normal human speak
"blah" – Cybertronian speak
blah – thinking
'blah' – Comm. Speaking
'Blah' – text message
-blah- - Bonded talk

Shadows of the Past

By Yami-Yugi3

Chapter 1

A small two occupant Autobot shuttle cruised through space piloted by two Autobots, both black and white in color. The taller one was sporting a pair of door wings and a red chevron. He couldn't help but growl to himself. "Where is that 'Con?" The smaller of the pair glanced up from the sensor readings he was going through to spare his companion a quick look.

"We'll find him."

"I hope we can, Jazz. I don't want to even think about what would happen if he finds our little Arcee."

"She's not a youngling any more Prowler."

"I know, it just..."

"She'll be fine, last we heard she was with Prime's team." The smaller black and white tried to reassure him.

"Yeah...but if Cliffjumper is still hitting on our little femme..."

Jazz allowed a smile to tug at the corner of his lip components "Then ya can tear him a new aft can't ya?"

"Of course. You saw the looks he was giving her after Prime told him that she's his new partner after what happened to Tailgate..."

Jazz patted the larger black and white mech gently on his left forearm "She'll be fine, if he does anythin' she doesn't agree wit' she'll just kick his aft." Prowl sighed, door wings lowering a bit before scanning the area again for the Decepticon. "Wow, look at that planet, Prowler." Jazz said as he saw a beautiful blue, green, and white planet ahead.

A small smile tugged at the corners of the larger black and white's lip components "Yes it is magnificent."

The ship scanner started to beep. "Scanner's picking up Autobot and Decepticon signatures down there." Jazz said.

"If there are Decepticon signatures down there, our 'Con properly went down there to get some back up." Prowl said.

"More than likely… The fraggin' glitch of a coward." Jazz growled "How do ya wanna play this?"

"Let's get down there. If he did join up with his fellow 'Cons those Autobots might need our help." Prowl said.

"Sure thing Prowler."

Meanwhile, on the Nemesis, a black and purple Decepticon walked down the halls until he entered the control room. "My Lord Megatron." he said with a bow.

"Ah, Barricade, my mostly loyal soldier." Megatron said with a toothy grin.

"I would have made it here faster my Lord, but a couple of Autobots decided to follow me so I had to lose them."

"I assume you lost them?"

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't."

"Nice Rims you have there Barricade," Knock Out said as he slid up next to him "We should take a drive some time."

"The only drive I will take is when it's up against Autobots." Barricade sneered at him.


"Don't you have something to break? Or fix?"

Starscream had just walked into the room before stopping dead in his tracks. "Oh great, you." he said with a sneer "Why can't any Decepticons chose flying modes anymore?"

Barricade raised and optic ridge at Starscream. "What happened to you? Disobey Megatron again?" he asked.

Starscream growled lowly in the back of his throat "Shut up!" Barricade couldn't help but smirk.

During that time, the small Autobot ship landed in a remote area out side of Jasper, Nevada. The two Autobots stepped out. "Jazz we should split up and get us some alt modes for this planet. We'll meet back up later." Prowl said.

"Gotcha." With that the two Autobots went separate ways. Prowl got close to a highway just as the local police were doing a high speed chase. Prowl smiled a bit as he quickly scan one of the police cars before transforming and headed into town. The now converted black and white mech hoped his companion would make his choice quickly since he knew how picky Jazz could be sometimes. But as Prowl drove a familiar feeling came into his spark and it wasn't Jazz.

Arcee was sitting in the school parking lot waking for Jack to come out. It wasn't long until the 16 year old came out and headed over to her. "Hey Arcee." Jack greeted her. Arcee started to get the feeling someone was watching them. Jack noticed the femme's strange behavior and frowned "Arcee are you okay?"

"Someone is watching us." Arcee said. Jack looked around and didn't see anyone except a cop car parked across the street.

"All I see is a police car." Jack said.

"I don't think it's just a police car." She replied.

"You think it's a 'Con?"

"I don't know."

"What should we do?"

"Just get on and try to get back to base."

"You got it." Jack put on his helmet before climbing onto Arcee. The femme peeled out of the lot and headed in the direction of the base. She couldn't help but notice that the police car she had seen back at the school was following them, albeit at a distance.

"He's following us."

"What do we do now?" Jack asked.

"I'm gonna see if I can lose him, hold on." Jack held on as tight as he could when Arcee started going every which way to lose the police car. Nothing seemed to shake it as the police car was still following them.

The 16 year old lad glanced over his shoulder "He's still following us!"

"I noticed. I guess we have to meet him head on."

"What?!" Jack exclaimed. The femme swung about and began racing toward the police car tailing her. "Isn't this a bit dangerous?" Jack asked. Arcee didn't answer him as she continued onwards. "Ah, Arcee I think you better slow down." Jack suggested as he hunkered down low to the seat.

"It's okay Jack, just hold on." The teenage lad tensed, waiting for the inevitable outcome, only to be surprised when the police car swerved out of Arcee's path with a scant few seconds and inches to spare.

"I'm guessing he doesn't like to play chicken." Jack said.

"No, that's not the reason." Arcee responded as she now slowed to a stop.

"Then what is it?" Arcee didn't respond. "Arcee?" Jack glanced over his shoulder to where the police car had stopped. It was a few meters away and it too was stationary and not doing much of anything. He frowned at that and wondered just exactly what was going on.

"Jack, get off for a bit." Arcee said.

"Okay." The teenage boy replied, uncertainty clearly heard in the tone of his voice as he slid off the seat.

Once he got off, Arcee transformed and slowly headed towards the cop car. Her azure optics carefully scanned the vehicle in front of her, her sensors automatically informing her that it was definitely Cybertronian. And then there was her spark, she could feel a connection with the mech before her. There was only one mech she knew where this connection could be felt. "Prowl?"

Parts of the patrol car began shifting and transforming until finally a black and white mech stood in its place. Bright azure optics that were normally cold, calculating and analytical were instead warm and excited at the prospect of gazing down upon the blue colored femme. "Arcee it's been a long time." Prowl responded.

Arcee came close before wrapping her arms around him. "I can't believe you're here. Is Jazz here too?" she asked.

A low rumbling chuckle escaped him "Of course, he's off somewhere picking an alt. mode hopefully it won't be too long before he meets up with us." Jack was confused at what he was seeing.

The teenage boy glanced up at the newcomer suspiciously as he cautiously made his way to Arcee's side "Uh, Arcee what's going on?"

"May be you should introduce us." the mech said to Arcee.

Arcee nodded in agreement "Jack this is Prowl, Prowl this is my human Jack."

"So he's a good guy?" Jack asked despite already knowing the answer.

The femme chuckled in amusement "Yes he's a good guy."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Prowl said.

"Uh .. likewise."

"I hope Cliffjumper has been behaving." Prowl said.

Arcee's mood immediately fell and suddenly she found her peds to be far more interesting "He's gone."

"Oh, I see. I'm sure Prime will have the full information." Prowl said.

"We should ... I mean I'll take you there now I was heading back to base." The blue colored femme replied.

"Let's wait for Jazz first." Prowl said.

"Sure." At that moment a fancy Porsche drove up. Arcee's dark mood immediately disappeared the second she saw the second vehicle approach them. He transformed in a fancy dance move.

"What's up, guys?" he smirked.

Prowl couldn't help but smile at his mate. "Took you long enough."

"Gotta find the best look." Prowl rolled his optics. Arcee could only smile as she hugged Jazz.

"It's good to see you made it here safely. Jack, meet my parents," she smiled as she pulled away. Jack blinked a bit in surprised, his mouth slowly hanging.


"Prowl is my mother and Jazz is my father."

"But...how can that even work?"

"Our physiology is different than yours. Two males are just as capable of bearing children. Granted our femmes are more well equipped to carry a spark, but we don't need one."

"Okay..." Jack said.

"Basically, we're not as organically limited as you all. Mech or femmes can make babies," smiled Jazz.

"I think I got it."

'Arcee...are you alright? Why haven't you returned to base yet?' Optimus asked.

'I'm fine Optimus. I just found two familiar Autobots.'


'It's nice to hear your voice again Prime, sir.'

'Prowl? When did you arrive?'

'A couple of breems ago.'

'We'll get a ground bridge for you.'

'Thanks Prime!'


'What's up, Prime?'

'You're here too?'

'Of course. Can't leave my bonded can I?'

'I guess not. It's good to have both of you here.' With a whir and a flash, a ground bridge appeared.

"Let's jet!" Jazz said happily.

"Wait up you silly mech!" Prowl cried, racing after him.

Arcee couldn't help but laugh. "Does that happen a lot?" Jack asked.

"...Yeah... Jazz is a lot like Bulkhead and playful like Bee."

"I'm guessing you take more after Prowl?"

"A little," she smiled. She then transforms to let Jack back on.

"Alright, let's get back." Jack put his helmet on before climbing on. Arcee raced through the ground bridge as soon as he was on. Once through the ground bridge, Jack could see Prowl and Jazz talking to Optimus. Ratchet was waiting patiently to check them over.

"So Barricade is here on Earth." Optimus said.

"Unfortunately..." sighed Prowl.

"Who's Barricade?" Jack asked Arcee.

"A down right nasty 'Con my father always fights."


"That sounds sweet! I bet you kick some major butt!" smiled Miko. Prowl's visor raised up and he looked very confused at her.

"Who in Primus are you? You don't act anything like Jack."

"Meet Miko," said Ratchet. "She's another of our human friends." Prowl raised an eyebrow.

"We have three of them that stay here with us," smiled Bulkhead.


"Four if you count Jack's mother who comes by from time to time." Arcee said.

"They are reliable allies and they have become great friends," said Optimus.

"But they are so small."

"I think they are kind of cool Prowler."

"The fragile natives of this planet could be in danger at any moment. I find this alliance inadvisable."

"S'up, little lady. Name's Jazz," he smirked as he extended a hand to her. Miko smiled as she took his hand.

"This is so cool." she said as she took a quick pick with her cell.

"Wait! Wait! Get my good side," Jazz smirked as he turned in a flashy pose. Miko smiled as she took another picture. Jazz smiled, loving it. At that moment, Bumblebee came through another ground bridge.

"Bumblebee and Rafael are here," Ratchet said as he disengaged it. Bumblebee let Raf out before transforming and tackled Jazz with a series of happy bleeps and whistles.

"Bee!" Jazz smiled as he hugged the yellow scout. "I missed you too." Miko happily took another picture. Prowl came over and easily snatched it from her.

"Hey!" Miko shouted as she tried to jump for it.

"No one must find out about us." Prowl said.

"Prowl, take it easy," Optimus said as he came over. Miko continued to jump for it as he held it out of reach.

"But sir, this is a dangerous alliance. The Decepticons are ruthless and these humans are a liability."

"Prowl, I've made my judgment on the matter. Trust me and stand down," he said as he put a hand on Prowl's shoulder.

"I was leery at first just like you," added Ratchet. "I've come to accept their companionship and trust them. They've become very useful more than once." Prowl looked unsure but slowly reach down to give Miko back her phone.

"I know you are my second in command, Prowl," Optimus started. "Our human friends know how to keep our existence a secret."

"Alright..." He turned and knelt down to Miko. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright. We're cool." Miko said. Prowl smiled.

"Alright, now it's my turn," said Ratchet.

"I hope you will find everything to your liking, Ratchet." Prowl said. He stepped into the examination chamber.

"I'll be the judge of that." He checked over the scans and let Prowl walk out. "Looks like you're taking good care of yourself."

"Jazz makes sure of it." Prowl said.

"I thought so. Jazz?"

"Be right there Ratch!" He rushed over from hanging with Miko.

"Okay take a seat." Jazz stepped into the examination chamber as Prowl watched. Ratchet started his scans. "Alright, Jazz, you're fine." He stepped out with a smirk on his face. Prowl smiled.

"Ratchet, ready a ground bridge. Two Decepticon signals have been detected," Optimus said, ruining their calm. Prowl's door wings raised up high.

"Who is it?" Bulkhead asked.

"Barricade..." Prowl growled.

"That would explain the new signature," said Optimus. "Would you like to assist me on this one?"

"I have a score to settle with that Decepticon." Prowl said.

"Alright. Any other volunteers?" Optimus asked.

"I'll go." Arcee said.

"Arcee..." Prowl protested.

"I can help." Arcee said.

"You should stay behind..."

"I'm not a sparkling anymore mother."

"Jack may need you," he added.

"It's okay I'll be fine." Jack said.

Prowl looked at Optimus. "She can choose for herself. She has proven herself strong."

"But Prime sir..."

"Prowl...I want to go," Arcee sighed, crossing her arms.

"But Arcee," Prowl started.

"I'm coming," she said flatly.

"Be careful," Ratchet said as he opened the bridge. Prowl was still unsure as he lower his visor.

"Roll out." Arcee raced in behind Optimus.

Jack turned to Jazz after the three left. "Why didn't Prowl want Arcee to come?"

"It's complicated..." he sighed.

"Family matters," added Ratchet.


"Alright, Bulk! Let's show Jazz how we party!"

"I love a good party." Jazz said with a smile.

"SAWEET!" Miko smiled. Ratchet sighed and withdrew to his private quarters deeper in the base. Music started to blare loudly. Ratchet smiled a bit, but was happy that it grew softer as he neared his quarters. He made sure the door locked once he was inside. He sat down on the big couch in the middle of the room. He smiled at an old picture from a bookshelf. In the picture was Bulkhead's best buddy Wheeljack. Most didn't know that Wheeljack was actually Ratchet's close friend from before he became a Wrecker. There was also a young, red femme pictured with him. She was still a youngling and was happily hugging Wheeljack. He sighed happily before getting comfortable and closing his optics.

"What's wrong Starscream? Don't want to hang with a ground type 'Con?" Barricade asked with a laugh when Starscream was grumbling about being the one to show him around.

"No!" he spat. "I just feel like my skills are being wasted."

"Teacher's pet." Barricade said with a smirk.

Starscream growled and raised his claws. "Don't forget I'm your superior officer."

"Only by a couple of ranks, Screamer."

"Don't call me that!"

"You seem to like it when your brothers called you that."

"Because they are my brothers! Besides, I've told Thundercracker several times to stop calling me that!" Barricade just laughed. "That's it! How DARE you disrespect me!" he yelled, pouncing on Barricade and clawing his face.

Barricade easily kicked him off. "Take a Nitro pill. Save you energy for the Autobots coming our way." Starscream sneered and took a deep breath as he stood back up.

Barricade smirked again. "He brought her along finally." he said.

"What are you muttering about?"

"It's nothing."

"Just don't mess this up," Starscream growled as he headed towards the approaching convoy of Autobots. Barricade smirked before following.

"Battle positions!" Optimus cried as the three transformed. Starscream instantly recognized the Autobot second in command.

'Leave the two wheeler for me, Screamer.' Barricade said through the comm.

'Going for the weakling of the three?'

'This is personal business.'

'Fine! I should be able to damage the other two on my own.'

"Barricade!" Prowl sneered.

"Look out for me!" smirked Starscream as he transformed and dive bombed Prowl. Barricade took his chance and went after Arcee.

"I'm not such an easy target!" she growled, jumping over him.

"You take so much after your father." Barricade said.

"I know. He taught me moves...like this!" she said as she transformed, crashed into him, and then transformed again, pinning him to the ground.

"Good job, Arcee...but not good enough!" he said as he jerked to the side, throwing her off. He pinned her to the ground and punched her in the stomach plating. "You've grown into a fine femme."

Arcee could only gag and try to break free of his pin. "You disgust me!"

"GRRAAAAA!" Starscream sneered, transforming into his jet form. "I'll demolish you both!" he cried, firing at Prowl and Optimus. Prowl rolled out of the way.

"Stand down, Starscream! It's two against one!" Optimus said.

"Never!" Barricade was still duking it out with Arcee.

"You really have become very strong and agile. Your father taught you well."

"Cut it with the compliments, 'Con."

He knocked her to the ground again. "It's been a long time since I've seen you, why not?"

"We've never met personally, 'Con."

"Oh what little white lies your mother has been telling you."

"What are you talking about?" she spat back as she tried to blast him. He blasted her in the side and pinned her to the ground.

"He really hasn't told you, has he?" he smirked as she gasped for air, her wounds bleeding.

"Arcee!" Prowl called out as he tried to get to her. Starscream kept firing from his jet mode.

"Let me tell you my little secret," Barricade said as he lean in close to her audio receptor. "I'm your father." Arcee gasped and coughed, her optics wide. Barricade smirked and dug his fist into her bleeding side. "Yes," he smiled. "I sparked with your precious mother Prowl. I'M your real father..."

"Arcee!" Barricade gave her a kiss on the forehead before leaving her for dead.

"Come on, Starscream. They're a waste of time."

"Don't tell me what to do, Barricade!" He rained a few more shots down at Optimus and Prowl. Optimus managed to clip his wing. "You haven't seen the last of me!" Starscream cried as he fired one last shot. "This isn't over!" Once Barricade and Starscream started to leave, Prowl raced over to where Arcee was.


'Ratchet, we need a ground bridge. Ratchet?'

Back at base, Ratchet was being shaken awake by Rafael. Bumblebee was standing not too far away, having unlocked the door. "What's going on?"

"Optimus is calling for the ground bridge."

"What!" he said, now fully awake. He ran out of the door and headed to the main area. The party had died down, and Jazz looked very worried. "Why is everyone so serious?" Ratchet asked.

"It's Arcee...I can feel it..." Jazz said quietly.

'Bumblebee! Ratchet! Anyone!'

"I'm here, Prime. I'm activating the bridge now."

'Prep the medical bay!'

"...Arcee..." Jazz sighed. Ratchet looked worried, fearing the worst. Ratchet activated the ground bridge and after a few seconds Prowl raced through carrying Arcee in his arms.


"What in Primus happened?"

"Barricade happened!"

"Get her on a bed now!" Prowl did as he was told and gently placed his daughter down on a berth.

Jazz came over worriedly. "Prime... Is she...gonna be alright...?"

"Ar...Arcee...?" Jack asked worriedly.

"Ratchet will fix her, don't worry."


"Save your strength, Arcee," Ratchet said.

"Ratchet will fix you right up," Prowl said gently. "Don't worry." She weakly glared at Prowl. Prowl stepped back. He understood why his daughter was so mad at him. Jazz saw the look on both of their faces. He sighed sadly.

Bumblebee watched worriedly. "Don't worry, she'll be alright," smiled Rafael.

"Prowler? Is something wrong?" Jazz asked.

"...I...I don't want to talk about it..." he sighed as he turned down the hall.


"What's his problem?" Miko asked, concerned. Jazz sighed.

"It's personal, Miko," said Bulkhead.

"Oh I got it."

"Let's go race," said Jack, trying to ease the mood.

"I bet you can't beat my high score!" Rafael smiled and went over to watch. Ratchet continued to work on Arcee.

"I don't know why Barricade singled out Arcee so badly."

"...I think I know why..." Jazz said. Optimus looked at him expectantly.

"Can we talk somewhere?" Jazz asked.

"Of course, Jazz." Optimus turned towards the hall.

Miko sighed heavily. Bulkhead looked at her. "I know, I know... Private personal matters..."

"Let's go rock out in my room," Bulkhead suggested with a smile.

"Let me finish this race with Jack first." Optimus and Jazz soon arrive to a quiet area of the base.

"Okay Jazz," Optimus said. "So you think you know why Barricade went after Arcee?"

"Remember that mission Prowl went on back on Cybertron?"

"Something happened between him and Barricade while he was taken prisoner?"

Jazz nodded sadly and looked away. "...He force bonded with him..." he whispered.

"He what?" Optimus asked, not hearing.

"He force bonded with Prowl. That bond created Arcee."

"Barricade is...Arcee's father? Not you?"

Jazz nodded. "Her real father. I think I'm better at it then he is."

"I can only agree with you. That must be why Arcee is currently upset with Prowl. She does not let things go very easily."

"She does take after him."

Optimus sighed. "Wounds will heal in time. I can understand why Prowl wouldn't tell her something like that."

"Yeah, it was to protect her. If others back then found out she was part Decepticon..."

"...Maybe... I do not believe we're such a judgmental race. The difference between us and the Decepticons, is that we accept one another without fault."

"Yeah I know." Jazz said.

"Optimus," Ratchet said as he came over to them.

"Arcee?" he replied.

"Is stable. She'll make it through. I want to make sure you're alright."

"I'm alright, Ratchet."

"Can I see her, Ratch?"

"Yes, Jazz. She's resting."

"Thanks." Jazz headed of back towards the medical bay.

"Optimus...Barricade is her father, isn't he?"

"You heard?"

"No, Medic's intuition."

"Prowl and Jazz kept it a secret to protect her from the Decepticons."

"I won't tell anyone. It's up to Arcee and Prowl. I agree that such information must not reach the Decepticons." Jazz soon got to the medical bay and smiled to see Arcee all patched up and resting.

"Hey sweet spark," He said with a smile. "How you doing?"

"...Why...Why didn't you tell me?"

Jazz sighed as he came over. "We did it to protect you."

"All this time... All this time! He could have told me!"

"Yes but you know how stubborn your mother is." Jazz took one of her hands in his. "Arcee, it doesn't change the fact that I'm your father. Just because I didn't create you with Prowl, doesn't mean I never loved you. It was all real for me. I'll always care about you and you'll always be my daughter."

"...How...How did it happen?"

"That's something I think you and Prowler should talk about."


"It happened on a mission gone wrong and he was taken prisoner. Prowl will know the details from there."

"...Where is he...?"

"He left..."


"He's upset. He didn't mean for you to find out this way."

"...Well I did..."

"I know, sweetspark. Barricade is a big jerk and he wanted to take advantage of you. I know in my spark that Prowl would have told you at the right moment." There was a sound of door opening and a familiar frame appeared. "There ya are Prowler."


Prowl smiled sadly at her. "I know you're mad at me for what just happened back there."

"...No... I'm upset because you never told me. Prowl...did you ever hate me...?"

"Of course not. I could never hate you."

"...How... How did it happen?" she asked, staring right at him.

Prowl sighed. "I was on a mission until it went wrong and I was captured by Decepticons..." Arcee smiled a little, eagerly listening. "At first I thought it was Soundwave that was going to handle the interrogations, I could handle him...but instead Barricade got the job."

"...I...I know how you feel... I... I've watched...a...a partner die...because I...I didn't give her any information..."

"I know. I was the one that sent Bumblebee and Cliffjumper."

"You? You sent them?" Prowl nodded. Arcee smiled. "Thank you. I needed them. Anyway...you were saying?" Prowl sighed, he hated to remember that day but it had to be done.

"It was normal interrogation procedure at first... But when Barricade started to become impatient is when he decided another form of interrogation was in order..."


"...That's how ya were sparked..." sighed Jazz. Prowl thought the floor was more interesting.

"...I'm sorry...

"You don't have to be sorry," Prowl said. "It wasn't your fault."

"I still love you both. I'm going to KILL Barricade next time I run in to him..."

"No," Prowl said. "I should be the one to have it out with Barricade."


"Settle down now, you two. We all need some rest," said Jazz. "You especially, Arcee."

"...I'm not a sparkling anymore..."

"No, but you do need rest. Your physician says so."

"See? Doc bot agrees with me," smiled Jazz. Arcee sighed.

"Prowl, Jazz, follow me and I'll show you where you two will be staying."

"Yes sir," Prowl said. Optimus turned and led the two down the hall.

"I'm leaving for the night. I trust you won't get out of bed."

"...Don't worry Ratchet..." He gave her a small smile before retiring to his room.


Back on the Nemesis Barricade arrived at the medical bay. He was quite please he finally got to tell Arcee the truth. "Whoa, Barricade what happen to your faceplates? They are all scratched up."

"I pissed off Starscream."

"Doesn't everyone?"

"Oh, but I go way back with it. I'm always grinding his gears."

"Starscream likes to show off his claws."

"I don't care. Just patch me up from the battle. My face'll heal."

"But I can buff them out."

"I said I don't care. Just fix my dents."

"Okay." Barricade took a seat and let him work. "So, who'd you fight?" Knockout asked making conversation.


"She's quite the fighter...looks good too."

"You act like you have a crush on her."

"I know a good femme when I see one is all."

"I don't want to see you trying to hit on her okay?"

"Why not?"

"You don't want to know."

"Try me. She's got a nice frame. The motorcycle alternate she chose is very sleek."

Barricade sneered. "I just don't want the whole ship to know okay!"

"You've got my interest piqued," he smirked.

Barricade sighed with a growl. "...If I tell you... You CANNOT tell ANYONE, do you understand me?" he said as he grabbed his wrist tightly.

"Wh-what is with you?" Knockout asked, optics wide.

"I said, 'Do you understand me?' NO ONE is to know!"

"I-I understand."

"Good, then I'll tell you." Barricade sighed. "Arcee is my daughter."

Knockout laughed outright. "Good one, Barricade."

Barricade growled at him. "I'm telling you the truth!"

Knockout stood there speechless for a moment. "...That's why you don't want anyone to know... You're secret is safe with me. I won't even tell Breakdown."

"Thank you Knockout."

"You're one of the few 'Cons I like here."

"You cannot tell Breakdown of this."

"I said I won't tell anyone. So...I'm guessing it happened that time when Prowl was our "special" guest."

"Yes. I thoroughly enjoyed it," he smirked. "Although, the Autobot spawn was an unfortunate consequence." Knockout smiled.