Disclaimer: All Transformers characters belong to Hasbro. Any made up characters were created by me.

Summery: Transformers Prime Universe. Set in season one, following the episode cannon loosely. Arcee discovers a secret about her past and has to learn to live with it. Can she move forward to a peaceful future?

"blah" – Normal human speak
"blah" – Cybertronian speak
blah – thinking
'blah' – Comm. Speaking
'Blah' – text message
-blah- - Bonded talk

Shadows of the Past
By Yami-Yugi3

Chapter 11

"Kaon is scary..." Melissa admitted. "Must have been a dark place..."

"It wasn't always like this." Gadget said.

"Megatron wasn't always a tyrannical creep?" she replied.

"That and Kaon didn't start as the Deceptions capital."

"Really?" Jack asked.

"Yeah it was a normal city before the Decepticons took it." Arcee said.

"...Oh..." The Key glowed intensely as they neared the center of the city. "We must be getting close," Melissa smiled excitedly.

Suddenly the ground under them began to shake, cracking apart until a huge box like entry way appeared before them and opened. "Vector Sigma's down there?" Jack asked surprised.

"Who knew? It must have been deep under Kaon this whole time..." Gadget said in awe.

"We have to go down there huh? Well...c'mon, Jack," Melissa said as she went up to the gateway. "Looks like the Key opens the entrance." Just as Jack raised the Key to open the entrance, the "vermin" that was following them attacked.

"What is that?" Melissa asked.

"It's an Insecticon."

"Insecticon! Ahh!"

"Melissa no! Get back you filthy Decepticon bug!"

"Jack! Get through the passage! We'll hold off big ugly!"

"Gadget! Arcee!"

"C'mon, let's go! They'll be fine! The Key will take us the rest of the way."

"You sure?" she asked as he pulled her into the passageway.

"It's not like we could help. Two against one, they should win alright."

"Okay. I'm with you," she said as they ran down the passage. The door started to close behind them.

Prowl was getting worried, sure his daughter knew what she was doing and Gadget was with her but he also knew how dangerous Insecticons were. "She will be fine Prowler," Jazz said to try and reassure his mate.

"I know...it's just..."

Arcee and Gadget was still fighting the Insecticon. "Why won't you die already you stupid bug!" Gadget cried as they tried to destroy it. It still keep on coming at them and wouldn't give up.



"Hold him off!"

"I'm trying!" The Insecticon eventually overpowered them. Both of them passed out from exhaustion. The Insecticon growled before going after the humans. Melissa and Jack were still following the glow of the key.

They heard movement like little metal feet. "Jack...I don't think we're alone... There's something here with us..."

"We need something to protect ourselves."

"From what?"


"What?!" She watched a few walk by. "Awww, they're actually cute."

"Yeah, when they don't want to eat you."

"Well, we're not living metal, so we'll be fine. I still agree with your idea, especially if Gadget and Arcee catch up." Jack nodded and they found some blunt objects to use as weapons. They walk deeper until they came to a huge room.

"Whoa!" Melissa gasped as the door opened before them. The room was aglow with the bright light of Vector Sigma. "It's beautiful... All the wisdom of every Prime is in here?"

"Apparently. Really cool if you think about it."

"...Yeah..." A huge carving lie in the center of platform they stood on. "Looks like...the Key goes in this indentation," Melissa said as she walked up to the carving.

"Yeah, it does. Well, here goes nothing."

"Please let this work," Melissa said as she closed her eyes and prayed. Jack placed the Key in and it grew to its normal size. It glowed and the platform they were standing on started to slide up. "Whoa! Hold on tight or back up!" Melissa shouted. Jack and Melissa backed up towards the entrance as the platform stopped completely vertical. A hatch behind it started to open and Vector Sigma in all its glory was before them.

"I think it's working." Jack said.

"Yeah!" Melissa smiled as the platform glowed, downloading Vector Sigma onto the Key. There was clanking of little feet behind them and a mighty roar.


"And Big Ugly's back..." Melissa gulped.



"Oh great... Hey! Get off!" Jack shouted as the Scraplets zoomed in on Vector Sigma and started to eat the platform. He started whacking them off.

"You wanna piece of me, bug ugly?" Melissa glared as she started swinging the blunt object she had picked up. It roared at her. "Okay okay! You're not THAT ugly...but you are gross." She dodged it's grabs for her and tried to run around it.

"Hey! I have an idea!" shouted Jack.

"Yeah okay! Gack! You almost slobbered on me! Gross! Think fast ugly!" She threw her weapon at him and managed to hit him on the head. It stared at her for a moment. "What's the plan? Quick! I think it's getting mad!"


"Yeah! Make them get the bug!" She waited for the bug to swing at her and skidded under him. "Hey Scraplets! Dinner!" she cried. They turned and locked onto the Insecticon.

"Yes!" Jack smiled as the scraplets started to attack the Insecticon. They sent him over the edge into the dark depths of the chamber.

"Whew! That was scary..."

"I think it's done."

The platform lowered and Jack and Melissa went over to it. Jack went over to the Key and it shrunk back to its original size. "Awesome! Now what do we do? I mean I'm sure Gadget and Arcee will be okay but, how are we going to get back to the space bridge? How do even get the Key to Optimus?"

Meanwhile back at the space bridge, the Autobots were still at the console as a ground bridge suddenly opens behind them. "So, Vector Sigma is more then legend." The familiar voice of Megatron spoke "You Autobots when through great lengths to recover you "leader". Be assured I will never under estimate you again. I also believe the one called Arcee will be one to soon step through that portal with the reloaded Matrix of Leadership in servo."

"We hold the space bridge at all cost!" Ratchet said as the Autobots when into attack mode, ready to battle the Decepticon leader.

Back on Cybertron, Melissa and Jack were wondering what to do next when two sounds of familiar engines were heard coming towards them. "Gadge. Arcee." Melissa said happily.

"We got the Matrix!" Jack said.

"Then let's get out of there." Gadget said. She opened her door to let Melissa in.

"Get on, now!" Arcee called to Jack. The four of them sped out into Kaon, heading towards the Space Bridge.

"Ratchet, we got the Matrix. Ratchet?"

'Have not heard anything from them, sweetspark.' Jazz said.

"They must still be under radio silence then," added Gadget.

"Something isn't right here." Arcee said.

"What do you mean?" Melissa asked.

"We're not getting a reply from the Space Bridge. Something's wrong, Melissa."

"Oh! So...should we go through and find out?"

"It could be dangerous."

"Well, they might need our help fighting Decepticons. Besides, we HAVE to get this to Optimus," said Jack.

Arcee sighed. "Well...I guess we'll go find out."

"We'll face it together... For Optimus," smiled Gadget. The group went through.

Megatron had been waiting for them on the other side, ready to stop them. Just as he was about to strike them down, Optimus appeared behind him.

"I'm sorry I can't allow you to destroy them."

"What makes you think you can stop me Orion? You don't have the spark."

"We'll see about that!" he said as he charged Megatron. As the both of them fought, Megatron was the stronger of the two.

"You have much to learn before you can defeat me," Megatron smirked. Arcee, Gadget, Jack, and Melissa came out of the space bridge. Arcee and Gadget started to attack to keep Megatron from Optimus. Once the two femmes had Megatron's attention, with occasional help from Ratchet and Bulkhead, Melissa and Jack went over to Optimus.

"Optimus? Orion? We went to Cybertron and...we got something for you..." Jack presented him with the Key.

"You think I'm worthy?"

"More than you know," Jack said, extending it to him. The Key glowed brightly and shot at Optimus's chest, forcing it open. Melissa's eyes widened as she saw the Matrix residing inside, the center dark and empty. The Key started to restore it.

"Whoa..." she smiled as she watched.

"Arcee! No!" Gadget cried as Megatron grabbed her, slamming her against a rock wall.

"How nice of you to join us." Megatron said "Now where is the Matrix?"

"Sorry, don't have it." Arcee said, with her own smirk.


"We don't have it, Bucket Head," Gadget growled. Megatron looked over to Optimus. His optics widened in horror.

"NO!" He tried to rush over and stop it. Gadget bounded after him and tackled him down. He easily threw her off and continued running over.

"You're too late, Shark face!" Melissa smiled as the Matrix was restored and the Key returned to Optimus. Megatron tried to attack again before Optimus stopped his blade. "Megatron… Stop this now." Optimus was soon on the attack, and started to over power Megatron.

"Yeah!" smiled Melissa.

"That's the Optimus we know!" smiled Gadget.

"Ratchet...how did we get here?" Optimus asked.

"It's a long story, old friend." A ground bridge opened up for them. Optimus looked towards it.

"I think it's ours! Let's go!" Gadget cried as she led the humans through.

"He's coming with us now." Bulkhead said.

"AAAAHHH!" Megatron growled as he chased after them. Optimus was the last to go through. He shot at him as he disappeared through the bridge as it closed.

"OP, glad ya back." Jazz said happily when the group got back to base.

"Yes...I...I'm glad to be back..."

"Optimus?" Rafael asked.

"Yes, Rafael. It would seem I've lost my memories of what happened..."

"Like the Decepticon insignia?" Wheeljack asked.

"It would seem there is A LOT I do not remember..." he said as he looked at his shoulders.

"We were quite worried about ya."

"Yes...very much so..." sighed Gadget. "But, we have two brave children to thank."

"I'm not a kid, Gadget. Jack isn't either."

"Oh, right..."

"I'm just glad you two are safe..." sighed June. Optimus couldn't help but smile a little at them.

"Group hug!" Jazz said.

"Okay," Bulkhead shrugged as he joined Jazz.

"Why not? We all missed you," smiled Gadget. Everyone slowly joined in the group hug. Prowl hung back from them. Optimus was unsure at first, but he joined in the hug.

"Come on Prowler."

"I'd rather not."

"A little hug won't hurt," said Wheeljack.

Prowl was still unsure about it. Jack looked up at Arcee a little confused. "That's just how he is sometimes."

"Come on Prowler, no one will bite." Jazz said with a smile.

"Yeah, come on. It's a GROUP hug," Melissa smiled.

"Fine..." Prowl said with a sigh and came over. Everyone hugged some more.

After the hug, everyone started to pull away. "Come on Optimus," Ratchet started "Let's get that Decepticon insignia off of you." Optimus nodded and departed from the group.

"Well, everything's back to normal now, right?" Melissa asked.

"Yeah, should be," said Jack.

"Megatron's still a threat," sighed Arcee. "But, he's probably going to sulk for awhile," she added with a smirk.

"So, how was Cybertron?" Rafael asked.

"Awesome!" Melissa smiled. "Well...for being war torn anyway. We fought scraplets and an insecticon. I was worried for a little while, but we made it back."

"Arcee and Gadget helped us out in the end. I'm just glad it's all over, for now."

"Yeah... but I'm sure the planet was fascinating."

"And big," said Melissa. Miko started to sulk.

"Aww, c'mon Miko. There be other times," Bulkhead said as he went over to her. "Want to go somewhere? Or rock out?"

"...No... I just wanted to join in..."

"Don't worry, there be other times. This one was just too dangerous. Jack and Melissa are older. Come on, we can go for a drive."

"...Alright..." Bulkhead transformed and let Miko in.

"Where're you going?" Melissa asked curiously. "You aren't still jealous are you?"

"You should probably let the little lady go," said Jazz.

"But we were just telling Raf. We weren't trying to exclude her or offend her."

"That's the way Miko is sometimes. She'll be fine," said Jack.

"Okay..." she sighed as Bulkhead drove off.

"Why don't we all go for our own drive?" Gadget smiled.

"You and Arcee need to be looked at from your adventures first. Since Doc is busy, guess I'll have to do it."


"It'll just be a minute."

"Want to race, Rafael? While we're waiting anyway," Melissa smiled.

"Okay," he smiled. Melissa and Rafael went over to the TV and started playing.

"I think I'll talk with Jazz."

"Me? Why me Jack?"

"I'm just curious about Optimus's past."

"Alright, my man. What would you like to know?" he replied as he took Jack and sat him on his shoulder. Prowl kept working on the computer monitors. Bumblebee watched Rafael and Melissa race.