The sun was setting as the helicopter neared the military installation. The intercom buzzed on, and I jerked awake.

"Mr. Fisher, we will be landing in approximately ten minutes, please get ready to disembark."

I opened my eyes. Slowly, I started taking in my surrounding's, then it all came back to me, the news reports, my briefing, and finally the airfield of which I departed from. I quickly sat up and reached underneath the cot I was laying on. I grabbed my laptop case and carefully unzipped it. I opened it and pushed the power button. The logo of computer company I did not recognize momentarily popped up on screen, but was soon enough replaced by the desktop. I needed to read my briefing just once more, it seemed like every time I read it I found something new. I moved the arrow over to the document and clicked, taking just a fraction of a second to load, I began to read.

Sam, on the outside, this event may not seem so significant, but we have reason to believe that there might be more than meets the eye. As you know, the ongoing riots in Los Angeles are some of, if not the largest and bloodiest civil protests in all of American history. We estimate that over 30,000 men and woman have taken to the street, protesting the oil prices and unemployment. However, we believe that these protests are not just a typical "do what you can", but a well organized, well thought out event, organized by some sort of secret group. We think that these protests were specifically implemented at the time that they were. Major bills in Congress were being voted on that day, and, because of these protests, they were delayed, and we think there's a connection. We need you to get into that city, and find out if there is a group governing these protests, and if there is, locate their leader. As this is in American soil, minimize civilian casualties, and watch your back, especially durning the night time, as looting and violence is rampant. Once inside, maintain radio silence, if these rebels do exist, we don't know what they have the ability to. When your ready for extraction, relocate to Corona, a smaller town to the east, it's about an hour drive to get there. Once there, you can contact us. In addition to your usual equipment, you will be given 5,000 dollars and a fake ID. Take the upmost care in maintaining your identity, and your health. We cannot afford to lose you in these turbulent times.

Major Keller