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Innocence ending

Allen slowly withdrew his Sword of Exorcism from the ashes that were the remains of the level four. He removed his mask revealing his cursed eye once again, and search for any hidden akuma. None were found. Allen waked over to Lenalee helping her up from a nasty blow to the ground her had taken.

"Hey Allen how many did you kill?" Lavi appear from the smoke covered in dirt and smoke.

"One Lavi, just the level four" Allen rolled his eyes, knowing the game Lavi was trying to pay. It had been the same one he had paid the first time they had met.

"Ha I won I killed 27" Lavi grinned, spinning his hammer a few times before deactivating it a putting in back in its holster. Kanda hit Lavi on the head with his sword sheath, muttering 'Baka Usagi'.

'Hooray, the exorcists are victorious again' Neah cheered sarcastically as they made their way back to Link, Andrew, and the rest of the carnies.

'I'm glad to see you agree' Allen said ignoring Neah's sarcasm.

"You guys are all right!" Andrew exclaimed happily, tackling Allen in a giant bear hug again knocking over Allen, Lenalee and Lavi. Kanda stepped out of the way before they all collapsed to the ground. Even in the short amount of time, Andrew had started to care about Allen and the other a lot. But as Andrew hugged Allen, Allen became sad remembering after this it was over, Andrew wasn't an exorcist –not that Allen want him to be one- and if he wasn't, there was no way Andrew could stay at the Black Order.

"W-Wah? What the hell happen here?" Cosmo yelled appearing from the practice tent along with the other carnies as the battle voices had subsided.

The once dirty Circus was now half a battle field, the whole new side was completely demolished. The newish tents were now piles of broken wood and ripped fabric. The grass was now not existent; in its place were only dirt and rocks. Piles of ashes were scattered around the sight.

Cosmo looked nervously at Allen but brushed it off quickly, changing it to one of furry "Red, you tell me what happen!"

Allen sighed but started to tell him never the less, putting it as blunt as possible "Some akuma attacked the grounds, most likely looking for innocence"

"Akuma? Innocence? Boy didn't that clown teach you not to lie?" Cosmo yelled at Allen, still shocked by what happened to his circus.

Allen was about to argue back when Lenalee cut in "Excuse me sir but Allen isn't lying. Akuma did attack this area"

"Yeah it's true" Lavi but in also defending Allen "akuma are creations that feed off the sorrow of people once they lose a loved one. They are created by an evil man called The Millennium Earl"

The all looked to Kanda to back Allen up, but he just 'Che'ed. They all rolled their eyes. They continued the conversation trying to explain the current situation and figure out where a piece of innocence might be hidden.

"So you can't think of any places innocence could be hidden? Anything strange that has happened lately?" Allen asked starting to feel pain and a little fatigue as the adrenaline that has been coursing through his veins began to fade. He glanced to his friends and colleagues to see that the seemed to be facing the same fate. Well, everyone except Kanda who still refused to let anyone help him ever.

"Other than you freaks, no" Cosmo smirked slightly at his insult. Allen scowled, getting slightly annoyed by Cosmo.

"We should split up and look for it" Lenalee offered, taking charge of the situation. (N/A, new ending begins) She sent Kanda and Link in one direction, herself and Lavi in another and Andrew and Allen took most of the area needed to be covered.

Allen and Andrew decided to search on the old circus grounds since they knew the area best. The circus grounds still looked tattered but the ground was still intact and the tents weren't completely destroyed. Allen walked around the grounds, inspecting every inch possible even the ones not visible at first look.

Allen subconsciously stated toward Allen's grave, Andrew not far behind him. He thought about all his memories at this horrid place, some good and happy others not. Andrew also thought of his past. It wasn't happy. Andrew had been happy he met Allen and the other because without them he probably would have died the other day. As Allen and Andrew neared the grave, the ball that lay on Allen's grave started to glow a brilliant green and soared over to Andrew. It seemed to force itself into Andrew's hand and stuck itself there.

"Wha-What?" Andrew trying shaking the ball out of his hand but it refused to budge. He started to get scared "Allen, help!"

"Andrew, don't worry, it won't hurt you" Allen said trying to calm the young brunette down "That is innocence like my arm, Lenalee's boots, Lavi's hammer, or Kanda's sword. You're an exorcist, like us"

Andrew still looked confused and a little nervous making Allen chuckled "I'll explain it more once we get back and meat up with the others"

Andrew agreed and they quickly made their way back to their sleeping quarters.

"So Andrew is a new accommodator?" Lavi questioned, inspecting Andrew and the ball in his hand very intensely. Andrew shifted, not feeling comfortable.

"Yep, we should get him back to the Order before any more akuma come looking for the innocence or him" Allen advised, packing up the rest of his things into his suitcase. The others nodded in agreement and headed toward the train station.

While on the train, Lenalee caught up on her sleep, Kanda was trying to meditate in another room but Lavi continuously pestered him, Link was giving his report via golem leaving out Allen's brawls with the town's people, and Allen and Andrew were talking to pass the time.

"Allen" Andrew started in a weak, nervous voice catching Allen's attention "what if they don't like me?"

Allen's eyes softened as he felt something tug at his heart. Just like many had done to him, he had forgotten that the boy in front of him was only a child. He sounded nervous and scared like a child getting ready to go to their first day of kindergarten. Allen brought Andrew in for a light hug, knowing how he'd wish people would give him a reassuring hug every once and a while.

Allen chuckled, knowing all too well how he felt "Don't worry almost everyone there is very kind and I'm sure you'll get along with them very well"

The train ride went by very quickly, it seemed like it only took seconds. They all walked up to the Black Order, Andrew stared in awe to the large building's beautiful architecture and intricate design.

"Welcome to your new home" Allen smiled, welcoming him like family.

"Home…" Andrew muttered. A huge grin then spread over his face. He raced to the entrance, Allen, Lenalee, and Lavi not far behind him, laughing as his excitement.

Welcome home

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