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'Run,' my mind screamed at me, making my legs pump harder against the uneven ground as I dodged between trees, the limbs swatting me in the face, arms, and legs. My breath puffed out in little clouds, my lungs were screaming for me to take a break, especially with the wound on my shoulder, blood pouring out like a fountain.

"Veronica! Where are you sweet heart? Daddy won't hurt you….Please come out, Veronica!"

Daddy's voice made me run faster, my little legs almost collapsing as I sprinted down a sloping hill. I tripped, falling over rocks and sticks alike. I screamed as a stick stabbed into my stomach.

"Veronica! See, this is what happens when you run away from Daddy; you get hurt, I don't want to see you hurt! Just come back to Daddy, and we can go home to Mommy, she's real worried you know." Hearing about Momma made me force myself to get up and hobble over behind a tree.

As I peeked out from behind the tree, Daddy was coming down the hill. I don't think he saw me, it was pretty dark after all. I needed to get out of there, and fast. Momma told me to run away, before she died that is. Daddy had gotten drunk again, he hit Momma like he always did. But this time, Momma tried to fight back.

Momma yelled at him and hit him with a pan, then Daddy fell asleep. After that, she dragged me to our room and started packing a suitcase.

"Now Veronica, sweetie, I know your only nine, but your very brave and fast, I need you to take this suitcase and run. Run to town, don't stop, run to the police, tell them what Daddy did to us!" She closed the case and handed it to me.

"B-but Momma, w-what about y-you? I d-don't wanna g-go alone!" I wailed with tears in my big grey-green eyes. There was a crash down the hall.

"Kyra!" My dad roared. "Kyra, why did you have to hit me? Now I'm bleeding; it's getting all over the floor, and- Where's Veronica? If you're hiding her, oh you'll be sorry you bitch!" Heavy footsteps sounded down the hall. They were getting louder, closer. I grew more panicked with every step I heard. Momma pushed me down, the under the bed. I was sobbing hysterically, as was she.

"Shh, shh sweetie, be quiet; Daddy will hear. I want you to stay here okay? Don't move a muscle." She whispered, then got up and moved toward the closet.

The door slammed open, crashing into the wall and sending pictures of our family flying to the ground. I bit my lip and tried to silence my breathing.

Daddy slowly walked into the room. "Ohhh, Kyyyraaaa~" he sang, making the hair on my arms and neck stand up.

"Come here, Kyra. It's time for your punishment! You really shouldn't have hit me, because now I'm angry," he spat, stalking toward Momma, who was in the corner trembling.

'Where's Veronica? I wanna see my beautiful –hic- baby girl." Daddy hiccupped, spinning and checking the room drunkenly, before turning back to my mother.

"V-Veronica is somewh-where in th-the house, I'm s-sure," Momma murmured, trying to sneak out to the side of him.

Suddenly Momma fell to the ground, blood pouring out of the cut on her cheek. "Where. Is. Veronica." He ground out, a large, hairy hand reaching down and dragging her up by her curly, red hair.

"I don't know! Just please, let me go, Dillan," Momma cried, struggling in his grasp.

"Fine. If you won't tell me where –hic- she is, I have no use for you anymore." He growled, and Momma jerked with a gasp, making gurgling sounds, bright drops of ruby falling to land on the carpet. I covered my mouth with my hand, trying not to scream.

Daddy let go of Momma, and she fell to the ground, facing me, a long, ugly cut across her neck. Blood soaked the carpet, following the cream threads until they touched me. I looked to Momma, praying that she would live, but her green eyes were dimming, and with one last sigh, Momma died.

After that, I don't remember much, just crawling out from under the bed, leaving the suitcase, and running to the door. I was going to run to the police, then Daddy wouldn't hurt anybody else. A blinding pain bloomed from my shoulder, and I screamed, falling through the doorway. I rolled over and looked up through the dark hair in my eyes. Daddy was holding a knife that was covered in blood, and grinning.

"There you are sweet heart! I was looking for you! Momma's just asleep, no –hic- need to worry..Now come here please, Daddy wants to play with you." He said lovingly, reaching for me with a bloodied hand.

I shook my head with a sob and scrambled away, getting to my feet and gasping at the immense pain in my shoulder. I started to run through the house, trying to get outside, that way I could run away, far, far, away.

"Veronica! Daddy won't hurt you! Please come –hic- back!" I ignored him and ran.

That's how I ended up hiding behind the tree, praying that Daddy didn't find me. His heavy breathing and the sound of my heartbeat filled the air around me.

I heard the crunch of leaves as he came near to where I was hiding, I held my breath and covered my mouth with my hands. There was silence for a few moments, -my lungs were about to collapse- then the sound of retreating footsteps.

'That was close,' I thought, creeping forward to continue my escape to the police. A hand grabbed my wrist, making me scream and writhe with terror.

"I found you, Veronica! That was a –hic- fun game of hide-and-seek, now it's time for my prize." And with that, Daddy dragged me back to the house, with me screaming, crying, doing anything I could to get away, all to no avail.

Then, when we got back to the house, he raped me.

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