A-GIRL-NAMED-BILLY, this chapter is dedicated to you because, even without meaning to, you gave me a deadline (which I barely made). Thanks for that. XD

The Hunger Games is disclaimed.

Glimmer ascends to the hole above, and her feet are the last thing I see before both gates vanish. Clove and I stand there for a good few minutes, neither of us speaking, until she turns to walk away. I take one last look at where the gates used to be before hurrying after Clove.

I'll never admit it aloud, but I have to follow Clove if I don't want to get lost.

We walk in silence. When I look around, things are changing rapidly. The gray, which used to look like mist, starts looking more solid. Corners of walls are starting to be more outlined, and what used to be an open space is now closing up. Clove manages to make her way through the twists and turns to the viewing booths. It's amazing how she and Glimmer can do that. Is it because they're girls?

Purgatory sure is sexist.

Once Clove is standing in front a booth and opening its curtain, she turns to me.

"Hurry up," she says, irritated.

"I don't remember saying I wanted to watch something," I reply immediately; because really, I don't.

Then Clove says something so un-Clove that I couldn't not obey.