Hey Guys! Yes, I know you're all groaning! "Not another Sev/Lily story!" Sorry! Couldn't help it, and I hope you enjoy this one! It's going to be rather different from the others, and MUCH LONGER!

Going to try to do most of it in Lily's point of view, but there will also be Sev.

Jo Rowling owns all characters! Thanks for giving us such wonderful ones to work with! :)

Lily walked quickly towards the small deserted, and slightly dingy, playground. She wondered if he'd even be there. After all, she had been quite rude to him when she had first met him. She had thought he was teasing her. Calling her names. Something she had seen in those black eyes, however, told her differently. They had looked almost pleading as she had turned her nose up at the supposed "insults", and that was what had brought her back. His accusations were so out of place yet seemingly so genuine, that she needed to know if it was actually real, or just some cruel joke like Petunia had told her.

Unlike Lily, Petunia was never one to allow fanciful thoughts float around in her rather thick skull. She was more apt to gossip about the whosits and whatsits of anyone and everyone around them. It was quite annoying actually, but she was still Lily's sister and she'd be damned if anyone called her names.


Then again, the boy had called Lily a name too. Though that time his voice had none of the venom he spat at her sister. A witch. He had said it almost desperately, and when Petunia had scoffed when he claimed himself as a wizard Lily thought he looked as if he would blow right then and there. His sureness had both frightened and excited her.

Lily pushed back the rickety iron gate and moved to stand awkwardly beside an abandoned swing. No one was there, as usual. Her heart sunk as she searched fervently for the boy. She even looked behind the bushes he had spied on them from for... how long? She didn't know, but the idea creeped her out a bit. She shivered and continued her search.

Fifteen minutes later and she was still no further than when she had began. Lily sighed as she chose one of the empty swings, and sat down heavily. She propelled herself slightly with her toes, but her heart was not in it. What was she doing? She was just being stupid. Things like that just don't exist. Besides, she didn't even know if she could trust the boy to tell her the truth. He was from Spinner's End, after all. He was obviously just poking fun at her. The few kids who lived there and went to Lily's school behaved that way. They were outright bullies, actually, so why should this one be any different?

"Thought you'd come back and laugh at the freak, eh?" A soft voice said behind her. Lily whipped around and stared at its owner in surprise and slight fear. He was wearing the same ill fitting jeans and baggy T-shirt as he was yesterday (though the coat was absent), and his long black locks effectively shielded his bent face in curtains. He struck a sinister figure, even considering he could only be about nine or ten, and Lily got off her swing in a hurry. She took a small step back.

"No. I- I just wanted to talk." she stammered. He looked up slightly and she saw an eyebrow raise questioningly.

"'Bout what?"

"Well, yesterday you said I was a witch a- and that you were a wizard." she practically blurted.

"So?" He looked up at her defiantly and that was when she got her first real look at him. He had a slightly thin face with pale, almost sallow, skin and a rather hooked nose. His hair was the color of ebony, and hung lankly about his head but what really caught Lily's attention was his eyes. They were darker then she remembered and held her gaze with such an intensity, Lily did not know if she could muster the strength to look away. They were wonderful yet intimidating.

"Well, is it- is it true?" She noticed the hope that had leaked into her voice. This was ridiculous. Witches! Wizards! Magic? Still, she couldn't help but wonder if the boy was actually speaking the truth. No, of course he wasn't. He would just as soon laugh at her for actually believing him.

Well, if that's how he's going to be...

To her utter surprise however, the boy just smirked at her. Bending slowly to the ground he picked a single blade of grass and held it between two of his long skinny fingers. Placing it in his palm, Lily watched as the blade moved slowly upwards and hovered in the air, spinning like a helicopter blade. It flew gently towards her and stopped right in front of her eyes, then proceeded to balance gently on her nose. She giggled.

"Did you do that?" He glanced up at her with a small smile and a slight flush mounted his cheeks. He nodded.

"So it was real." she whispered more to herself than anyone else. The boy merely looked at her. "I'm really a witch?"

"Definitely. You've got loads of magic." She moved closer to him, and she saw his eyes widen as she stood only about a pace away.

"Tell me then! How? Why?" He grinned shyly at her and took a cautious step back.

"Meet me here tomorrow, same time. I'll tell you all about it then." With one last look at Lily, he turned sharply away from the playground and began to walk away.

"Wait!" Lily shouted. The boy stopped and turned back to face her. "You never told me your name!"

He paused for a second then answered back, "Severus. Severus Snape."

"Mine's Lily Evans. Nice to meet you Severus!" She glanced quickly down at her small watch. Great! She was late! Mum was going to kill her! Waving good-bye to Severus, she turned and flew out of the playground back towards home. Her head was swimming with what she had just witnessed, and what she now knew, so she did not notice that Severus was still standing where she had left him.

"Nice to meet you too, Lily." he whispered to himself, and turned on his heel towards home. There was a new spring in his step.