The day was a peaceful one. Students of Youkai Academy, a school of monsters for monsters, mixed and mingled after the school day had let out, chattering and generally goofing off. After-school activities didn't take place this day, allowing them to gather into their various groups and cliques.

Amongst them, a girl with long, pink hair could be seen, searching for something. Various unimportant persons throughout the crowd stopped what they were doing to temporarily stare at her in appreciation, or, in the case of insecure females, jealousy. So focused was she upon her task, the girl barely took any notice of the looks, used to the generally unwanted attention directed at herself, or, rather, her figure. Her name was Moka Akashiya, a vampire, a creature considered one of the four most powerful in the monster world. Out of the entire student body, she was considered the most beautiful and desirable, the most sought after. But I digress.

Her green eyes lit up in recognition when a head of purple hair, short and ragged, entered her vision. Slipping by the assorted people around her, she made her way through the crowd towards one of the few actual friends she had in the school.

"Mizore!" the rosette called, gaining the name bearer's attention.

"Good afternoon, Akashiya." the soft-spoken girl breathily intoned, although her blue eyes lit up, clearly a sign of affection.

Noticing a smile that most wouldn't, and a slight blush that adorned the ice fairy's cheeks, Moka couldn't resist. "Did something good happen today?"

"I..." the shy girl looked off to the side, before returning her gaze to her friend. "I got a kiss...from Tsukune."


"Have I seen Tsukune?" Kurumu Kurono re-iterated while looking at her friend. Moka nodded, confirming the question.

"Hm...Tsukune..." the busty succubus muttered, tilting her head to the side, causing light blue hair to follow suit. "Well, he did show up a few minutes ago, gave me a few kisses, and left. Why?"

'So she got kissed, also.' Moka frowned slightly at the thought.

Noticing the slightly dejected look on the rose-haired vampire, Kurumu's purple eyes glittered with mischief. "What's the matter, Moka? Do you want one of my Mate of Fate's sweet kisses, too?"

Reddening, Moka looked downward.

"You know, I think I heard him say he was going to see Yukari next to give her one of his delicious-" here, the succubus dragged the word out, taunting her species' relative. "kisses. Not that I'm too happy about him treating that little twerp, but I know he'll come back to me for more."

Quickly walking away, Moka set out to find the tiny witch.

Giggling quietly to herself, Kurumu hid her mouth with her hands, before licking at the tips of her fingers, savoring the rich, sweet taste. "Those kisses truly are delicious..."


Tracking the young witch hadn't been too hard, considering the fact all she had to do was follow the scent of death and sound of manic cackling. When the magic practitioner was finally in view, it was all Moka could do to not face-palm.

There, sitting in some sort of ritual circle located in her room, the witch was stirring a pot of something that both smelt and looked dangerous, alternating between laughing like a loon and chanting a chant that no muggle, er, 'normal' person could possibly stand without going mad. Which, all things considered, could explain the tiny girl's current state of mind.

Cautiously she entered her friend's/admirer's room, softly calling out the occupant's name. "Yukari?"

No reply was forthcoming, so she hesitantly took a few steps further in until she was finally beside the slightly-less-than-mentally-sound girl.

"Yukari?" she repeated once again, this time tapping Yukari's shoulder.

The tween slowly turned her head, a nervous smile, which twitched sporadically, placed on her lips.

"What are you doing, Yukari?"

"I'm making a new love potion..."

One pink eyebrow quirked up. "Why?"

"So the next time Tsukune gives me kisses, I can make him fall in love with me!"


"Many, many kisses happened." Rubi gushed, hugging herself tightly, a prominent blush engulfing her cheeks. "He was quite forward, offering me so many..."

As the older witch went off into a tangent, Moka stared blankly, body slouched forward, shoulders drooping, arms hanging limp. Then she face-palmed.


Moka listlessly meandered around the campus with no real destination in mind. All the searching she had done bore no real fruit in her quest. The only thing that had been found was more disappointed in not finding Tsukune and finding out that he had given many more people kisses. It seemed that the only female that wasn't getting a kiss was herself. Hell, he had even given Kokoa a kiss. Which had the effect of making her sit on a gravestone, quietly licking her lips, a far away look in her eyes. Kokoa, her flamboyant little sister, a terror whenever not in her parents' presence, wasn't doing anything remotely destructive. Seriously, this was ridiculous. Tsukune was supposed to be her's, and only her's, to kiss.

Moka shook her head at the thought, blushing. Since when did Tsukune exclusively belong to her?

"Moka!" an excited male voice called, startling the vampire from her thoughts. Turning to face the new arrival, she beheld the object of her thoughts and affections jogging towards her, a brilliant smile adorning his face, short, dark hair shining in the sun, chocolate eyes fixated on her with unabashed adoration.

"Moka." he called her name once again, this time in a lower voice, thick with love.



"Yes, Tsukune?"

"Moka, are you paying attention?"

"Of course, Tsukune."

"Moka, you're day-dreaming."


"Snap out of it, Moka."

Shaking her head in confusion, the world shifted subtly, revealing that she had indeed been imagining things. This time, when she looked to the direction of the voice, she still found Tsukune, but now with dulled hair, plain brown eyes, and a slightly higher-pitched voice. However, the smile remained, filled with kindness and sincerity.

"Welcome back, Moka." Tsukune said, chuckling slightly.

The addressed vampire's face lit up in joy, but quickly sobered. "Hi..." she replied, near despondently.

The shift in expression apparently didn't go unnoticed by the boy. "Is something wrong, Moka?"

"Tsukune..." she began. Oh, she really hoped she wasn't being rude. "By any chance, were you giving girls all over campus kisses?"

"Yes." he said, rubbing the back of his head. "In fact, the girls liked them so much, some guys even wanted a few."


"Why do you ask?"

"Well," she mumbled, looking down and slightly away, blushing. "I want a kiss, too..."

Gently, a hand covered with rougher skin than her own positioned her face to look directly at the owner.

"Of course, Moka." Tsukune said.

Blush intensifying, she closed her eyes expectantly. A moment later, a small, hard, sweet object about the size of a walnut was pushed through her waiting lips, and then the light touch of two fingers before being pulled away.

'Wait, what?'

Opening her eyes, she looked at Tsukune with confusion. The thing that was in her mouth had begun to melt, releasing more of the sweet flavor. The taste seemed extremely familiar, but she couldn't quite place it.

"Do you like it?" Tsukune asked, a hopeful look on his face.

Swishing the remaining contents in her mouth and swallowing, she nodded. "I do...but what is it?"

"A kiss."


"It's a Hershey's Kiss." he elaborated when all he received was a confused look. "My mom sent me a few bags in the mail the other day, and I decided to share them with everybody."

All Moka could do was stare at the boy, dumbfounded. This was what she had been worrying about all day? Chocolate candies?

"Do you want another one?" Tsukune asked, proffering another one of the treats.

Ignoring the alloy-wrapped chocolate, she grabbed him by his school jacket, and pulled her body flush against his, her head tucked under his chin.

"I would..." she said.

"M-moka! Wai-!"

"Thank you for the meal..." she mumbled. And with that, her canines sunk into his neck, piercing a vein to relish a far more enjoyable delicacy.