This is the new and improved version of the co-authored story "Demon, Angel and Devils" by Pikachumomma and WyrdSmith. The original version was posted under Pikachumomma's name, as it was her creation and I, WyrdSmith, was just a creative consultant for Chapter 1. After that, I couldn't help but get involved, because I truly adored the plot Pikachumomma presented. How could I not? So, the original two chapters (of which I only co-wrote #2) are on her page, and the new, fully co-authored version is here. Even if you read the original, please start over; the whole of Chapter one is redone and there's a brand-new Chapter three with this posting. (01/19/12)

Let us know what you think. And I want to thank Pikachumomma, again, for drawing me into the story and for being so wonderfully welcoming and encouraging as I started to write my first stories. She's a neat lady, folks, and she tells a damn fine story.

Happy Reading!