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No, I'm not dead. Surpriiiiise.

First of all, Happy new year everyone~ Best wishes to all of you and the ones you love. As a gift, I come with more crappy fanfiction! And this time, it's an upgrade: It's a kink meme de-anon. Interesting, aren't I? Anyways, here's the request, so you can get into context:

"A Gakuen!AU request. Alfred, who has had a crush on Arthur for some time, catches the student council president sleeping in an important class. Since their relationship up until this point hasn't been all that great, Alfred makes a huge deal out of it and draws the attention both of other students and the teacher. Arthur gets in trouble and Alfred thinks it's hilarious until he hears some other students badmouthing Arthur. Then, he finds out somehow that something is very wrong (eg Arthur has found himself in some kind of bad situation, something bad is happening at home, etc, could be physical, psychological or emotional stress) and Arthur's nearly reached his limit. Cue angst and eventual fluff as Alfred begins to support him with whatever he needs.

Arthur actually sleeps in multiple classes and Alfred gets him in trouble each time.
Alfred doesn't see how bad things are until Arthur actually passes out."

Alright, so let me stress one little thing here about the OOC-ness of the characters. See the first sentence of the request? Gakuen!AU. Meaning a HUMAN!AU. Humans don't behave like nations. Humans are more fragile. Humans are more emotional. Humans aren't toughened up by time and wars like nations have. So to stick to realism, the chars will be a bit more... emotional, let's say. I'm hoping I haven't overdone it, but hey, I'm a sap and I love emotional writing, so fuck this, I will make them OOC if I want to. THIS. IS. FANFICTIOOOOOOOOOOON.

Okay, so I guess I should leave you guys to read. One last thing, warnings: Story will contain lots of swears, verbal violence, violent imagery, yaoi (T-rated), bullying, and slight homophobia. And OOC. But need I stress that again? :')

Alrighty then, dear readers. Here's hoping you aren't tired of me just yet. I bring you another Hetalia fic in 3...2...1... ENJOY~

Sleep sounded so appealing right now... To close his eyes, forget his life and screw everything around him in favour of deep, magical sleep... His eyelids had already drooped at the mere thought. Darkness invaded his vision as blissful respite was given to his brain. Just as he started making himself comfortable, though, a heavy textbook suddenly smashed in front of him, jolting him awake with a loud cry of surprise.

The class burst into laughter, which he registered blearily as he noted the teacher.

Aw shit.

"Mister Kirkland, this is the second time this week that I have caught you sleeping in my class! One more time, and I might just have to give you detention." She warned sternly.

"Ah, n-no, please don't give me detention." Arthur gulped down nervously. "I promise not to sleep in class anymore, Miss."

"I'd hope not. You're not setting the right example for other students, Mr student council president." Arthur blushed as he tried to block the snickering and jeering from his fellow peers out. "Anyways, don't let me catch you again. Now turn your attention back to the lesson, Arthur."

Arthur clenched his fists and looked up, glaring daggers at the teacher's back. She walked through the aisle a bit before tapping her ruler against someone's shoulder, turning their attention to her.

"You, too, Alfred. It's good of you to point things out, but please pay attention to the lesson instead of looking at what your classmates are doing." She lightly berated.

Alfred's sparkling blue eyes turned up to her, and he shot her his million-watt grin, saluting mockingly.

"Yes Ma'am!" as the teacher kept walking back to the blackboard, though, he turned in his seat, staring right at Arthur, and grinned, giving him a thumbs up.

The Brit's blood boiled, and it took all his willpower not to flip Alfred the bird and vent his frustration out. Instead, he opened his notebook and grabbed a pencil, trying to concentrate on the teacher and not the hushed whispers around him.

Math was probably the subject Arthur despised most. Not just because the teacher seemed to be stuck on that boring tone of hers, but also because said boring tone was used to explain numbers, equations and graphs, things Arthur had never been fond of. So many symbols, and rules, and exceptions, and god, Arthur just wanted to be an author, not an astronaut!

That would be that kid Alfred's dream. Not Arthur's.

Speaking of Alfred.

Arthur turned towards the dirty blond and shot him a disdainful glare, still bitter about what happened that morning. As if he enjoyed missing important classes in favour of sleep. As if he enjoyed going out to the pharmacy to shop for cover-up to use to hide the heavy bags under his eyes. As if he enjoyed being... well, being himself.

Thankfully, Alfred was too focused on the teacher to notice the death glare being thrown at him. His thin brows (unlike Arthur's) were furrowed in concentration as his sky blue eyes avidly gobbled up everything the teacher was going on about in that horridly monotone voice of hers, and he would occasionally glance down and scribble something on his notes.

And deep inside, Arthur envied him for being able to be so... normal.

Turning his mind away from Alfred (he hated him, right?), Arthur dug into his bag and pulled out some work he'd put off from last night, hiding it under the notes he was supposed to be taking. Might as well get some work done if he wasn't sleeping.

As he looked at the first paper (something about the swimming club requesting new uniform bathing suits), a wave of disdain swept through him at the thought of the last student council president. It was partly because of him that Arthur had such trouble keeping up with life.

Dave, the last president, had thought that being president would get him all the girls. All it got him, though, was an unending stack of work. So he just quit, leaving his vice, Arthur, in charge.

With the winter dance coming up next month, as well as the regular work that had been put off by Dave, Arthur was starting to drown. So much work, so little time, along with the pressure being put on him at home and the steady flow of homework and exams coming in every single day...

Arthur couldn't even recall the last time he had time for himself.

Thankfully, the lunch bell saved him, and he sluggishly packed everything before leaving the classroom alone. Maybe he could skip lunch and sneak in a nap in the student council lounge.

The idea of sleep sounded so appealing that he stumbled into the lounge, crashed into the nearest sofa and fell asleep immediately.


Thankfully for him, no bouts of sleepiness attacked him during the first class after lunch. His brain seemed to be holding out enough for him not to get drowsy, and even if he had to pinch himself a couple of times in history, he managed to end it without falling asleep on his desk.

As a bonus, he pretended he was giving the teachers his full attention whenever he felt Alfred's gaze on him. Kid was probably just looking for another crack in Arthur's facade to get into the teacher's good graces. The satisfaction of knowing he was ruining that made a small smirk appear on Arthur's lips.

Arthur: 1

Alfred: 23

... Well, it was a start, at least.

The shrill bell suddenly rang, wiping the smirk off of Arthur's face as the class bustled to leave to their last course of the day. As the blond stood up to follow his peers, though, his right knee gave in, awkwardly making him stumble, then regain his composure, hoping no one saw. Without even bothering to check, he stretched and yawned before grabbing his bag to leave.

The lower half of his body felt numb, but he blamed it on being seated for so long. Hey, at least he only had one more course to go.

He quickly switched classrooms and headed for his desk at the very back, plopping down tiredly on his seat and laying his head down on his arms by reflex. He instantly knew that the last period would be a struggle, though, as his eyes burned, begging for respite under his closed lids.

Well, wasn't that just peachy.

And indeed, it was, as Arthur spent half the course fighting imminent sleep off before finally considering it. He was at the back of the class, after all, and the subject of the day looked extremely interesting to anyone who wasn't him... One quick nap wouldn't hurt, would it?

Looking around furtively, he made sure no one was looking before pushing his chair back a little. He slowly crossed his arms on the desk, his eyelids drooping already at the simple thought of sleep. Slowly, slowly, he gave into his human impulses, dropping his head, and finally, finally setting it against his forearms.

He could have sighed in relief if the resulting yell didn't make him want to cry in desperation.


"I'M NOT!" he instinctively yelled back, shooting upright and looking around nervously, quickly spotting the mop of dirty blond hair that belonged to the biggest bastard in the whole wide world. In Arthur's standards, he was, at least.

"Arthur..." the teacher sighed. "Come see me after class. Now all of you –yes, you included, Alfred-, please listen. This is gonna be important for tomorrow's lab test."

But all Arthur could think of right now was his extremely long list of a hundred and thirteen ways to painfully kill Alfred Fucking Jones, and how he could contribute to it.

After class, Arthur found himself wobbling over to the teacher's desk, standing awkwardly in front of it as the teacher looked him over.

"Arthur..." he finally spoke up, catching the Brit's attention. "May I know why you are so adamant in sleeping in every single class?"

Arthur was about to proudly object that he didn't sleep in history that day, before he realized that that wouldn't help his case at all. Instead, he just looked at his shoes.

"I'm just... tired."

"Obviously. Now tell me why." The teacher leaned over his desk and crossed his arms.

"Lots of homework, and college kids next door." Arthur lied through his teeth, crossing his arms in embarrassment.

"I'm sure that's not all. Is everything alright at home?"

"Yes, yes, everything's just peachy." Arthur muttered, wondering if Americans could read sarcasm between the lines easily. He was a master at subtle sarcasm and quite enjoyed it, frankly.

"You know, if something is wrong, we have many counsellors and social workers here, I'm sure you could-"

"Yeah, yeah, seek help and whatnot. Now am I getting detention or not?" the blond cut in, tired of hearing the same speech over and over again. Why did everyone imply that he needed help?

"Maybe because you do."

He never listened to the voices in his head anyways.

"Well, I was informed during lunch that you slept during two of the four classes this morning, so I'm afraid I'll have to give you detention with your third offense. Stay after classes for two hours today and copy the dictionary. I'm sure you'll find yourself compelled to avoid future behaviour like yours afterwards." The teacher grabbed a detention slip and started filling it out.

"Uhhh, today?" Arthur gulped down, blanching. "I can't, today. We're Wednesday, right? I have to be home right afterwards on Wednesdays."

"Well then, maybe detention on a Wednesday will teach you not to fall asleep in class anymore." The teacher shrugged and kept filling out his form.

"N-No! I mean, I really, really have to be home. I'm already running late." Arthur bit his lip, knowing he'd regret the sudden idea that popped into his head. "How about I do double, but tomorrow? I can stay four hours after class, just give me detention tomorrow, not today."

The teacher stopped and raised a disbelieving brow, staring at him. Arthur didn't buckle under his gaze and gulped down nervously.

"Seriously. I have to go right now for today, but I'm free tomorrow. Please?" he asked, putting his best innocent-child-pleading-his-parents-for-that-expensive-candy-across-the-street look on his face.

The teacher inspected him a while longer, then sighed, grabbing a new slip to fill out.

"Fine. Four hours, tomorrow. Be there."

"Yes sir." Arthur nodded, allowing himself a small mental cheer for the small victory of the day.

"Stay put until I write your slip." The teacher instructed before turning to look behind me. "Now. Yes, Alfred? You've been standing there for quite a while now. Is there something you needed?"

"Finally!" the cause of Arthur's many troubles stepped forward, putting up a work document. "I had a question about tomorrow's lab exam. Titration, and all that jazz."

"Yes, just a moment." The teacher finished his new slip and handed it to him with a nod. "There you go. Have a nice day, Arthur." He wished before turning back to Alfred.

Wordlessly, Arthur spent no more time in heading towards his locker to pack and leave school. In an effort to keep his mind awake during his twenty-minute walk home, he started thinking back.

Okay, so there was this one formula he didn't understand in math... There was a chemistry lab exam tomorrow... He had to mentally prepare himself for P.E on Friday... And Alfred.

Oh that annoying bratty snitching obnoxious handsome-

"Oh no no no no no. You take that back right now , Arthur Kirkland." He muttered to himself, looking both ways before crossing the street. There was no way that that stupid American could be anything close to handsome.

Sure, his hair was always so perfectly golden, and his eyes sparkled in the light. Sure, his body moved gracefully during swimming class and squared when he went to American football practice after school. Sure, he looked like a god on Earth and-

Oh no. He did not just go there.

"It's official, I'm delusional." He groaned, shaking his head. "Maybe I should really consider getting at least some sleep tonight."

His brain threw a party inside his skull at the prospect of it.

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