Black is what I am
Beauty is what I am
Black Beauty is who I am
I came from a life of abuse,
But not always, for when I
Was young I had greener
Pastures to play in, and
Clearer skies to look up to
That time when I was young
That time spent in those pastures,
Was spent with my mother, a mare
Of kindness that came from the heart
Then came a quite lovley place like a palace, I
Had to leave my mother but I then came across
a lovely dark chestnut mare with a white blaze, they called her Ginger
I imediatly fell for her I found that I loved her,
But alas, she paid me no mind…
To my dismay, I got horribly sick after a carraige ride
I was so thirsty, water was all wanted but I got freezing Water and no blanket, this resulted in me becoming even More ill, I felt as though I would die at any given second Every noise, every minute for a long few days I was so Thirsty, water was all I wanted, I was gifted with freezing Cold water, which made me even more ill than I already minute seemed to be hours to me as I slowly Got better. Ginger wasd by my side every step of the Way, nickering at me as if I were a colt. But onece I was Back on my feet, she despised of me agian. I gess some love never lasts...