Note: In the last chapter, Zatsune broke into the hospital, determined to finish what she started by trying to murder Miku. However, thanks to the combined efforts of the remaining Vocaloids as well as their Master, her plan failed. She put up quite a fight, despite being outnumbered 15 or 20 to 1 and being hit with at least 2 bullets. She only stopped after Len pointed an automatic pistol right at her head. Before she was hauled away, Mikuo explained to Zatsune why he had broken up with her, finally calling her out for her inexcusable behavior.

One last note: After eight chapters and a little more than two months of work, this will be the last chapter of From Concert to Chaos. It was not exactly a walk in the park making this fanfic, seeing as I'm also currently working on Lucky Star: After Story. It was a lot of fun for the most part, except for Chapters 4 and 7. I hope you all enjoy this last chapter and please don't forget to leave a review.

10:15 pm

Not long after Zatsune was hauled away from the hospital, Mikuo, Len, and Master looked around to see if anyone was hurt. They expected at least one person to be hurt due to all of that gunfire. "Is anyone hurt at all?", Master called out. Sure enough, a few of the girls had the misfortune of being struck directly or grazed by a bullet. Several hospital staff members tended to the injured.

"It was terrible!", Teto exclaimed to her older twin brother, "Was I hit? I can't tell". "Well, it looks like a bullet grazed the side of your cheek", Ted explained to her, "And then it went right through one of your twin drills (pigtails)". "But it didn't hit anything big, right?", Teto asked. "Not that I know of", Ted answered.

"I'm pretty sure I've been hit", Haku mumbled to her boyfriend, "I can't tell where though". "Oh man, your arm is bleeding pretty bad", Dell told her, "So I think we know where the bullet went". "What are we going to do?", Haku wondered, "I think it went all the way through". "Well obviously they're going to have to fix it", Dell explained to her, "And then hopefully you'll be as good as new".

"That bitch! Wait till I get my hands on her!", Neru screamed angrily, "I'll beat her ass so hard she'll wind up back in the Stone Age!". "Sis! Calm down!", Nero sputtered, "This is no time to start freaking out. Do you want more blood to come out of your leg wound?". "Not only did I get hit, but the bullet destroyed my new mobile phone!", Neru yelled out, "That's 25,000 yen ($285.72 USD) right down the drain!". "Don't worry about that!", Nero insisted, "We can buy a new phone. Just be thankful you're alive".

Just then another doctor came out from the elevator. "Excuse me, are you the Vocaloids?", he asked. "Yes we are", Kaito answered, "Why do you ask?". "I've just recieved word that one of your fellow Vocaloids is out of surgery and she's back inside her room", the doctor continued. "You must be talking about Rin", Meiko replied, "She's out of surgery?". "Yes, she just got out a few minutes ago", the doctor explained to the group, "We had to keep her in the operating room during the whole scuffle".

"Hey Len, Rin just got out of surgery", Kaito called out. "Is that true?", Len asked. "That's what the doctor just said", Meiko reiterated. "Can we see her now?", Len wondered. "Sure you guys can see her, but try not to surprise her", the doctor explained. "All right let's head up!", Mikuo shouted to the group.

"I think I'll stay here and help our injured colleagues", Master explained, "I'll be up in a little while". Several other Vocaloids and most of the UTAUloids decided to stay on the first floor. Meanwhile, the remaining Vocaloids followed the doctor up the stairs which led them to the third floor.

10:20 pm

As the other Vocaloids entered the room, Miku lifted up her head and asked, "Well, what happened?". "Zatsune's going back to jail, and better still she took some hits from our bullets", Mikuo announced to her. "What about on our side?", Miku wondered. "Well, we had a few that were injured from her bullets", Len admitted. "You mean she was armed too?", Miku gasped, "This doesn't sound good". "Well, Haku was hit in her arm, Neru was hit in her leg, and Teto had her face grazed by a bullet", Len explained. "If I had known that this would happen I would have just had Zatsune kill me outright!", Miku howled.

"Now you're just talking nonsense, Miku!", Mikuo yelled in disbelief. "You don't mean that!", Len sputtered. "It was Master's idea, just ask him yourself", Kaito added. "Well, where is he?", Miku demanded. "He's still down on the first floor, tending to the injured", Meiko told her, before downing another flask full of sake. "We couldn't let you die, Miku-san", Luka explained, "You wouldn't have been able to fight back against someone so evil". "I guess you're right", Miku admitted, "Thank you very much for doing that, but you really didn't HAVE to".

"We wanted to protect you, and we didn't want you to die", Mikuo assured her, "Besides, no one was really badly wounded, except for Zatsune". "If only you could have been there when Mikuo told Zatsune off", Len interrupted. "Yeah, it was awesome to see him stand up to her", Kaito chimed in. "I think she got the message about her evil ways", Meiko proclaimed with slurred speech and a hiccup at the end. "Why are you drinking alcohol in the hospital?", Luka wondered.

Note: One should NEVER EVER drink alcohol when they are inside of a hospital. I just put it in this and Chapter 7 to give an example of the tension everyone was feeling. But as I said, don't drink alcohol in a hospital. Or try not to drink alcohol at all for that matter.

10:30 pm

Not too long after, Rin awakened as the anesthesia used during her knee surgery was wearing off. Everyone in the room gathered around her. "Hi guys, I'm back", Rin whispered to them. "That's great, because we have quite a story to tell you", Len explained to his little sister. "What happened, and why are some of us missing?", Rin wondered. "It's a long and a violent story", Len told her. So with that, they explained to Rin everything that had happened while she was in surgery.

"Well, Zatsune broke out of prison a little while ago", Len explained to her. "She called me and said she knew we were here and that she was going to kill Miku", Mikuo continued. "So Master got us all together, gave us guns and katanas, and told us to guard the entrances", Kaito chimed in. "When we saw her, she fired at us, so we fired back at her", Meiko added. "But she threw a smoke bomb at us and somehow got through the barrier", Luka interjected. "We managed to hit her twice, and we finally subdued her, then Mikuo told her off", Len went on. "Unfortunately for us, Haku, Neru, and Teto were hit during this battle, but it doesn't look like their wounds are too serious", Mikuo concluded.

"Wow, that was quite a story!", Rin sputtered, "Are you sure that this happened, or are you all just pulling my leg". "I swear to God, that is true", Len answered back. "He's right you know", Master interrupted poking his head in the door. "Master! You came to see us?", Rin asked. "Yeah, he came in shortly after you were wheeled to the operating room", Miku told her. "I was coming to see you guys after the concert anyway", Master told her, "But when I heard about the attack, I rushed to the hospital".

"Oh by the way, Rin", Len interrupted, "I got you a little Get Well present for the gift shop". After he said this, he lifted a giant stuffed bear, a "Get Well" balloon, a bouquet of flowers, a basket of oranges, and a "Get Well" card out of his backpack and placed them on a nightstand. "Hey Miku", Mikuo chimed in, "I have something for you too". With that, he lifted up the same gifts (except there were leeks in the basket instead of oranges) out of his backpack and placed them on another nightstand.

"We thought they'd cheer you up", Mikuo explained. "We got them at the hospital gift shop", Len added. "Well, it certainly helps a little bit", Miku answered. "Yes it certainly does", Rin agreed. "Thank you very much", Miku and Rin said in unison. "You're welcome", Mikuo and Len replied together, as they hugged their sisters.


Despite being wounded in the struggle at the hospital, Zatsune would survive to stand trial. Since it would take too long to explain their charges in this paragraph, I'll just list them in the next paragraph.

Zatsune: First degree assualt resulting in serious injury (1 count), Assualt with a deadly weapon (2 counts), Arson (1 count), Attempted Murder (2 counts), Robbery (1 count), Possession of Weapons without permit (2 counts), Escape from prison (1 count)

Arakawa: First degree assualt resulting in serious injury (1 count), Arson (1 count), Attempted Murder (1 count), Attempted Escape from Prison (1 count)

The trial began on Monday July 19, 2010, and lasted for five weeks concluding on Friday August 27, 2010. After deliberating just 25 minutes, the jury found Zatsune and Arakawa guilty on all counts. In terms of sentencing, Zatsune got 140 years in prison, and Arakawa got 80 years in prison. The case made international news and the trial was watched by millions of viewers worldwide. And most importantly, justice had been served and it couldn't have been more sweet for either the Vocaloids or the 864 people in the audience that were injured on that fateful Saturday afternoon of July 10, 2010, which would go down in history as the Tanabata Concert Disaster.

Author's Notes:

Chapter and story completed on Thursday March 28, 2012