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Summary: After competing in the Sinnoh Region's Pokemon League, 13 year old Ash Ketchum finds herself alone and without help in the Orre Region after getting into a mysterious accident on her way home. The accident leaves her with amnesia and with little clue of what happened to her, she sets out on a journey to find what she has lost, finding friends in three strange people along the way. But strange and evil forces are at work against her as the infamous Shadow Pokemon make a come back! WARNING: FEM!ASH FANFIC! No I did not make a mistake with the gender, sorry! This is a fem!Ash fanfic, plain and simple. Please no flames! This is a sort of crossover between one of the pokemon videogames and the anime, kinda.

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"What the-!"



'Warning Warning! We are under attack! Warning Warning! I repeat We are under attack! Warning Waaarrnniiie-*zzt*


"Ugh...P-Pikachu...Buddy...I-I'm sorry...

Part 1: No Memories!

A Gas Stop in the Orre Region-

A young boy with sand colored hair sat in a booth with his two friends, eating silently while the other two discussed the pros and cons of whatever debate they had gotten into this time around.

"Wes. Hey Wes!"

"Hm?" he said calmly as he eyed the red haired boy sitting across from him.

"What do you think?"

"About what, Cody?" Wes asked, his sharp yellow eyes dilating slightly as the boy, Cody, gave a dejected huff. Cody was a two years younger then him, and though less experienced in pokemon battles, he was still quite talented for his age. Enough to

"Listen for once would you?"

"Heh, sorry."

"Nevermind..." Cody said dejectedly, before the girl sitting next to Wes, Rui, said something to instigate yet another debate.

Wes looked disinterestedly at the TV hanging from the wall across from them, only for his eyes to widen at the site on the news. The other two looked as well, giving similar reactions as Cody suddenly hollered for the owner to turn the volume up.

"And in recent news, an airplane suddenly and mysteriously crashed while flying over the Orre Region. It is reported that a total of 20 passengers, all of which were pokemon trainers headed for the Kanto Region south of us, were onboard the flight when it crashed. Authorities have yet to pinpoint for the exact cause of the crash that happened not four hours ago. No bodies were found at the crash site when investigated, and any and all pokemon that might have been onboard the flight as well have gone missing. Authorities are still working with airport officials to compile a list of the missing people and pokemon.

In other news..."

The proprieter turned the volume down again as the important news was over, signified by the disappearance of the photo taken of the crashsight. Wes had a bad feeling in his gutt as he replayed the news in his head.

There was no way that many people could disappear like that, not if they were pokemon trainers, and with their pokemon, something just felt really fishy about the whole thing.

"Wes, you don't think-?" Rui asked, shaken by the bad news, most likely imagining the heart-wrenching reactions of the family for the now MIA trainers and their pokemon, how any relatives who actually cared must have been feeling at that moment in time, as they watched what was most likely an internationally broadcasted news report.

"I'm not sure. I'd like to say no, but something just doesn't feel right about this. They came back once before after all, who's to say they won't come back again?" Wes was hoping, no praying, he was wrong about this.

Cody was about to add on when a gasp from the proprieter drew their attention to the entrance of the diner. A young girl with messy, jet-black hair that went down to her butt almost and brown eyes stood in the door way, looking very scared and small at the moment.

Their eyes widened in recognition almost immediately.

The girl was Ash Ketchum, an aspiring pokemon trainer from Pallet Town. She was 15, a year older then Cody, and just as talented a trainer, if not a bit reckless.

Right now though, she looked like she had just seen Hell. Shaken, confused, and quite obviously scared.

In one word, traumatized. It was quite clear how she had gotten here.

She had been on the plane when it crashed, though what she was doing wandering the desert was unclear, she was at least more or less safe.

Cody was about to stand when she spoke up, body trembling from her ordeal.

"Um...excuse me. But can anybody tell me where I am? And for that matter, who I am?"

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