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Summary: Wes, Cody, and Rui manage to get inside the Shadow Tournament, only to be in for the shock of their lives as they discover that what Cipher is up to is a lot worse than last time. This time, they're not just targeting the Pokémon, but also the Trainers. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. Can Wes and the gang put a stop to Cipher's ongoing plans while rescuing their friend? And are Wes and Ash falling for each other?

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Part 5: The Shadow Tournament Part 2!

Pyrite Town-

Wes, Rui, and Cody had just arrived in Pyrite Town, and already trouble was apparent, and it wasn't even being broadcast for all to hear. It was in the way people walked and held themselves, the way they acted. Right away Wes could tell something was amiss in the crime ridden town, but he knew he wouldn't get his answers by trying to terrify people into giving him answers. He'd need to talk to Duking, an old friend and ally, first.

"So Wes, I'm guessing by that look on your face, we're gonna go visit Duking?" Wes only nodded and the three started headed for Duking's home.

It didn't take long to arrive there, and almost instantly upon arrival they were greeted by old friends.

"Hey Wes! Long time no see, and I see you brought Rui and Cody with ya. What's the occasion?" came the boisterous voice of the normally serious but soft-hearted man,

"Hey Duking, sorry but we don't have time for pleasantries. We're here about something called the Shadow Tournament." Immediately Duking's expression fell at the mention of the later.

"So you've heard of it huh?" Wes simply nodded at the question before explaining.

"We think it might be behind a friend of ours disappearance. She disappeared just earlier today in Phenac City." Duking was silent for a moment as he thought,

"Wes, you and the others should probably sit down for this." Wes didn't ask questions and just did as told, followed shortly by Rui and Cody as well.

"So what do you have to tell us about this 'Shadow Tournament'?" Wes asked once he was sure everybody was seated properly. Duking sighed as he answered the question,

"First you need to know what you're dealing with Wes; these aren't like the Coliseum battles. These are a lot dangerous, and with little to no rules. People get hurt participating in these things, people disappear." Wes just sighed at the information; it seemed they had been doing that a lot lately.

"Yeah, we figured with the sudden drop in Phenac City's population. It's got Dash and Sara worried and more than a little scared." He responded with a very serious tone.

"As they should be, nobody who has entered that competition has been seen again. If it's really the reason your friend disappeared, then the chance of you saving her are next to none." Wes raised an eyebrow at that,

"That means there is a chance, what makes you say that?" Duking was silent, debating whether to tell them or not. He knew that Wes and the others would find out anyways, better it be from someone who understood the situation and had experience.

"Her name's Katie, Katie Myran. She was a visiting trainer from the Johto Region. She got recruited for the Shadow Tournament, and so far is the only known person to come back from it. She'll have the information you need. But Wes there's something else." Wes paused to hear the man out,

"What?" he asked, goading the man into continuing,

"There's a reason it's called the Shadow Tournament. Wes, just think about that before you go trying to be the hero again and get yourself and everyone else hurt."

"All the more reason to get Ash out of there. Duking, where does the Katie Myran live, if she's still in town, that is." Duking got out a piece of paper and began scribbling down a set of directions before handing it over to Wes.

"Just tell the clerk Duking sent you, he'll let you through. Just be careful Wes, the girl's been through a lot, she's scared they'll find her and force her to participate again. Just don't push her too much." Wes gave a nonchalant shrug as he responded,

"I've been dealing with people who have been through a lot, well, a lot lately. Don't worry, I won't pry too much." And with that he gave a careless wave over his shoulder as he left the building, "See ya Duking, take care."

"See ya Wes, stay safe, and I hope you find that friend of yours." Duking got no sign that Wes had heard him as they disappeared in the hot outside air.

The apartment above the Pokémart-

Cody was the one to knock on the door, Wes too busy thinking about things to actually and truly pay attention at the moment. It was quite clear now that Cipher was behind everything, of course, when it came to anything having to do with Shadow Pokémon, Cipher Co. was always behind it in some way, shape, or form.

"Yes, I'm coming!" came the voice of a clearly young female. There was some banging around before the door finally opened, revealing a girl, no older than 13 at least, with pale blonde hair and striking blue eyes. "Can I help you three?" Cody gave a sincere smile as he responded to the question,

"You're Katie Myran right?" the girl immediately became suspicious, which they all had expected,

"Yes…How do you all know my name?" Wes finally stepped up to speak,

"I'm Wes, the girl is Rui, and this is Cody. Duking sent us." Wes gave a clipped introduction, his tone clearly saying that he was not one for games right now. The girl hesitated before fully opening the door.

"What is it that you three need?" Wes sighed as he thought over how he should fraise the question before finally shrugging and speaking,

"We were wondering if you could answer some questions concerning the Shadow Tournament." Katie's eyes widened before shrinking back to regular size. She looked each of them in the eye carefully, A friend of ours has gone missing." That was all that was needed as Katie finally let them in to the small apartment.

"So what is it you guys need to know, I'm not sure how I can help, but I can try." Wes sat down as he answered,

"We want to know what's going on in there for one thing, and how we can get in." Immediately Katie began thinking. It took a while but she finally answered,

"What's going on in there is a nightmare. They pick out people who seem to be promising, trainer or not, regardless of whether you have experience in dealing with Pokémon or not, and then bring you here to Pyrite. They use the old coliseum, I have no idea how they managed it but they took control and have been using it as their base of operations. Anyways, they make it seem like nothing's wrong, and at first you think it's just your average Pokémon battle." She started,

"But it's not." Cody interjected, causing Katie to shake her head,

"Yeah, it's not, far from it. The battles have their own rules, this whole tournament is setup so people get hurt, it doesn't matter if you're human or not." She continued. "The Pokémon is allowed to attack the opposing trainer; the trainer is allowed to have direct confrontations with the opposing Pokémon. The trainers are allowed to start fights with each other in the middle of the battle and physically confront each other in a human vs. human battle if they want to. Nobody is safe from injury, heck I have seen referees get injured just standing on the sidelines." Wes managed to keep a cool face, unlike the others who's expressions were a mixture of illness and worry.

"So how do we get in? Even just as audience?" This time Katie didn't hesitate. She wandered off into some random direction of the apartment and began digging through things before she finally came back, three tickets in her hand.

"Here, these should get you in, just try not to act like you don't belong." Wes nodded in gratitude as he accepted the tickets, not bothering to ask how or when she had gotten them, or why she still had them. "Be careful."

"Thanks, and one last question Katie."

"Yes?" she responded, tilting her head curiously,

"What happens if you win, and what happens to those who lost?" Katie's face turned grim right then and there,

"If you borrowed a Pokémon from them, they allow you to keep it if you win. And regardless of whether you win or lose, you are forced to join some organization called Cipher, as a trained member. They're using the tournaments as ways to find and recruit potential members for some big plan, that's why nobody save for me has been seen after going in there." Wes just nodded as he, Cody, and Rui left.

"Thanks again for the information Katie, and we're sorry about bugging you. Take care of yourself now." Katie just nodded as she closed the door to her apartment, disappearing inside.

"So now I'm guessing we go see what these tournaments are actually like." Cody said, it wasn't a question, it was a statement, but Wes still responded,

"Yep, now let's go."

The Pyrite Coliseum-

Wes, Rui, and Cody had entered easily enough, but they all knew escaping wasn't going to be nearly as easy as getting in. Right now they were waiting to see if Ash was really here. If so, hopefully she hadn't lost yet. Suddenly the big doors opened revealing a darkened hallway. The natural cause was an uproar of cheers, catcalls, unnecessary wolf whistles. The cheers got louder as the two participants came out onto the battlefield. On one side was an unknown trainer, no older then twelve at the very least. On the other side was Ash. Wes felt really lucky that the tickets had gotten them seats so close to the center of the arena.

Ash was standing there with a Pikachu on her shoulder, both looked determined to win, though it was clear Ash had no idea why she even wanted to in the first place, even from the distance between the audience and the actual battlefield. The other trainer had a mean looking Arcanine behind him that seemed a little too pleased to see that Pikachu. There was cruel glint in its eyes, promising a whole lot of 'fun' for the Electric Mouse Pokémon, even if it wasn't very fun for the poor thing. Wes almost felt bad for it; that is until he recognized something different about the Pikachu. It seemed that though the Arcanine was bigger and had a lot more physical strength, the Pikachu had complete confidence in its trainer's abilities to order and guide it, as if it knew the girl wouldn't let it down no matter what happened. Wes just hoped Ash could make it through the battle. Suddenly both Cody and Rui spoke out,

"Wes! That's a Shadow Pokémon Ash is battling!" Rui said in a panicked whisper,

"What do we do?" Cody asked, already reaching for a pokéball.

"Well-" The announcer's voice suddenly echoed out across the stadium, causing the whole crowd to get exponentially louder and drowning out anything that Wes could have said in seconds.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, HOT GIRLS AND SCUMBAGS! WELCOME TO THE FINAL ROUND OF THE SHADOW TOURNAMENT! THE WINNER WILL TAKE HOME THE PRIZE MONEY ALONG WITH A SPECIAL PRIZE COURTESY OF THE COLISEUM! IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE OUR CHAMPION. HE IS MEAN, HE IS STRONG, HE IS KING BLAZE! AND IN THE OTHER WE HAVE ARE STORMING CHALLENGER! SHE'S TORN THROUGH THE OPPOSITION, SHE'S MADE MINCEMEAT OUT OF HER OPPONENTS, SHE'S PULLED STUNTS THAT AREN'T EVEN HUMANLY POSSIBLE! ASH KETCHUM~! WE HAVE A COUPLE OF POWERHOUSES IN THIS STADIUM, MEMBERS OF THE AUDIENCE ARE YOU READY?" the whole crowd went wild as they screamed and hollered, getting louder by the second with their crazy cheering until Wes, Cody, and Rui were sure they had lost their ability to hear correctly. "TRAINERS! GO!" And with the signal to go, the Arcanine took off into the battlefield, charging at Ash like it could careless who it took down as long as someone wound up hurt. The Pikachu just sat there in Ash's arms, not doing anything at all as the fire-type Pokémon got closer.

Just as it seemed Ash was going to get hurt, something incredible happened, the Arcanine froze suddenly, floating a couple of feet above the ground, completely helpless and unable to perform a physical attack. There was a strange light surrounding it.

"AND THERE IT IS FOLKS! WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR, THE ABILITY THAT GOT ASH THIS FAR THROUGH THE TOURNAMENT! WITHOUT EVEN THE USE OF HER POKéMON, SHE'S ABLE TO COMPLETELY HAULT THE PROGRESS OF HER OPPONENTS POKéMON! AMAZING!" Came the announcer's excited play by play of the action below. And in truth what he said was right. Whatever was keeping that Arcanine from moving, wasn't something a Pikachu could do. It seemed that whatever was going on, Ash was the cause, and she hadn't been using the Pokémon too much in this fight.

Wes could see Ash mumble something, and suddenly the Arcanine went still, before going completely limp. It was gently set down, and then the next thing they knew the Pikachu was the one charging at the other trainer. Suddenly Ash's voice called out loud and clear.

"Pikachu, Volt Tackle!" And that's exactly what happened, but instead of the attack hitting the trainer, it hit the doors behind him, completely demolishing doors and causing a huge explosion that blanketed the arena in a heavy cloud of smoke. There was silence for a few minutes, mainly out of shock of what had just happened,

"Pika-" the silence was broken again by the sudden crackling sounds of electricity.

"Pika-" Then electricity started dancing all over the clouds, all coming from a central point,

"PIKAA-CHUUUU!" The whole arena lit up in dazzling dangerous show of electricity, not even a legendary could seem to produce.

In the next seconds there was panic, and the whole arena was emptied in a matter of seconds, leaving only Wes, Cody, Rui, and Ash, along with the alleged 'King Blaze' who was currently fuming and letting Ash pull such a stunt. Wes, Rui, and Cody didn't waste time as they joined Ash, who was tending to the Pikachu and unconscious Arcanine, on the battlefield.

"Ash, that was stupid and amazing! What the heck happened?" Cody asked as soon as he was close enough to all but trip over the girl and Shadow Pokémon.

"Ash! Are you okay? You're not hurt are you?" Ash just waited patiently as the two babbled insistently, neither being clear as they were trying to talk over each other.

"Guys, guys, I'm fine…But the Arcanine might not be. A lot of the Pokémon here are acting strange, violent." Wes put his hand on her shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze before looking back at the distracted champion.

"Ash, don't worry, we'll fix it. And the Arcanine. Do you know where they keep the rest?" Ash nodded as they all got up and quickly left before somebody came back and tried to stop them.


"50 Shadow Pokémon, 50. I can't believe they had so many!" Cody said exasperatedly. Wes nodded, obviously tired. They had just gotten back from what had to be one of the most dangerous, and honestly stupidest rescue missions ever. They had managed to, with Ash's help, find the caged Shadow Pokémon in a dark room near the entrance to the coliseum. It had taken some time, and some very risky battles, but they had managed to capture them all. Now they were sitting in the secret room behind Duking's office, resting from the tiring venture.

It took a while before Wes finally noticed Ash looking at him weirdly.

"Wes, what are Shadow Pokémon? You keep saying that term, but you've never explained." Wes looked at Ash for a minute, before finally answering,

"Ash, Shadow Pokémon, are Pokémon who's hearts have been forcibly and artificially closed shut. It turns them into fighting machines with no regard for a human's, or anyone else's safety. They are very dangerous, and unless purified, are not the safest Pokémon to use in battle. Of course, battle is one of the only known ways to help in purifying them." Wes explained, his expression grim.

"Oh…" ash seemed contemplative for a while.

"Ash, have you remembered anything since we met you?" Ash looked at Wes, her expression open and honest as she answered his question,


"You don't have to come with us Ash, it'd probably be a lot safer for you if you just go home." Ash then vehemently shook her head.

"No!" Wes was about to try and convince her when she continued, not giving him anytime, "I want to help. Please Wes, let me help you guys. Please…" Wes stared at Ash for a moment, thinking, before finally sighing and giving in,

"Fine, you can come along and help." Ash smiled before she suddenly glomped Wes, nearly knocking him out of his seat and onto the floor.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for letting me help Wes!" She then gave him a kiss on the cheek out of impulse, before blushing as she realized what she did, Wes was no better off, his face was almost red enough to make a tomato jealous.

In the background Wes could hear Rui and Cody attempting, and failing, to hold back laughter at what had just happened, and Wes had to restrain from trying to strangle his two friends.

"Oooh~! Wes and Ash, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-AAHH!" Cody teased before squeaking as he had to run away from a now very embarrassed, and very angry Wes.

"I'm gonna kill you Cody!" Rui was left to laugh the whole entire time while Ash just sat there beet red in the face with the Pikachu laughing at them as well.

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