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Wally froze.


"ARTEMIS!" He shouted back. That was her! She's nearby! Wally ran to where he thought her voice came from. Jogging slower now farther into the slums of Gotham where the buildings were crumbling. The rest of the team forgotten.

"YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A PACK OF CARDS!" Her voice rang out again, closer.

"ARTEMIS!" Wally screamed, frustrated beyond end. Something crunched under his boots. "What?" He questioned, lifting up his foot to find glass. Wally knelt down, investigating. It's bloody, and the blood's recent. He stood up and looked around but couldn't find the source.


Wally looked up, eyeing the floor of a burned apartment building with a faint light coming out a window.

"ARTEMIS!" He yelled again, hoping she could hear him and knew help was coming. I have to get inside! I have to get up there! NOW! His thoughts rushed together as he circled the abandoned apartments searching for a way in that wasn't sealed off. "I don't have time for this!" He grumbled under his breath before punching out a window to climb inside.

Artemis tried fighting him but found that the control she had gained back before was all but gone. Jervis had stopped trying to kiss her when he found that it only resulted in bloody lips from her unforgiving teeth. His mouth had moved downward to her neck, his grip on her cheeks and chin was now bruising. It was way of keeping her from shouting again.

"Alice, do you understand? Wonderland is your home now," He laughed into her skin as he spoke. His gloved hand started wandering, ghosting across her chest and stomach.

This sick bastard is going to wish he'd never set eyes on me when that stupid slow idiot gets here. Artemis thought, fighting harder against the block in her mind than ever before, trying to ignore the madman's actions. They did say he was a pedophile… The blonde thought, taking comfort in the fact that he had grabbed her instead of some poor child that couldn't defend themselves this well. I'm gonna break his gross stubby fingers right off!

The Mad Hatter was getting anxious with his perversion. His laughing was becoming non-stop, his fingers twitchy. Artemis spat and growled and twisted but couldn't get out of his grip. He flung a leg over her thighs to keep her from continuously kicking, snaking a hand around to undo the zipper on the dress he had put her in.

I can almost get loose! Artemis's heartbeat raced as she tried to get her arms loose before any further damage was done.


Something slammed in the distance.

Jervis froze, curious. Artemis took the chance at his sudden loose grip and freed her arms, simultaneously turning her head to chomp as hard as she could on the hand that was holding her head.

"AUGH!" He roared.

Hot blood filled Artemis's mouth from the wound she'd inflicted. Damn bastard deserves it!

Kid Flash finally found what was left of the stairs and wasted no time rushing up them at superspeed. Artemis was on the sixth level. He remembered as he entered the hallway on the sixth floor. There was no sign of any criminals or archers anywhere. Rage boiled in his veins and he ran to the first door he came to.


Wally rushed into the apartment, clenching his fists when he found no one inside.


Wally ran.

"ALICE! How could you!" He shrieked as he yanked his hand back, tossing Artemis to the floor in the process. She hit the floor painfully, not able to catch herself with her slow movements. Ow, slow reflexes suck.


Two heads turned to the doorway. There, vibrating on the spot from anger, was Wally.

Kid Flash took in the sight of the charred apartment in seconds. Artemis was on the floor in an unzipped blue dress, bruises were forming on her arms and face. Jervis was on a couch, clutching a bleeding hand and scowling.

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER!" Wally snarled; launching himself at the Mad Hatter in a flurry of punches he couldn't avoid.

"W-Wa-!" Artemis stuttered, attempting to sit up whilst clutching the dress to her chest, Wally was still beating the man senseless. Artemis leaned over, reaching a hand out to grab at her teammates ankle as she began picking herself up at a slugs pace. Wally turned to her immediately, his hands securely around Jervis's throat to prevent him from moving; though the man was already knocked out. The fire in his eyes softened at the sight of the archer. Artemis frowned, "I can't explain myself, for I'm not myself you see," She said. Wally's face scrunched up in confusion and worry.

"Artemis?" He whispered. Taking a hand off of Jarvis and stretching it towards the blonde to steady her as she stood. Artemis looked to the Mad Hatter, moving one hand slowly, sluggishly, shakily to the top of her head.

"Off. With. His. Head," She spoke slowly, patting her hair.

"Oh!" He gasped, understanding. Kid Flash turned and knocked the green hat over the back of the couch. He turned back to find Artemis wavering on her feet, her eyes slowly sagging closed, "Artemis!" He gasped as he caught her.

"Thanks Baywatch," She breathed before passing out.

"Ah!" Wally panicked, "Artemis?"

"Kid Flash are you there? You haven't checked in in a while" Kaldur's voice floated in.

"Oh! I forgot! I have her! I have Artemis! She's passed out! We need picked up!" Wally thought back.

"I'll get the bioship to your location! Is she okay?" M'gann asked worriedly.

"Yeah," Was all Wally said, frowning as he noticed the red on her lips. That doesn't look like lipstick… He thought, dabbing a finger on her lips cautiously. The tacky substance stuck to his glove and he recognized it immediately. He snickered, "Arty you sure are something…"


"Ugnn," Artemis groaned as she awoke, "Why am I so sore?" She muttered to herself, daring to open her eyes as she sat up. Freezing at what she saw. She was in the Mount Justice infirmary, but that wasn't what surprised her.

Wally was there, sitting on a chair next to her bed, asleep.

He's been waiting for me to wake up? Artemis thought to herself. That's almost…sweet… She mused, watching his chest move rhythmically. Up, down, up, down, up, down…

"Glad to see you're awake," A soft voice spoke. Artemis whipped her head around to find Black Canary walking in.

"How long have I been asleep?" The archer asked quietly as Black Canary removed the IV and heart sensors from her skin.


"Artemis!" Wally yelled, waking up in a panic to the heart monitor's tone.

"Chill Kid Freak-out," Artemis smirked as Wally reestablished his surroundings.

"You've been out for about a day now," Black Canary explained, "I'm glad to see you feeling better," She put a hand on Artemis's shoulder before taking her leave. Artemis turned to Wally, who was sitting in his chair, pointedly not looking at her.

"Wally," Artemis started, trying to get his attention.

"Hm?" He responded, tilting his head back to show he was listening.

"Thank you," She grit out. Apologizing wasn't easy for her, but he damn well deserved it.

"You're welcome," He sent back. It was half-assed and he still wasn't looking at her. What the hell is wrong with him? Artemis thought. Stupid confusing males!

"What is it?" She asked, trying to be civil about it before she got violent.

"What's what?" He asked back, crossing his arms. Artemis frowned.

"Why won't you look at me?" Artemis asked, wincing when her voice sounded more hurt than angry. But it seemed to get to him.

"Because it makes me angry," He mumbled, clenching his hands unconsciously.

"What does?" She pressed on.

Wally didn't say anything.

"What is it?" Artemis growled, frustrated with this stupid, idiotic boy!

"You're face!" He shot back, making eye contact. Artemis was taken aback. My…Face? She thought, a hand ghosting up to press a hand to her cheek self-consciously. Wally looked away angrily. Artemis looked around, a hand mirror sat on the bedside table. She grabbed it roughly and looked at herself.

Oh. She thought. My face… Lining her jaw and shadowing one of her cheeks was a dark bruise in the shape of a hand. How utterly stupendous… Artemis thought sarcastically, frowning at her reflection. She looked back to Wally.

"It'll go away," She shrugged.

"I should have gotten there sooner," He clenched his jaw. Artemis grimaced. Oh no. He is NOT having a pity party here.

"I'm fine," Artemis snapped, "Get over it,"

"I was right next to you. I should have done something!" He ranted, waving his arms about.

"He also had a gun to my head, so I'm glad you didn't," Artemis crossed her arms.

"You shouldn't have even gotten taken in the first place!" Wally yelled as he stood up.

"I'm glad it was me! If it wasn't me it would have been some little girl in my place!" Artemis shouted back. Wally's jaw dropped and he sat down on Artemis's bed, his eyes sad.

"How could you say that?" He whispered, looking betrayed, "How could you wish yourself in that position?"

Artemis's eye dropped to the sheets, gathering courage before making eye contact with that stupid, adorable, redhead again.

"Because I knew you would save me," She whispered; eyes honest. Wally smirked, his eyes unguarded as he took her hand.

"I always will," He spoke before closing the distance between them in a kiss. And Artemis kissed that stupid, wonderful, hero right back.

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