Chapter 3

When he heard the god-awful scream, Burt jerked Heathers hand and the two started racing back towards the trio. The others on the beach followed suit, and ran with them. When they reached Earl and the others, they all ran back towards the resort. Kate risked a glance back aat the beach and almost fainted. The Shriekers were already after them! They reached the doors, thankful that they were steel and might hold back the onslaught, atleast for a while, and raced inside. Burt, the last one in, had just shut the door, when a Shrieker slammed into it.

Inside was pandemonium. They had seen what was happening with the Shriekers. Pushing themselves up towards Rhonda's room, they were stopped by Dr. Esposito, "What happened?"

"Almost everyone that was on the beach is dead. The Graboids have evolved into Shriekers, and we're in deep shit." Burt answered matter-of-factly.

"How many Graboids were there Burt?" Earl asked.

"We saw two."

"I counted at least five Shriekers." Kate added.

"So there's at least one more out there somewhere."

At that moment, the side door, made entirely of glass, imploded inwards. In the front hall was the missing Shrieker. It attacked the first person it 'saw' Nurse Maria Escobar screamed again as the thing lunged for her. She felt as if she had been hit by a ton of bricks, and was knocked unconscious. She never felt her life end.

"Maria!" Lu screamed. She was pulled by Grady into the room. He turned quickly and locked the door.

"Listen, Lu. We have to stay below the window, so they cannot see our body heat. Understand?" The frazzled doctor just nodded her head.

Down the hall, Earl and Kate, and Burt and Heather raced into Rhonda's room. Heather shut the door and locked it while Burt tackled the blinds.

"What happened?" Mindy asked. Worry still filled her voice.

Graboids changed into Shriekers. One's in the hospital right now." Earl replied. Outside the room they heard screaming, and yelling. Kate risked a glance through the blinds and out into the hall. The lone Shrieker had already multiplied to three. She guessed the ones outside had headed on toward town. The three inside were gorging on the people left out in the halls outside, heading toward the lobby of the resort.

"We have to stop them you guys. They're eating like crazy." Kate looked back through the blinds in time to see another one being 'born'. "Add at least one more to the list. Look, we have got to kill them before they go through another metamorphosis."

"How?" Mindy asked. Still hysterically but sounding better.

"If only there was an armory on the island..." Burt started. "Why is it I never have ammo when I need it?" He asked angrily.

"Because honey, then it wouldn't be fun." Heather replied, trying to add some humor to lighten the tension. It didn't work. "Look I han a Mossber pumb actoin in my room. Not an armory but it will help if we can get to it."

"I have my Desert Eagle in mine." Burt chimed in, feeling a little better.

"There's shotguns in the rec room out back for skeet shooting," Val piped in, "saw them earlier at least five. Plus the archery range on the west side."

"I'm taking archery lessons at school." Mindy muttered mostly to herself.

"They're gone," Grady replied, knocking on the door.

"They went into the lobby," Lu said crying when they opened the door.

"We're definitely going to need more than what we've got now." Rhonda said. "If those things start feasting on those people out there we are in deep crap."

"Most of the vacationers were on the beach. This resort isn't that big." Lu said.

"We know that," Burt started, "but those things multiply like crazy. It's part of their evolution. They multiply, that way when they are ready for their final stage there are countless number of Ass Blasters to lay their eggs.

"He's right." Heather said, she had never had to deal with Shriekers, or Ass Blasters before, and had never wanted too. "Look we have to get some weapons."

"Oh, God!" Lu said, raising her hand to her mouth. "My brother and nephew, they're down the hall." She bolted from the room before anyone could stop her. Grady, and Heather ran after her, with Burt in tow. Lu entered the room seconds ahead of the others. Her family was nowhere to be seen.

"Juan! Miguel!" Lu screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Luisa!" The voice came from the door at the back of the room. A second later Miguel and his still in shock son came out of the bathroom. They were drenched in ice cold water.

"Mi hermano." the doctor exclaimed, hugging Miguel and then Juan. "Your freezing!"

"We hid in the shower and ran the cold water. I remembered reading about Shriekers in a magazine. They can only see heat." Lu's older brother said proudly. He suddenly frown. "Oh no. Susan, and Fredricka. They are still at home."

"Miguel, calm down. The shriekers are here at the resort."

"Look, Miguel, do you have any guns?" Heather asked.

"Sure, I was in the army for 6 years, I have a good little stockpile." He replied happily.

"Great. Lu, you and Grady get the survivors to the hospitals basement."

"We don't have a basement." She said, cutting Burt off.


"We have a small storage space up there. Fits maybe four people."

"Wonderful, lets all go back to Rhonda's room, we have to figure something out."

On the way to his friend's room Grady took a small detour to what was once the doors leading to the lobby. He peaked around the side, and was aghast. The lobby of the resort was worse than the beach could have ever been. Blood and gore was splashed everywhere. There was no one, or thing in sight. He was about ready to turn away, when he heard a wimper from across the lobby. He took a better look around the huge room, and tried to adjust his eyes.

"Grady," Heather said, coming up behind him.

"Shhh," he silenced her. She knelt beside him, and looked out over the lobby with him. "I heard someone whimpering a few seconds ago. It sounded like a kid, but I can't be sure."

Heather focused her eyes, and scanned the lobby. There was movement in the plants next to the elevators which was stuck open by the arm of a dead woman lying inside. She looked harder and saw a little speck of blond hair, and a dark face. "God there's a kid over there," Heather muttered. Without any regards to her safety, she rushed across the lobby.

"Heather! Watch out!" Grady screamed. Heather turned without stopping, and saw a lone Shrieker racing for her. "Grady, get the kid!" She screamed as she turned towards the open stairwell, and started upwards.

Grady ran across the lobby and to the plants where the kid was . He gaped in shock. It was a little girl. A large baby doll. "Mama." it whimpered again. "Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God! Burt! Val!" he yelled running back towards the room.