To clear things up, they're all in third grade now, except for Gibbs and Jenny, who are both in fourth.

Tony read the flier he was given- their school was having a dance night.

"Ew. I don't wanna go to a stupid dance." Most of the boys said. However, Tony secretly folded his paper up and tucked it in his pocket. He saw Timmy do the same thing, and he winked at him.

Out on the playground, Tony approached Ziva.


"Yes, Tony?" She was sharpening one of her knives, which she had already been in the office for many times. Apparently, they weren't allowed at school, but Ziva did it anyways.

Tony swallowed hard. "There's that school dance thing this week."

She shrugged. "I don't think any of my friends are going."

Tony blushed. "Well, do you want to go with me?"

She almost dropped the knife on his foot. "What?"

"Do you want to go with me to the dance?"

She looked up at him, and put away her knife. "You want to take me…as your date?"

"Well, why not?"

She looked at him long and hard before replying. "I'd love to go with you."

Timmy looked over at Abby, who was reading a book. He was shaking like it was the middle of December. He had a lump in his throat and his stutter seemed to multiply.

No fear, Tim, no fear! Tony's words echoed in his head.

"No fear, Timmy, no fear. Just give her the envelope and walk away." In his head, he saw himself in a suave suit, giving Abby the envelope with a rose, and walking away, with her giggling behind him.

He ran up to her, dropped the envelope in her lap.

"HereAbbyreadthisandanswermew hatyouthinkokayokaybyenow!" He said before taking off like a lit rocket in the other direction Abby stared after him.

"Hmm. That was weird. Even weirder than usual." She said. She opened the envelope, and took out the piece of paper.

At the top was a scribbly rose, drawn in with black marker. An arrow was pointing to it, with the words "I know you like roses, so I drew you one." At the bottom of the paper was a question. "Will you go with me to the dance?" There were two boxes at the bottom: "Yes" or "No".

There was another little note at the bottom.

"I totally understand if no I mean I'm awkward and stuff but you decide I mean I hope you say yes but it's fine if you don't but it'd be really cool if you did."

She laughed, and checked "yes", and hurried off to find Tim.

Alright, Gibbs, come on. Come on.

Gibbs was giving himself a pep talk as he watched Jenny play basketball.

Come on, Gibbs, you got this. You got this, man. Get the girl, get the girl. Just. Get. The. Girl.

He inhaled and exhaled deeply. "Gibbs doesn't get nervous." He said with a smile as he strode over to Jenny.


She turned around, her red hair sticking to her neck. "Hold on, guys." She tossed her team the ball, and they continued the play. "What's up, Jethro?"

"Well, I don't know if you were already taken for the dance, but if you're not, I'd love to have someone to go with." He said.

Jenny blushed the color of her hair. "Well...I'm not going with anyone yet.."


"Well, I was gonna ask you the same thing, but you're way ahead of me apparently. Yes, Gibbs, I'd like to go with you."

Tony, Tim, and Gibbs were all Tony's house. Right now, they were all fixing their tuxedos in the mirror.

"This straight?" Tony asked, turning to Gibbs.

Gibbs took it, and folded it over right, so that the collar was a nice white strip.

"There you go." He said, meeting Tony's eyes. Tony felt a rush of appreciation for the older boy.

Tim approached tony. "Is my hair okay?" His sandy brown hair was slicked back, stiffened by gel. "It has to be! It has to be perfect for Abby I don't want her to think I'm a slob or something like that you know I just want her to know-"

Tony put his hand on his shoulder and smiled. "It looks great, Tim. Abby'll love it."

DiNozzo Senior walked in to all the boys wearing tuxedos, fixing their collars in the mirror. He grinned, and ruffled his son's hair.

"Maybe my son will turn out like me after all. Looking sharp, boys."

"Thanks. I found it way back in my closet!" Tim said.

Tony's mother, Jessica, walked in. "I got you boys a surprise!"

"What?" They all looked at her.

She took out a box, and opened it. They each had a rose.

"You put it in your breast pocket, see?" She took it, and stuck it in Tony's breast pocket. "See? Now you're looking sharp for your girlfriends."

"EW!" All three cried out.

"Mommmmmmm!" Tony cried out indignantly.

Jessica and Tony Sr. looked at each other knowingly.

"Alright, then." She sighed. "Just wait until high school rolls around." She said under her breath.

At Abby's house, the three girls were sitting at Abby's mother's vanity.

"Thanks, Abby!" Ziva cried, examining herself in the mirror. Her eyes were lines with a deep shade of purple that matched her dress. "Aba doesn't usually let me use makeup or wear dresses. He says they're impractical."

"Momma hardly lets me use make up. Too much for a third grader, she thinks. But tonight's special, so she said okay to letting me use hers."

Abby was wearing a black dress with a glittery black tie in the middle. Ziva and Jenny wore the same style, but Ziva's was a deep purple that complimented her skin tone and Jenny's was a soft white.

"You both look really pretty!" Jenny cried.

"You too, Jenny. I'm so excited!" Abby cried, jumping up and down.

Abby's mother walked in. "You three are so pretty tonight. You're going to really impress your boyfriends."

"EWWW!" All three cried out.

"Mom! Why would you say that?!" Abby asked, horrified.

"What?" Abby's mom asked. "You're getting dolled up for your boyfr-"

"Don't even say the b-word." Abby said, still making a disgusted face. "Don't. Even. Say. It."

Abby's mom laughed. "B-"


At the dance, the three girls waited on the park bench for their dates.

A silver van pulled up, and the three boys got out, dressed in their tuxedos.

"Bye, hon! I'll pick you up after!" Tony's mother called. The girls giggled.

"Moooooom!" Tony cried. "Don't do that!"

"Alright, well, love you, sugar muffin!"


Now the boys were snickering quietly, too.

"Shut up." Tony said, blushing red. He took Ziva's arm, like his father had showed him. "Let's go." He smiled at her.

Tim looked at Abby. She was pretty tonight, her bright green eyes shining like emeralds. She took his hand. "The note was really sweet, Tim." She said. "Thanks."

He had never blushed that furiously in his life.

"I like the bowtie. Vintage." Jenny said, touching Jethro's bow, once again displaying her precociousness.

"Thanks. My dad gave it to me. Old thing, smelled musty when he first pulled it out." Jethro wrinkled his nose, making Jenny laugh.

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