Questions and Answers with Mary Sawyer

Joe: Hello Mary, welcome to St. P Weekly's office. I am just going to ask you a couple of interview questions, and you can just do your best to answer them. This is a comfortable interview, so just be yourself.

Mary: Okay.

J: Who did you like when you were in Mr. Dobbins' class?

M: … um… Jimmy Sanders.

J: Why?

M: Why cause' he has the cutest hair on the planet!

J: … Why did you encourage Tom to study the bible?

M: Why, because I love him (as a brother), and I wanted to see him do well.

J: That's very sweet. What are your goals for your life ahead?

M: Well… I definitely want to be a mother, I mean, what woman doesn't? I would also like to open my own boutique, which would have fancy, expensive things in it. I would also like to write a book 'bout dating, relationships, or somethin' like that.

J: Do you have a boyfriend right now?

M: Yes I do. In fact, it's Jimmy Sanders! He and I have been dating for two whole months! We're thinking 'bout gettin' married!

J: Very nice… What do you do in your free time?

M: Mamma Polly thinks I'm a-studying, (quiet voice) but between you and me, I chase boys 'round town. Sometimes I'll even sneak into my olds class in Mr. Dobbins' room, and read his anatomy book.

J: I'm not sure if you realized it, but you just told all of our readers what you are really doing during your free time.

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M: I guess I didn't realize that…

J: Oh well. You said it and I wrote it. What would you like Tom to do when he grows up?

M: Well, if he finally gets it through that thick head of his that being a robber isn't dignified, I would like to see him becomes an entrepreneur and invent something useful. (Whisper) Then he can pay for me to live! (Puts on a devilish smile.)

J: Yes… So, where are the places you want to visit when you are older?

M: Well, I want to travel to Saint Louis, just to get the feeling of being in the "big city". I would also like to travel to New York, so I can tour the city and really be in a big city.

J: Where do you want to live when you are married?

M: Either here in St. Petersburg, or in Saint Louis, because I like to stay close to home.

J: So do I. How many kids do you want to have?

M: Most likely two or three.

J: Did you ever go on an adventure with Tom?

M: Why would I want to go on any of that boy's stupid adventures? They are always 'bout pirates or somethin'! Girls, young ladies I mean, are supposed to be polite and dignified. So no, I have never gone on an adventure with Tom.

J: If you become an author, will you write any articles for us?

M: Of course I will, Joe! I'd be quite happy to.

J: That's great. Well, thank you very much for letting me take the time to interview you. On behalf of the whole St. P Weekly team, we appreciate your interview.

M: Why thank you Joe.

J: You are welcome. Goodbye, and… uh… say hi to Jimmy for me.

M: I will. Goodbye.