AN: Jasper fantasizes and he and Bella continue to move forward.

Chapter twenty-three: Dream about You

Jasper, February, 2011...

My hands tighten on her hips, guiding her movements as Bella chased her orgasm. She felt so good. Her tight walls clenched around me. "Oooh…Jasper!" Bella screamed, cumming on my cock.

My eyes popped open and I sprang up in bed. I tried to catch my breath while beams of sweat ran down my back. My cock was as hard as rock and straining against my pajama bottoms.

"Shit," I muttered to myself and the dark. This was the third night this week that I was waking up in this state. And the second week I was dealing with this.

Since Bella and I made our declaration to be together, things between us have gotten a lot harder for me. My girl was entirely too desirable for her own good.

But I was happy as fuck she wanted to be with me. However, it was frustrating to be moving slowly. Bella wanted us to go slow and while I agreed with that within my heart and mind, my body was saying something else.

I wanted her badly. The dreams were the least of it. At least they haunted me when we were apart and Bella couldn't read minds so she didn't know how much I wanted to throw her down on the kitchen floor some mornings and make love to her.

No, she would greet me with a warm and sweet smile and then blush when I drew her close and kissed her. It was so adorable and so damn appealing all at the same time.

But I have restrained myself because I don't want to scare her. Bella had been through a lot both physically and mentally. It must have taken a lot for her to even admit to me that she wanted to be with me sexually, whether we're going slow or not. That took great strength and I was so proud of her.

I didn't like it when Bella mistrusts me at times, but it was understandable. It was still foreign to her that people wanted to help and care for her.

I knew exactly how she felt.

When I first got back home after being kidnapped by my mom's ex, Ricky, I trusted no one. I had this warped world that I was living in where I thought they would take me back to Ricky, even though he was dead. I killed him. But no one could make me believe that they cared about me and wanted to protect me, from even myself.

And then, I had those nightmares. Terrible dreams that didn't make any sense but scared me all the same. Sometimes it was Ricky with that shot in him, talking to me, telling me that I was worthless and I couldn't protect anyone.

Dad suggested therapy and Esme came into play. But still, it took years for me to get to the comfort place I am in my mind now.

So I know how to protect Bella, even from herself. Aunt Esme has shared that Bella suffers from PTSD and she would like Bella to learn to handle things without my interference. But to hell with that. If Bella needed me, then I would be there. She needed to know there was one person, she could depend on. She has never had that so I will be that for Bella. Her savior. I was going to help my girl.

My girl.

Whenever I called Bella that, my heart sang and my cock hardened. Which was reminding me of my current predicament, but I already had the remedy for that. A cold shower.

Getting out of bed, I stripped as I went. I turned on the shower, making sure that it was cold enough to handle this and got in. I jumped when the blast of gushing cold water hit me, but I needed this to get through the morning. I was heading to my practice today so I only had to be tempted by my incredible girl until I left for work.

I shivered; my body adjusting to the cold, and closed my eyes, but only to be bombarded by images of my sweet Bella.

It took me all at once. Her carefree, honest smile, those glowing sable eyes, her delicate hands, right down to her flowing mahogany hair that sat comfortably on the small of her back.

Then there was her body.

"Fuck," I muttered when my cock throbbed while I thought about Bella's body. She was responding very well to our regiment to get her healthy. The frail looking girl that had first arrived here last year was rapidly disappearing only to be replaced by one with slightly full hips, cute little curves and an ass that was tempting me on a daily basis.

I wonder if Bella wondered why I liked walking behind her so much.

What? I'm a man. I notice these things and I was damn grateful for the curves my girl was getting.

My cock twitched and I couldn't stand it anymore. The cold shower idea was out the window. Nothing could help me but taking matters into my own hand.

I took my hard cock in hand and heaved a deep breath, stroking it. I almost screamed at how good it felt. An image of Bella smiling shyly at me made me smirk and I ran with the fantasy.

Bella was in the shower with me. She laid gentle kisses on my neck while her hands idly ran down my body at a leisurely pace, making me shiver. Her sweet lips moved from my neck to my mouth and I groaned at the taste of her tantalizing strawberry flavored lips. Bella loved eating strawberries.

I pumped my cock harder as Dream Bella's hands moved up and down my body. One hand stopping at my waist, while the other grasped my ass, as we deepened our kiss.

"Mmm…" she moaned in my mouth and then pulled away. "So good."

Our lips molded together, her tongue diving into the depths of my mouth while I let my tongue massage her own. Her porcelain skin felt amazing beneath my fingertips. She was positively glowing as droplets of water cascaded down her supple body.

My kisses moved from her lips to her neck and then to her succulent breasts. I took a sensitive nipple into my mouth, sucking and nipping at it while palming the other. She writhed and moaned underneath my touch.

Dream Bella's soft vocals were going straight to my oversensitive dick, making me stroke it faster as the slow burn of my orgasm built in the pit of my stomach.

Bella gripped my hair, trying to keep me in place, but I wasn't where I wanted to be the most.

So after lapping at both breasts, taking the time to give them the attention they deserved, I moved down her exquisite body, falling to my knee, and giving that place between her thighs a sweet kiss before taking a long lick, making her grasp my hair and moan loudly.

I threw one leg over my shoulder and gripped her hips, keeping her in place, while I ran my tongue along her quivering folds, tasting the sweet nectar between her thighs. I delved in her pussy, my tongue finding its way deep within her as she mewled in ecstasy. I briefly moved away to look up at her; enjoying the sight of her head thrown back as she groaned.

I pumped faster and harder.

"Jasper," Dream Bella moaned, running her hand along my cheek before I moved back to her center, determined to taste her.

I laid kisses along her labia, and then parted her pussy with my tongue, nipping at her lower lips while working my way up to her clit. I bite and suck at it as she exhaled sharply then moaned my name. Feeling her form tremble, I worked harder. Making my way from her clit, I moved down to her lower lips, dipping my tongue back deep inside her. I thrust it in and out, in and out, while she tried to thrash, but I kept a strong hold on her hips.

"Jasper." The sound of Dream Bella's soft voice was pushing me closer to the edge.

I nipped, licked, and sucked until she begged me to let her come.

That did the trick.

I groaned and let out, flying over the edge, and spurting streams of come on the shower wall. My body felt limp, causing me to collapse against my forearm while trying to catch my breath. Dream Bella faded away, with her delectable body and shy smile, leaving me satisfied and tired as hell.

Yeah, that would have to do for now.


I thought the rest of the day would have been easier, but no such luck.

Not only was I mistaken, but Bella looked amazing this morning in her tight jeans and plaid shirt. Her hair was up in a tight ponytail and I wanted to yank it while burying my tongue in her mouth.

I need therapy.

She greeted me with her sweet smile just like Dream Bella from the shower did, and my cock twitched. I took a deep breath and berated him, but it didn't help, because Bella took control and pulled me in a searing kiss and we didn't move away until Tanya cleared her throat making Bella jump away with a blush.

While I wanted to kill my cousin.

Tanya smiled broadly and asked if I wasn't late for work, reminding me that I couldn't stay home today.

I was taking a sick day as soon as I could.

If only I didn't have to deal with my family's lovey dovey looks and sounds every time they saw Bella and me in the same room. I knew they meant well but I didn't want them scaring Bella. Oh shit. I left her with Tanya and…fuck, Edward.

I knew he was in town to get a lowdown on what he would dealing with since he was taking Paul's place on our legal team, but that doesn't mean he won't make a play for Bella in the process.

Edward loved a good game and a woman seemed even more desirable to him when she belonged to someone else.

It was his favorite kind of game. Like I said, I loved him like a brother, but he could be an ass.

But something was fishy. Why was Edward down here? He could do this from the Houston office.

Nonetheless, Mom had welcomed him in the main house, and he and Mom were working on getting us on out this mess Paul was trying to put us in. Paul was making his own decisions when he made promises we had no fucking intention of keeping with this oil company.

On the other hand, there was Edward. He won't tell me why he was in Henderson. Sure, Peter told him about Bella and me, and he represented Tanya in her divorce from Paul for free because he hated Paul, but still, he won't say why he was here. And that bothered me.

This was not college. I played those games then, but we were young and stupid. I had grown up. Hadn't Edward?

From the moment he arrived, we had been stuck in this never ending battle of ours whenever he was around.

"You kissed her?!" Tanya shouted, while I banged my head on the door repeatedly.

"Come on, Jasper, she'll be back," Tanya teased. I turned and headed over to the couch, throwing myself down on it.

When I looked at the two most mischievous people I know, I smiled at Tanya as her eyes were filled with excitement, but Edward's eyes were streaming with something else.

"Yeah, I kissed her," I mumbled to Tanya with my eyes on Edward. What the fuck was he thinking? It better not be what I think!

"Where? When?" Tanya said excitedly, bouncing up and down on the couch.

"This morning." I don't know why I was being so honest, but it just reeled off my tongue. "Twice."

Edward smirked and ran a hand through that messy mop of hair that I plan on cutting if he touched Bella.

"Whoo! Yes!" Tanya cheered. "I can't wait until Bella comes to Rose's wedding on your arm, Jasper."

"Tanya, I know what you're thinking," I said. And I did. Tanya wanted me to take Bella to the wedding to drive Alice insane. "Stop it. I won't use Bella to make Alice jealous."

From the far off look on her face, I could see that she didn't hear shit. "I'm going to find her the sexiest gown to wear."

"Tanya!" I shout.

"What?" she said innocently. "It won't be bad; just a dress you'll want to rip off of her and fuck her on the dance floor. That kind of sexy."

"Tanya…" I warned. "Don't, I'll take Bella because she wants to go. That's it."

"Oh, come on, Jasper, I'm not using Bella to do anything," she said. So she did hear me. "But I won't let her go to the wedding without wearing something beautiful that makes her look even more drop dead gorgeous than she already is."

"Thanks," I whispered.

"Furthermore, if I want to stick something to Alice, I have my fist." I chuckled at that one. "Oh God, Jasper, do you know what this means?"

"What does it mean?" Edward asked, finally adding his voice to the equation. His eyes were almost smiling as he stared at me.

"It means I have a new best friend!" Tanya said and jumped up and went off to God knows where leaving me and Edward.

"Stay away from Bella," I growled.

"I can," he said smugly. "But will she stay away from me?"

"Grow the hell up, Cullen, and don't fuck with me."

Edward laughed. "What is that girl doing to you? I have never seen you this passionate over any woman before. And may I remind you, I have been there when you met most of them."

"We fucked around with those girls in college. I get it. We made bets on who could get the most girls his bed by the end of the week, but Bella isn't like that. This…" I didn't want to admit this to him. "…it's different."

Edward's inquisitive eyes probed mine. He leaned forward. "How so?"

I wasn't ready to tell him the whole truth about Bella yet. "It just is."

Edward knew my past. He, like my family and friends, was there for me after my kidnapping but he loved me more when I was being bad. He loved when I was the whoring Jasper; fucking every girl that said 'hi' to me.

I had changed.

"I'm not gonna say anything to you right now, except, you try anything with Bella, and you'll regret it. Friend or not."

Edward looked at me challengingly. "I think I like the sound of that. Game on, Whitlock."

Edward had been a charming, competitive player since he figured out he had a dick and how to use it. Games were his thing. And he was the best at it. He was a ladies' man as Mom liked to say, and he loved every minute of it.

Now, it was obvious that he saw Bella as his new favorite game. Even though, I knew my girl wouldn't be interested. Something in me was telling me to trust her. And for now, I was going to listen to it while I kept an eye on Edward.

I got to work early enough, said hello to Althea, who was sorting out some files, and left the muffin Bella sent for her on her desk. Althea loved Bella. She asked about her every time I saw her. She was happy that I was helping her.

But this morning she winked at me when she asked about Bella and wished me good luck and said she was happy for us, it meant only one thing. Mom told Althea about me and Bella.

Emmett was in my office, in my chair, with his feet prompted up on my desk.

"Soooo…" he started with a smirk when I walked in.

I threw off my leather jacket and put on my lab coat. "What?"

"What are you doing for Valentine's?"

"Oh God." I rolled my eyes and ran him out of my chair, taking a seat.

"What?" He laughed.

"Bella and I are taking it slow."

"So you aren't gonna get her anything?" he asked.

"Well, I never said that." I laughed. "I'm just trying to control myself." In more ways than one.

"Want to buy her something expensive, huh?"

"More than anything." I confirmed. "But I don't want to scare her. I mean, she already told me not to get her anything too expensive next time since I already bought her a car. So I've got to tone it down."

"Alright then, but I'm sure you can sneak it in every once in a while," Emmett said. If only he knew what that statement did to me. I think Bella, and I think sex.

"That's what I'm hoping," I said. "So what about you? About ready to marry my sister?"

"More than anything." Emmett sighed whimsically.

"Well, March isn't far off," I said. "It's almost time, things are being finalized, right?"

"Yeah, they are," he said. "Hey, so you and Bella…I'm hoping she'll come along. I know she may not, but I really want her there. But Rosie and I are prepared to understand if Bella doesn't want to go."

"I don't want to answer for her. You'd have to talk to her, but I think Bella will be there. I'll talk to her about it, and if she can't do it, I get it and there will be more things for her to attend. Her past and what happened is too fresh, so if she can't handle a wedding, it's okay."

"Yeah," Emmett added.

Edward and his little game came to mind, so I said, "What do you think Edward is up to?" Emmett knew us. He knew the game that we used to play, but he never wanted to be a part of it.

"The funny thing is, at first, I thought he may be thinking about going after Bella when I spoke to him," he paused then smiled, "But I think he's just fucking with you this time around. And if he isn't, Peter and I will kick his ass."

I laughed. "Thanks."

"No problem," Emmett chuckled as he moved to the door. With his hand on the knob, he turned to me. He looked pensive, and then he deeply sighed before saying, "Bella is good for you. I know between your mama and the rest of us, we'll all been taunting you with it, but I gotta say, Jazz, she looks damn good on you."

"Thanks." I smiled. "I really appreciate it and I think I know what I want to do for Valentine's."

"That's good," Emmett cheered. "Well, let's get to our admirers, shall we?"

I dropped my head to the desk as Emmett laughed, and walked out.