AN: Part II. Bella has fun. James has a plan.

Chapter thirty two: Valentine's Fair II

Bella, February, 2011…

Jasper was a fast rider. We caught up to Emmett's truck in no time and passed them. I loved holding on to him tightly and turn on the curves with him. I felt elated; free to be with him like this. And I intended on asking him for more bike rides. I loved every second of it even though I never thought I'd be a person to love speed. But this was too thrilling to beat. Everything in my life was rapidly changing, and it was all because of Jasper and his family. I loved them so much.

We slowed as we approached town. There were people everywhere. And Jasper's speed moved down to a crawling pace as he maneuvered the bike through the throes of people. He parked, and Emmett's truck came up alongside us, parking as well. Tanya and Rose got out first and Tanya was in my hair immediately, fixing it and scolding Jasper, after I took off my helmet. He just laughed and shook his head.

But I was in awe. The town had been transformed into a Valentine's haven. There was red and white everywhere and everyone was as friendly as ever. It was really cool that they did this before Valentine's because most people wanted to spend that day alone and together.

There was music and cheering all around me, and I was looking forward to the fun we could get to have tonight.

"This is just…wow," I stated, taking Jasper's hand as he kissed my cheek.

"You ready for it, darlin'?"

"Yeah!" I was so excited.

"Welcome to Henderson's little pre-Valentine soiree," Jasper smiled, leading me into the middle of the fun.

"I think I'm going love this."

"Then let's have some fun," he declared, pulling me further into the crowd.

It was like Mardi Gras with a romantic theme to it. There was laughter, and romance filled the air. Couples were out in the streets, happily conversing with one another and music was making the mood light and fun.

"This is huge!" I exclaimed, taking in the sights.

"They're all kinds of things to do," Jasper explained.

"Where should we start?"I turned excitedly to him and asked.

"Wherever you want," Jasper said.

I spotted Emmett and pointed. "Let's go see what they're up to."

Emmett was over by a batting cage and I pulled Jasper over there. Emmett was winning, and Rose was cheering him on. I started to cheer with her until Emmett won her a prize. Edward was up next, and he did great; winning a prize for Tanya. Tanya accepted it and kissed him on the cheek, making Edward blush and me and Emmett start to tease him with Jasper laughing on.

"I think Em is a bad influence on you, honey," Jasper said in my ear, "and I love it. I'm glad you're with me, baby."

I looked up into his eyes with a wide and happy grin on my face. "I'm happy I'm here too."

"Do you want to take a turn?" I asked Jasper, taking his hand and pulling him over to the batting cage.

He smiled, but stopped outside the gate and said, "Not before you."

He handed me a bat and placed the helmet on my head. "I want to see what my girl can do."

"Really?" I said ecstatically. I kind of wanted to try. I hadn't done anything like this in such a long time.

"Come on, baby!" Jasper said merrily. "I want to you to win me something."

Jasper held the door open and I stepped inside. With a brave sigh, I prepared myself and when the first ball came at me, I took a swing and knocked it away. Jasper cheered me on, and I did it again and again. They all cheered and I won a prize for Jasper; which he proudly accepted and pulled me into a kiss with our friends making gagging sounds.

Then it was Jasper's turn in the cage, and he won with ease. I cheered him the entire time and he won me a huge red and white teddy bear. Emmett let us load all our prizes in the truck and then we went about having some more fun.

It was time to go on all the rides. It was my first time, so everyone decided that I should pick the first ride. There was so much to choose from. A Ferris wheel, a carousel, a bull ride and I didn't know what I wanted. It was a great feeling to be this confused with choices. But I opted for the Ferris wheel first.

Walking over to it, I got a little scared, but Emmett was there. He placed a heavy arm on my shoulder; I felt like I was been enveloped by a bear. "Don't worry, Bells, you're gonna love this." His mischievous glint worried me along Jasper's chuckles.

But what's the worst that could happen?


"Whoo!" I cheered as the Ferris wheel took us up again. I couldn't stop cheering and laughing. "Jasper! Whoo hoo!"

He was right beside me, and I grabbed his hand, kissing the back of it quickly while the ride took us down again. "Remind me to take you to Six Flags sometime soon," Jasper chuckled, laughing at my excitement.

"Yeah! Ahh!" I laughed as the ride went up again.

"Having a great time, Bells?" Emmett asked from the seat below us.

"Yeah! Whoo!" I replied, making Jasper laugh even more. Emmett and Rose guffaws were a thrill to hear also.

When it finally slowed to a stop, we got off and I wobbled a bit on my feet, but giggled it off while Jasper held me upright.

"Thanks," I breathed, looking up at him, getting lost in his mesmerizing eyes for a minute. But then it happened.

I was looking into Jasper's eyes when I felt it. It was the strangest feeling. It overtook me. It was swallowing me whole and giving me a familiar shudder of fear. It ran down my spine and I felt oddly used to it. Someone was watching me.

I pulled away from Jasper and started looking around. I spun around in the laughing crowd until I was dizzy. I could see curiosity and confusion on my friends' faces but not Jasper's. His held concern. "Bella, what is it?"

I didn't answer and he took me by the shoulders and made me face him. "What are you looking for? What's wrong?"

I wouldn't lie to him. "I don't know. I honestly don't know, but..."

Rose joined her brother in front of me, and so did, Emmett, Tanya and Edward. They all surrounded me, asking what's wrong. "I don't know," I said again shakily. "I just feel weird. I got off the ride and I felt off."

"Maybe you need to sit down," Rose tried.

"Not like I'm going to faint weird, Rose," I told her. "I feel like I'm being watched."

Jasper frowned and he and Emmett exchanged a look. They told Edward to stay with us and Jasper and Emmett went into the crowd.

Something was wrong. I could feel it. Something dangerous was here.

James, February, 2011…

My conversation with Vicky had gone well. She called her hairstylist and we got my disguise done. It was temporary and only for the trip. I was being watched. It was the only logical explanation. Jasper was smart enough to take Marie away. He must be watching me. He had the money to do it so I had to be extra careful with my plan.

After my disguise was done, I made Vicky and her hairstylist leave. She didn't like it, but she wouldn't disobey me; at least not for long and not when it didn't benefit her.

For this part of my plan, I needed to do it alone. I got out on my cell and called my contact when I was finally alone. He picked up on the second ring.

"Are they still watching me?" No pleasantries were needed with Laurent and I. We understood each other and I trusted no one else to help me with this plan to get Marie back and under my command. She had some very harsh days ahead of her when she finally got back home. But for now…

"Yes," Laurent said. "You're good, James, but so are Jasper's men. They are blocking me every which way. Now that we have a location for your wife, I thought you could just go, but they are very equipped and dangerous for a bunch of good guys. Maybe you should just forget her, James."

I scoffed. I wasn't even going to bother and get angry at him. Leaving Marie be was out of the question. She and her little boyfriend were going to learn a very valuable lesson at my hand. I had taught Garrett that lesson, but apparently, this Jasper needed to learn it too.

"No. That's out of the question. Now I've done my part. I'm under disguise. I'm not going to take her yet. I only want to see her."

"Fine," Laurent sighed. "Since it's just that, it'll be easier. Now from what you said about what Victoria weaseled out of that Alice person, Marie is staying with this Jasper." I bristled when I heard that. The things that piece of shit must have done to my angel. How dare he touch what's mine?

"Make it happen."

"Alright then. Have fun in Texas." I laughed at Laurent's humor.

Now here I was, standing so close to Marie. It was her, but she looked so different. Jasper had changed her; her hair, her body…they were all ruined. I had my work cut out for me when I got her back.

All that work was now down the drain and my Marie looked like some fat bitch!

I took a calming breath and watched her being surrounded by those sluts and a tall, lanky guy; who was currently holding Marie's hand. I could kill him.

I'd gone through so much to see her. I changed my hair; the natural blond shade I was born with had been turned to black thanks to Vicky's hairstylist friend. I didn't tell Vicky about us being watched. She didn't need to know. She wouldn't be apart of the ending. Laurent had told me that Jasper was using some PI named Jenks and he was very hard to turn. He won't betray the Whitlocks. Those bastards paid good money and Laurent thinks Jenks and his team must be earning a fortune from keeping Marie away from me.

Come to think of it, Charlie must be under their protection too. He must have lied to Renee. He knew exactly where Marie was. But it was too late. I couldn't touch him yet. Maybe after I got back Marie, I'd kill him and her mother.

Marie needed no one but me.

I looked around cautiously. I couldn't see Jasper's team but they saw me. I don't know if my slip away now was as successful as I hoped, but I had to see Marie.

I knew him right away. I saw Jasper briskly walking back with a guy as huge as a bear. Vicky had convinced Alice to send her a picture of Jasper and she did. I wanted to know what the bastard looked like. He and his family were very private. There weren't many pictures of him lying around on the Internet.

Jasper and the huge guy approached Marie and she threw her arms around Jasper and he quickly kissed her. I was fuming.

When they pulled away, he whispered something in her ear. She was hanging on his every word. He had found a way into Marie's mind and deluded and stole her from me.

I turned and walked away. I had seen enough for one day. When the time was right, I'd be back for her.


"You okay?" Jasper said, cradling my face. I felt so safe in his arms.

"Yes." I was still breathing raggedly but I felt better now that he and Emmett were back. I was sorry for my little outburst. I turned to everyone around me, taking in their concerned look. "I'm so sorry," I told them.

Tanya was the first to denounce my apology. "Bella, don't be silly. You're not home free, so we have to be on guard no matter what."

"She's right," Jasper added.

Jasper looked oddly sure about something. "Jasper, do you have guards here?"

"I've got Sam."

"Sam is a guard?"

"Has been Jasper's bodyguard since after his kidnapping, Bella," Rose told me.

"That's why he hangs around me," I surmised.

"Yeah," Jasper whispered and pulled me back in his arms.

"Did you call Jenks?"



"Bella, he isn't here. Jenks would have called."


I sighed in relief and felt a little safer knowing that Sam was close by. He was keeping an eye on things, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something bad had been close. "I don't know what happened. I just…lost it. I'm sorry I'm fucking this up."

"You're not fucking anything up," Edward chuckled. "This is a lot of fun." Everyone gave him a stern look at his horrible joke, but I appreciated it.

"I want to forget. I'm not going to let my nerves ruin tonight. Are you guys ready to have more fun?"

"Are you?" Tanya asked.

"Yeah," I smiled and I meant it. I was ready. Whatever that feeling was, it was gone now and I wasn't going to let it scare me off or fuck up my night.

We all rejoined the fun and had a great time. Emmett and Edward entered a pie eating contest and Emmett won. I cheered like crazy and tried my best to forget whatever lingering worry I had. Jasper kept his eyes on me. He was still worried. It was etched across his features but he didn't voice it. He was giving me the space to.

We moved on from the eating contest to Rose, me and Tanya going on the carrousel. Emmett was crazy for coming on too, and Jasper and Edward had warned. He had to get off early to go puke somewhere. Rose couldn't stop laughing.

From there, we went on to stacked bottles, which the guys knocked down for us and won prizes. The recent worrisome thoughts I had, were dissipating and I was glad. Maybe it was just anxiety and nothing more. But somewhere in my subconscious, I didn't believe that. I truly believed that there was someone here. Someone who didn't belong here and they were watching me.

Someone evil.

But like I told everyone, I wasn't going to let it ruin my night.

Our group moved to the arcades, which were open, and we played pinball. Afterward, we ate, we had fun, we cruised through town and enjoyed the festivities.

"Are you okay?" Jasper asked with his arm slung over my shoulder as we walked along the crowded street.

"Yeah," I looked up at him and smiled. "I wasn't…before. I don't know what came over me but it's gone now and I'm having a lot fun. Thank you for taking me."

Jasper smiled broadly and kissed my forehead as we walked on with our friends ahead of us.

We were a little away from the mass in the streets now when Tanya squealed and started to point at this huge tent. Loud country music and screams of excitement were coming from over there and Edward was feverishly shaking his head 'no' while Tanya nodded, 'yes'.

"We're not doing it," Edward said. "And that is it!"

"Doing what?"

Emmett and Rose leered at me and Jasper's body was shaking with laughter. "We're doing it, aren't we?" Jasper asked; he directed his question to Tanya.

"Hell yea! We are!" She ran off after that, dragging a pouting Edward behind her and we followed.

"You think you're up for it, darlin'?" Jasper asked, gesturing toward the tent.

"I think so?" It was more of a question than a confirmation but it was all the encouragement Jasper needed. I was lifted up in his arms and carried inside.

It was amazing. Everyone on the dance floor was moving so fast while some guy on podium was talking or singing rapidly. "Nooo…" I said, shaking my head. "I can't do this."

Jasper pouted. "Why?"

"Because, I can't do…" I pointed at the people dancing, "that!"

"And you call yourself a dancer?" he teased with a quirked brow.

"Yeah, I can dance, but not the dance you do," I tried to reason as he stepped closer; invading my space and making me fall under his spell. Jasper was too alluring for his good.

"Why not?" he queried with that traitorous smirk on his handsome face. Jasper knew what he was doing to me. He knew that he was hard to resist.

"Because I didn't learn!" I gasped as he pulled me to him; my eyes involuntarily closing when he dipped his head and kissed my neck. I trembled from the slight touch of his lips.

"Well darlin', "he drawled. "No time like the present to learn."

I wasn't so sure about that so I tried to run away. But I slammed into Emmett and Rose took her brother out on the dance floor for the fast pace dance while Emmett slung an arm over my shoulder and asked, "Are you ready for this?"


"Good! Let's get to it!"

"Emmett, no! I'll suck!"

He laughed his boisterous laugh at me and started to pull me closer to the dance floor.

I looked into the crowd and I could a lot of familiar faces. Maria was here and so was Esme and Carlisle. Rose just switched partners and she was now dancing with her Mom's former dance partner while Jasper was dancing with his mom.

"Ready, Bells?" Emmett shouted.


He chuckled and pulled me up in his arms. He placed one around my waist and took my hand in the other. It looked like we were going to waltz, but it was one that left you dizzy and disoriented.

Emmett was looking for an opening to jump in and I was shaking my head 'no' and squealing in his arms. "Emmett, I can't!"

"Yeah, you can!"

He found the opening he was looking for and we were off.

The man on the stage kept throwing out instructions at us and I was trying to follow what he was rapidly saying. Emmett was great at it and he was bouncing us in line with the others with ease. I started to like it. I started to chuckle and laugh even, as we went on and on. But then Emmett ruined it.

"You ready again?" Emmett shouted over the music.

"For what?" I asked in a panicked tone.

"We're gonna switch partners."

"Huh?" I almost missed a step when he said that. How in the hell would I switch partners when I felt like I was in a speeding car going round and around.

But apparently, Emmett and Jasper knew how.

I saw him and Maria approaching. She laughed and shouted my name and when we were close enough, all of a sudden, I was in Jasper's arms going round and around. And Maria was in Emmett's and laughing as they went on ahead of Jasper and me.

"What the hell?"

"Like it yet?" Jasper asked as he skipped us around with everyone else.

I laughed. "Getting there!"

"Let's work on that then!" Jasper yelled while making me squeal as we went a little faster.