Hello readers! I wanted to post this earlier, but school work got in the way. :( On the bright side, this is only the first chapter of the third and final part to "Of Course, Love." I've decided to write three chapters. :) I promise the next chapter will be much longer!

"If you love me, then listen to me."

"I do love you. But if you love me, then listen to me."

"You know that I love you, but…"

"We had the engagement party at the Manor, Draco."

"Right. What about it? There's no law prohibiting us from having the engagement party and wedding at the same place. Besides, there are multiple rooms in the Manor that are large enough to fit hundreds of people."

"Space isn't the issue, Draco. I would love to have the wedding there, but as much as my parents love the Manor, they insist that we have a 'proper and traditional wedding.'"

"You mean a Muggle wedding."

"Well…yes. At a church."

"If we're to have a Muggle wedding, then I won't settle for anywhere but perhaps St. Paul's Cathedral."

"So you did pay attention in Muggle Studies! You appeared to be bored to death every time you were in that class."

"I was bored to death, but now I suppose I'm glad that Mother made me take that class when we returned to Hogwarts after the war. I admit that some aspects of the Muggle world are interesting. Anyways, Mother and Father have been bothering me about having a 'proper and traditional wedding' as well."

"You mean a wizarding wedding at the Manor."

"Yes. It's been a tradition to have weddings at the Manor for as long as I can remember."

"My parents want a Muggle wedding, yours want a wizarding wedding…at different locations no less…oh, Godric! What are we going to do?"

"Hermione, calm down." Draco Malfoy put his arms around his fiancée, drawing her close and planting a kiss on her forehead.

Hermione Granger—soon-to-be Malfoy—sighed and leaned into his embrace, wrapping her arms around his waist. "How are we going to satisfy both your parents and mine?"

She felt him shrug before he simply suggested, "We could just have two weddings."

"What! Two weddings?" She exclaimed and pulled away from him to pace the length of her living room in a nervous wreck.

"Yes, that's exactly what I said." Draco's voice was laced with amusement. He sat down and made himself comfortable in her armchair, watching her wring her hands and stalk about.

"It's quite normal for two people of different backgrounds to have two weddings, but…" She trailed off, but her pacing did not cease. Draco could practically see the gears working in her brain, but the way they worked was a mystery no one would ever be able to solve.

Hermione abruptly came to a stop in front of him, her eyes wide with sudden realization. "Draco, imagine the cost of two weddings!"

He stared at her incredulously for a few seconds before chuckling. She stared back at him indignantly, but made no attempt to resist when he grabbed her by the waist and sat her down on his lap so that she was straddling him. "Of all the things to worry about, you're worrying about the cost? Hermione Granger, money should be the least of your worries."

When she continued to stare at him, he smugly added, "Must I remind you who I am?"

Hermione cracked a smile at that. "Oh, right. You're Draco Malfoy. Money has never been and never will be a problem." She teased good-naturedly, raking her fingers through his flaxen hair and brushing his fringe away from his striking gray eyes.

"Exactly, love. I'm glad you understand." He smirked and closed the distance between their lips, wasting no time in penetrating her mouth with his tongue.

"You arrogant prick." Hermione chided affectionately in between kisses.

"You know that you love it." He replied smugly.

"Well, I am marrying you." She conceded and gave him one last kiss before standing up with as much dignity as possible. (How do you gracefully get off of someone's lap anyways? Climb off? Crawl off? Slide off? Anyone care to enlighten me?) "That was a nice distraction, dear, but back to the matter at hand. I'm not so sure if having two weddings is the best idea. Money is still money."

Draco groaned dramatically and slumped in his seat as she gave him a stern glare and walked over to the window on the other side of the room. Pulling aside one drawn drape, she peered out the window.

"Hermione, I personally favor the idea of having two weddings."

"Of course you do. It's your idea, after all." Hermione scoffed without turning to look at him. "And knowing you, it's all about the publicity."

"What's wrong with wanting to show both the Muggle and wizarding world that you're rightfully mine?"

"I'm sure that everyone already knows, Draco. There's nothing left to prove. Publicity is unavoidable with both of us being survivors of the war and all that, but imagine having to deal with hoards of photographers and journalists! Dealing with them at one wedding—that I can handle. But two weddings? I may accidentally hex one of them, and I'll then be labeled 'The-Brightest-Witch-of-the-Age-Turned-the-Worst-Bride-in-Muggle-and-Wizarding-History!'"

"And I'll be forever known as 'The-Handsome-Groom-of-the-Brightest-Witch-of-the-Age-Turned-the-Worst-Bride-in-Muggle-and-Wizarding-History!'" Draco joked, pretending to appear appalled. Hermione shot him a look behind her shoulder, and he quickly said, "Granger, if having two weddings really doesn't appeal to you, then we could just have one that pleases both sides of our families by finding a way to make it both a wizarding and Muggle wedding. Take the best of both worlds." (No way in hell is Draco Malfoy making a reference to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus's song. No offense to any Miley fans.)

Hermione's eyes lit up at his words, and she whirled away from the window to face him, letting the drape fall. "Hogwarts!"

Her fiancé raised a brow. "What?"

She rushed over to him, pulling him out of his seat and mumbling, "Oh, it's perfect! We could…and…oh, that's fantastic! Why didn't I think of it sooner? And then…"

"What the—Hermione." Draco chuckled and cupped her cheeks, which were flushed with excitement, causing her to stop rambling to herself and look up at him questioningly. "Care to repeat everything you just said? Except this time, please try to speak coherently." He smirked when her eyes narrowed.

She huffed, and he detected a small spark of irritation gleaming in her eyes that reminded him of their school days as she explained. Hermione watched as Draco's expression changed from amusement to bewilderment and skepticism before it finally settled on thoughtfulness.

Hopefully you guys are interested in sticking around for the next two chapters! The next one will be the wedding! ~Claudi Skies