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"Draco! Draco, wake up!"

The man rolled from his stomach onto his back but otherwise did not express any signs of awakening.

"Dear, I have something to show you!"

He shifted onto his side.

"I know that you're awake; you're a light sleeper. Now open your eyes before I hex you!"

The exaggerated snoring abruptly stopped, and Draco Malfoy cracked his eyes open to peer blearily at the woman standing next to his side of the bed.

"Merlin, Hermione! Why are the lights on? And why are you awake? What time is it?" He groaned sleepily, stretched his arms out to grab her around the waist, and pulled her down on top of him.

She made a small noise of irritation, but nevertheless buried her face into the crook of his neck and breathed in his scent. "About 4 a.m. But I have a good reason for waking you."

"You better. Malfoys need their beauty sleep, you know."

She slapped his shoulder playfully and craned her neck up to look at his face. "Then what am I?"

He smirked with his eyes closed. "You're a Granger-Malfoy because you insisted on keeping your maiden name by placing it before my family name, which only makes you half a Malfoy. It's always been apparent to me that Grangers don't need much sleep—they're either too busy with work or reading."

She smacked him again, and he chuckled before opening his eyes to look at her. "Hey, I'm paying you a compliment here—you still look beautiful even though you barely sleep, love."

Hermione gave him a soft smile. "You're a sweet husband, Draco. And I suppose the same goes for you…"

"Of course, wife. We make a beautiful pair. Now give me a kiss." His eyes shut expectantly.

She laughed and rewarded him with a swift peck on the cheek.

His eyes snapped open. "On the lips." He demanded.

"No way." Hermione quickly scrambled off of him before he could force a kiss on her. "Not until you see what I have to show you."

Draco sighed in defeat and pulled the covers aside, throwing his legs over the side of the bed. He frowned at his wife, who was beaming at him. "Fine, you win this time. So what in Salazar's name is important enough for you to be awake at this time and disturb my sleep?"

"It's in the drawing room." She said excitedly.

He stared at her as if she were insane and sighed again, running a hand through his tousled blond locks. (He stopped using gel in his hair after Hermione had told him that she preferred it without the gooey substance.) "You're going to make me walk all the way there? Do you know how many stairs there are?"

Hermione scoffed and placed her hands on her hips, hoping that she looked daunting. "Draco, don't you start complaining now; it was your idea to buy such a huge manor, and I even told you beforehand that it's just the two of us living in it."

"For now." He mumbled to himself.

"What was that?" His wife questioned.

"Nothing, love." He gave her his smirk. "Let's go."

She pulled him up from the bed, and they walked hand-in-hand out of their spacious bedroom and into the dimly lit hallway. Hermione started to hum a song that he instantly recognized as they descended down the stairs.

He gave her an incredulous glance. "Why are you humming our school song?"

"Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts," she sang loudly, swinging their joined hands back and forth. Her voice echoed throughout their manor, and he was almost tempted to sing as well. Almost.

She continued to sing as they entered the drawing room, which was as bright as day with a grand chandelier sparkling in the middle of the high ceiling.

Draco was highly amused. "This song brings back memories. I never sang along with everyone else though."

Hermione stopped singing. It was her turn to give him an incredulous look. "Why not?"

He shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. "It just felt so stupid back then, I suppose. I mean, no one was together, and everyone was singing in a different tune."

"That's the point, Draco. It was supposed to be a free and lively display of expression, not something with strict guidelines." She clicked her tongue.

"Well, Slytherins aren't exactly the freest and liveliest people; we don't just randomly display our emotions."

"That may be so, but I clearly remember seeing a good number of Slytherins singing along."

"Yes, well, Malfoys don't sing." Draco sniffed.

"They didn't sing." Hermione corrected, giving him a smirk.

He stared at her. She wouldn't, would she? Then he remembered who she was and internally began to panic. Yes, she would.

"Don't even think about it. It's not going to happen." He released her hand, stalked over to the emerald sofa, and sat down resolutely.

Hermione crossed the room to pick up a thick book lying upon the coffee table in front of the ruby armchair before sitting down next to him on the sofa. (Of course they had to compromise on the interior decorations of their manor, as both of them favored different colors. Their result? Christmas all year long!)

"Perhaps this will make you change your mind." She held out the book to him.

He curiously took it from her and immediately dropped the book onto her lap when he saw its cover. "You're right—I've changed my mind. I'm going back to sleep."

"No, you're not." She grabbed his hand as he made to stand up.

"Hermione, you and I have both read Hogwarts: A History more than a million times already. We've even read it five times together—out loud. I counted."

"Right, but this is the newest edition!" She informed him ecstatically and ran her hand across the book's smooth and glossy surface. "Ginny and Blaise owled it to me in the morning, and I forgot about it until about 1 a.m. when I was reading in bed. You were already asleep then, so I snuck out of our room without waking you up. But then, I read through the book and just had to show you the most recent section added to it."

"Which is about?" Draco's interest peaked.

"See for yourself." Hermione waited for him to sit back down and opened the book between them, turning to the table of contents.

"Is that…?" He trailed off, positively stunned.

She nodded, grinning knowingly. "It's an entire chapter dedicated to our wedding."

He was utterly speechless.

"I know exactly how you feel, dear." She flipped to the first page of the chapter titled "An Unforgettable Wedding at Hogwarts."

"Read it. It's positively breathtaking; they have the details just right. It's like reliving our wedding day again." Hermione sighed dreamily.

"We've only been married for ten months, love." He chuckled.

"Ten months is a long time." She insisted.

"Alright, whatever you say." Draco flashed her one of his rare smiles and put an arm around her waist, drawing her closer. She snuggled into her husband's side and watched in quiet fascination as his eyes widened by the second. The only sound that could be heard in the room was the constant ticking of the large and antique grandfather clock standing in a corner.

"That's exactly what I said! Word for word!" He suddenly exclaimed, causing her to jolt in surprise.

"I told you so. They documented everything precisely as it happened; just how I like it." His wife smugly commented.

Draco didn't know whether to feel honored or creeped out.

Hermione continued to talk. "It turns out one of the journalists at our wedding was one of the main authors of Hogwarts: A History. If only I'd known beforehand…"

"What? You would have gone up to him, told him that it's your favorite book, and then asked for an autograph?" He teased, reaching over to tug at a strand of her hair.

"No, I would have asked him how he retrieved all of the hidden facts on Hogwarts to compile them into a book." She retorted haughtily.

He shot her a disbelieving look that made her blush.

"Well…to be honest, I might have asked for an autograph while I was at it." She admitted as an afterthought.

"I knew it." He smirked victoriously and kissed her temple. "So where's your worn and tattered copy?"

"It's not worn or tattered, thank you very much." Hermione huffed. "And it's sitting right next to your copy on the shelf in the library."

"That old thing is sitting in our new and beautiful library?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, and 'that old thing' is going to stay there." She stuck out her tongue childishly.

She was going to be the death of him; he could never say no to her.

"Duly noted." He rolled his eyes and gave her waist an affectionate squeeze before resuming his skimming of the chapter. The silence that fell only lasted for half a minute.

"That bloody wanker!" Draco shouted furiously, glaring daggers at the text.

Hermione sat upright and calmly laid a hand over his clenched fist. "The journalist did nothing to deserve such an insult; he's truthful about all the events that happened."

"I'm not talking about the journalist, Hermione—although, he does get part of the blame."

She was surprised. "Oh, then who are you talking about?"

"That foul git—Blaise Zabini!"

"Your best mate?"

"Not anymore—not after this!"

"Draco, I don't understand. What did Blaise do wrong?"

"Remember his little prank and proposal at our wedding? Every second of every single thing he did was recorded. He must have sent this to us on purpose!"

"I did tell you that they did a thorough job."

"But it's our wedding, Hermione! We're supposed to be the main focus here—not him!"

"Whatever are you angry about, Draco? We are the ones under the spotlight."

"Well, Zabini attracted enough attention to have his name mentioned exactly fifteen times in this chapter about our wedding! The bloody author took up half a page just to write his marriage proposal!"

"Good Godric, Draco! This is hardly something to get so worked up about. The chapter is thirty pages long, and your name appears in just about every other sentence. Is your ego satisfied now, you arrogant prick?"

"No. He's still a bloody wanker. And I'd rather be an arrogant prick than a bloody wanker any day."

"Well, you do know that this 'bloody wanker' is getting married tomorrow afternoon, right?"

"Shite, it's tomorrow? I thought it was next week! Well, it doesn't matter because I'm not—"

"And as his best man, you have to be there."

"…Bloody buggering hell."

"Well, they look…lively."

"Yes, they do."

"I was being sarcastic, Blaise."

"So was I, Gin."

"Hermione looks even more tired than usual."

"Draco looks even paler than usual."

"What? Is that even possible?"

"Love, they seem to be talking about us when we're right here."

"I know, dear. How rude of them."

"Shall we talk about them as well? I'll start—"

"Okay, we get the message." The redhead interrupted, putting her hands up in surrender. "Let's call it a truce, alright?" Her husband folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his seat, remaining silent as usual.

"We wouldn't want to spoil your wedding reception now, Gin." The brunette smiled. "So a truce it is." Her husband snorted quietly and took a sip of his champagne.

The new Mrs. Zabini grinned back at her best girl friend before her expression grew concerned. "Is something bothering you, Hermione? You really do look more tired these days."

"Oh, it's nothing."

Ginny gave her a skeptical look.

"Honestly, Gin, nothing's wrong. I just didn't get much sleep last night." Hermione assured, absentmindedly tracing the rim of her glass with her index finger.

Blaise Zabini found her response amusing, as a small smirk had made its way across his face. "And judging by the way Draco looks, neither did he."

Draco scowled at him from across the square table. "Sod off, Zabini."

It was now a full blown smirk. "A little bit touchy today, are we? Granger didn't satisfy you last night?"

Hermione blushed furiously, and Ginny shot him a death glare.

Draco actually found it amusing, but he wouldn't let himself smirk. Trying to stay mad at Blaise Zabini was tough. "She's not Granger to anyone anymore except for me, you bloody git. Get it right. And if you must know, it's always mind-blowing."

Hermione nearly passed out right then and there. Her husband sent a sultry wink in her direction. Was it just her, or did the hot summer weather just get a few degrees hotter? As gently as she could, Ginny sympathetically prodded Hermione's foot with her own. (It's not exactly easy to be gentle when you're both wearing killer four-inch heels.)

Blaise snickered. "Then what do I call her? Malfoy?" The tall Italian straightened in his seat.

"It won't kill you to call her by her first name, Blaise." Ginny gave a very unlady-like snort. "And get your mind out of the gutter—you're the groom, for Merlin's sake! Act more like it!"

Draco had to chuckle at that. It wasn't everyday a Slytherin had his arse handed to him by a Gryffindor. (He was excluding himself because he liked to think that he and Hermione were always on par; sometimes she was the winner, and other times it was him.)

"And you're the bride." Blaise shot back. "Last time I checked, brides are supposed to sit quietly and look pretty—not criticize others."

He realized his mistake as soon as the words left his mouth. But it was too late.

In just one millisecond, the two women were towering over him in all their Gryffindor glory, staring down at him with identical stormy expressions.

"Bad move, Zabini." Draco remarked a bit distractedly. His eyes were busy drinking in his wife, who looked absolutely delectable in the strapless satin dress that nicely accentuated her figure. Her lush curls, gold jewelry (including the flashy wedding ring, of course), and black stiletto heels all complimented her attire. It was rather ironic how she was wearing blood red—at the moment, she certainly looked like she was out for blood.

Blaise glanced up at his fuming wife and gave her a breathtaking smile. His best man snorted. Was this bloke really going to try and charm her now? He was going to die a horrible death. On his wedding day no less. The blond could already picture the headline news: Groom Ruthlessly Murdered by New Bride. As long as Hermione wasn't an accomplice in the murder, Draco was all for it. (What a terrible best mate. Hahaha.)

Ginny faltered for a second; Blaise rarely smiled, but here he was, radiantly smiling and looking devilishly handsome in his tux. But too bad for him—Gryffindors had stubbornly strong resolves. She continued to silently stare him down.

He was a bit unnerved, but his face held the smile. "Honey, have I told you how beautiful you look today? But that's no surprise—you look beautiful every day."


His wife didn't budge at all. Hermione folded her arms across her chest, looking unimpressed. Draco rolled his eyes. Blaise was bloody horrendous at sweet-talking.

They were causing a scene, and by now, most of the wedding guests were curiously watching the exchange between the newlyweds. Sitting at the next table over were Harry, Ron, Theo, and Pansy. They weren't exactly sure what was going on, but it didn't take a rocket scientist to deduct that Blaise Zabini was in for it.

Ignoring all of the probing eyes upon him, the groom casually took a sip of his champagne and looked evenly up at the women on either side of him. "Gra—Hermione, you look exceptionally stunning today as well."


That bloody wanker! Acting all cheeky with his wife! The animosity Draco felt towards his best mate was back tenfold.

Hermione raised an eyebrow but still refused to speak. The sound of a chair scooting out penetrated the ensuing silence. Pansy approached the table, her heels making sharp indents in the soft grass underneath. She stopped next to the brunette witch and looked at the faces around the table, intrigued. "What's happening here, guys? Are we all picking on Blaise? Because if we are, I'm joining in."

"Pansy, you're also looking radiant today." Blaise smoothly complimented, turning his blinding smile to his fellow Slytherin.


"What the hell is wrong with you?" Pansy demanded, shocked and appalled at the same time.

There were a few laughs and chuckles. The other two women at the table both cracked a smile.

"Nothing." Blaise arched a brow. "Merlin, can't a bloke compliment his own wife and friends?"

"Yes, but not you. Never you." The witch gawked at him. "Are you sane?"

There were more laughs, and his eyes narrowed. "Never better. What's the big deal?"

"Pansy, this arsehole over here says that brides should 'sit quietly and look pretty.'" Ginny coolly informed. Her husband shot her an almost panicked look.

Pansy's face immediately hardened, and a snarl was threatening to make its way up her throat. It was no secret that all three witches positioned around the groom were die-hard feminists with vengeful wraths.

"Well, it's been nice knowing you, Zabini." Draco stood up and grabbed his glass. "I'll just leave you women to it."

"Draco, where are you going?" Blaise sounded strangely nervous. It was as amusing as it was refreshing.

"I'm going to go get myself a refill. I would offer to refill yours as well, but it doesn't seem like you'll need it." Draco smirked.

"You can't leave me here all alone, mate!" Blaise said, almost imploringly.

"You're hardly alone—you've got a whole audience here. And actually, I can. And I am." The blond's smirk turned sadistic. "Now we're close to even."

The Italian was confused. "Wait, this isn't about…"

"My wedding? Think again, Zabini. You stole some of my moments of glory that day, so here I am to make sure that you don't get yours. Sounds fair to me."

"Fair? Draco, they're going to skin me alive!" Blaise exclaimed.

"Well, what do you expect me to do? They seem to want to carry out my revenge for me, so I'm not about to stop them." Draco shrugged nonchalantly.

"We're not doing this for you, Draco." Pansy seethed.

He shrugged again and began to saunter away from the table. "Alright, whatever gets the job done."

"Oh, we'll get the job done, alright." The bride had never looked more menacing. Hermione chose to shift her weight from her left foot to her right foot at that exact moment, and the heel of her right stiletto promptly snapped, causing her to lose her balance. Everyone gasped simultaneously as she seemed to fall in slow motion. Draco whipped around and with lightning speed, carelessly tossed his glass to the side and moved to catch her in his arms. He fell onto his knees and held her limp body to him.

"Hermione? Love, are you alright?" The panic was evident on his face. Draco Malfoy panicking was an even rarer sight than Blaise Zabini smiling. This wedding reception sure was enlightening.

The woman in question clung to the front of her husband's dress shirt. She was still slightly breathless from the fright, and he could see a faint sheen of perspiration on her brow, which he found a bit odd. The fall hadn't been bad; she didn't even make contact with the ground, as he had taken all the impact. (What a true husband!)

"Stupid heel…" She grumbled, kicking off her shoes before burying her face into his chest.

Draco sighed in relief and situated the two of them so that he was sitting on the grass and she was between his bent knees. Stroking her hair soothingly, he breathed in the scent of her hair. "That was bloody scary."

He felt her nod in agreement, and he pulled her tighter against him.

"Hermione! Are you alright?" Ginny frantically chucked off her heels, ran around the table, and threw herself onto the ground next to the couple, dirtying her white wedding dress without a second thought. (What a true best friend!)

Harry, Ron, Pansy, and Theo rushed over soon after to crowd around the three figures on the grass. (What true friends!) Blaise soundlessly stood up and moved to stand over Ginny, a concerned expression etched on his face. (What a true friend?)




The friends parted to let the anxious parents see their children. Mrs. Granger appeared to be almost in tears, and she was gripping her husband's hand as if her life depended on it—as usual. And as usual, Mr. Granger was trying to not cringe in pain.

"Hermione, you always make me so worried!" She wailed, releasing her husband's hand to kneel down and hug her daughter. Mr. Granger flexed his fingers a few times to regain circulation before kneeling down as well.

"Draco, that was fairly impressive." He gave his son-in-law a hearty pat on the back.

Mrs. Granger turned to the blond. "Yes, dear, that was indeed an impressive catch! Thank you for taking such good care of our dear Hermione!" She wrapped both her daughter and son-in-law in a warm embrace, kissing them both on the cheek.

Draco graced his in-laws with a knowing smile. He spotted his parents standing a few feet away and as soon as the Grangers moved aside, Narcissa Malfoy was on top of them, smothering the young couple in yet another motherly hug. As usual, Lucius Malfoy hung back, opting to give his son and daughter-in-law a curt nod instead.

"Healer Garner is here!" Molly Weasley announced, panting heavily from all the running she had just done. As soon as she had seen Hermione on the ground with Draco, she had searched the Burrow inside and out for the family friend who was a professional and licensed healer.

A middle-aged woman with dark hair crouched down and drew out her wand, wasting no time in examining Hermione for any signs of injury.

"I didn't get hurt." The brunette insisted. But the healer paid no mind and seemed rather insistent on doing her job. Draco gave his wife a light squeeze and with a sigh, Hermione settled with her back against his chest and allowed the witch to perform various check-up spells on her.

After casting her seventh spell, Healer Garner frowned. She looked up from Hermione's stomach. "Mrs. Malfoy—"

Mrs. Malfoy? Hermione giggled. Even after ten months, she still wasn't used to being addressed as Mrs. Hermione Jean Granger-Malfoy. She heard Draco chuckle behind her and stifled another giggle. "I'm sorry, please continue."

"You do know that it's unsafe to wear heels—"

"What do you mean unsafe?" Hermione interjected brusquely. "I know that my heels don't seem sturdy to you because one of them snapped just like a twig, but I can tell you that I have owned those stilettos for a few years now, and—"

"Hermione, why don't you let the healer finish?" Draco was amused by her little rant, but his bottom was starting to hurt from sitting. It would be nice if they could stand up as soon as possible.

"Oh, yes, sorry."

The healer shook her head and cleared her throat in slight exasperation. Young people these days. "As I was saying, Mrs. Malfoy, you shouldn't be wearing heels when you're pregnant."

Hermione's jaw dropped open rather unattractively, but she wasn't alone—nearly everyone around her had his or her mouth open in astonishment. It was clear that no one had expected this.

"I—what? I'm…pregnant?" She stuttered in disbelief.

If Hermione Granger was stuttering, then it was apocalyptic news.

"Three weeks, in fact." Healer Garner smiled professionally. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy—you're going to be parents."

Hermione suddenly noticed that the arms around her had gone slack and quickly twisted around to peer up at her husband. He gazed back at her, his steel eyes swirling with unfathomable emotion.

She shook his shoulders lightly. "Draco? Dear, are you alright?"

When he just continued to stare at her, completely dumbfounded, she tentatively placed her hands on either side of his face and leaned in so that their noses were only a few centimeters away from each other.


He didn't respond, and she was suddenly overcome with dread. What if he didn't want a child? What if she couldn't handle a child? What if it's too soon? What if…

Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when he surged forward to passionately ravish her mouth, catching her by surprise. All of her worries dissipated as she feverishly kissed him back with her entire being. His hands reached up to cup her face, and her hands dove into his hair.

Completely lost in their own world, the two of them didn't hear the chuckles and whistles until they separated. But even then, they were too busy staring into one another's eyes to make any snarky comments (Draco) or blush (Hermione).

"I love you." His voice was thick with emotion.

"I love you too." A tear escaped her right eye.

("Hey, they're actually saying it normally!" Harry exclaimed in amazement.)

He brushed it away with his thumb. "I'm going to be a father." Draco stated in wonder. "We're going to have a baby." Then he was smirking again. "A beautiful baby."

Hermione giggled. "Yes, dear. A beautiful baby."

"I'm going to be a grandmother!" Mrs. Granger shouted gleefully. She went over to where Narcissa was standing frozen in shock. "Can you believe it, Cissa? We're going to be grandmothers!" Mrs. Granger grasped her in-law's stiff hands.

A smile slowly spread across the blonde woman's face and soon, the two women were embracing in joy.

"So, Lucius. Grandfathers, huh?" Mr. Granger nudged Draco's father as the two of them watched their wives clasp hands.

"I didn't expect to become one so…soon." Lucius admitted uncomfortably.

Mr. Granger shrugged and clapped him on the shoulder. "Neither did I."

"Hermione! This is fantastic!" Ginny threw her arms around the couple. "Now you'll be a mother too! We can go shopping for baby supplies together! Our children can have play dates!"

"Weas—I mean, Ginny, sorry to burst your bubble, but my child is not going anywhere near a Zabini." Draco deadpanned.

"Why not?" Hermione and Ginny demanded at the same time.

"Because there is a bit of a…rivalry between our families."

"What rivalry?" The bemused women chorused in unison.

"Their fathers don't get along." Draco sniffed.

"Merlin, Draco. Are you still going on about that?" Blaise spoke up.

"You started it." Draco retorted.

"Okay, fine, maybe I did—but now we're more than even. You and Hermione have stolen all the attention away from me. Are you satisfied?" Blaise drawled.

"Perhaps." The blond smirked. "And the funny thing is—I didn't even plan any of it. Unintentional revenge is sweet."

The Italian rolled his eyes at his best man. "Alright, mate." He extended his hand, and Draco took it to pull himself up. Hermione was already on her feet, chatting animatedly with the women that came up to congratulate her.

"Anyways, you can't stop your kid from spending time with your own godson." Blaise said smugly.

Bloody hell. He'd forgotten about that. "Fine. But that doesn't mean you'll necessarily be the godfather of my child."

"What?" Blaise looked a bit mortified. "Oh, so you'd rather make Potter or Weasley the godfather?" He raised an incredulous eyebrow.

"What?" It was Draco's turn to be mortified. "Are you going barmy? Of course not! Your wife can be the godmother, but you have to earn the right to be the godfather."

"You're a right pain in the arse, you know that?"

"And proud of it." Draco smirked at the groom. Blaise found himself smirking back. And with all that said and done, they were best mates again.

"I see that you two are friends again." Ginny remarked humorously.

They shrugged, and she rolled her eyes. Men.

"If you two would excuse me, I'm going to go see if Hermione needs me." With a slight tilt of his head, Draco left the bride and groom by themselves.

"Whipped." Blaise coughed out.

"They're married, Blaise." His wife pointed out.

"Ginevra!" An angry voice roared.

Ginny winced and slowly turned around. "Hi, Mum…"

"What did you do to your dress?" Mrs. Weasley's hands were planted firmly on her hips as she glared at her daughter.

"Well, Mum…" Ginny started, biting her lip in shame.

"It's covered in dirt!" Her mother shouted. "You're the bride, Ginevra! Have you ever seen a barefoot bride in a dirt brown dress?"

"Not unless there's a reason behind it." Ginny countered defensively.

Mrs. Weasley's face softened at that, and she reached out to pat some of the dirt off. "Never mind, you're right—it's your wedding day, dear. And after receiving such heartwarming news, we should all be enjoying ourselves."

Her daughter smiled and gave her a brief hug before linking arms with her husband, who had been silently observing the exchange. The young couple watched the bride's mother engulf the soon-to-be-mother in a hug.

"You know that your mother only wants what's best for you." Blaise murmured to her.

"I know." Ginny glanced up at him. "Just like how I only want what's best for our child."

He nodded in understanding and bent down to plant a chaste kiss on her lips. "Speaking of Julian, we should go see how he's faring with Mother."

His wife gave him a disapproving look. "Your mother is a fine grandmother, Blaise."

He grimaced. "Sure, but I do feel slightly guilty for leaving him alone with her for so long."

"Hm, so do I. Let's go then—she should be inside the Burrow."

The newlyweds began to make their way through the garden, passing a laughing Hermione and a smirking Draco on the way.

"Oh." Ginny halted. "Don't think that I've forgiven you for your sexist comment."

Damn. Just when he thought she had forgotten about it.

A few months later…

"There is no bloody way he's wearing that thing."

"It's not a thing, Draco. It's a shirt."

"I know that it's a shirt, Hermione. I'm talking about the bloody hideous color."

"Pink isn't hideous! It's cute!"

"Well, men aren't supposed to be 'cute.'"

"Scorpius is a baby, and therefore he is cute and perfectly capable of wearing pink."

"Scorpius will be a man someday, and besides—Malfoys don't wear pink."

"Well, I think that pink is a very masculine color."

"On the contrary, I find it very feminine."

"Then why haven't I ever seen your mother wear pink?"

"She prefers darker colors—like a true Malfoy. I've seen your mother wear pink plenty of times, so I rest my case."

"Fine, you've proven your point. But I still want him to wear pink."


"Please, Draco?"


"Please, dear?"


"Please? You'll make me very happy if you say yes."

"…Merlin, woman!"

"Is that a yes?"

"…Just this one time."

"Yes! I love you, dear."

"Merlin…I know, love. Anything for you."

One year later…

"Draco, can you sing him to sleep? I'm just about to get into the bath."

"Hermione, have you forgotten that I don't sing?"

"But he won't sleep unless someone sings to him. Please?"

"You've never convinced me to sing before, so what makes you think that you will succeed this time?"

"I had a long day at work today, Draco."

"Well, so did I."

"Yes, but you got home before me. So please?"

"Which bloody song?"

"Our Hogwarts school song."

"…You have got to be bloody kidding me. You sing to him!"

"What part of 'I'm just about to get into the bath' do you not understand?"

"Hurry up and finish then."

"Godric, can't you just let me enjoy my bath?"

"…Alright! Merlin…"

"Thank you. I love you, dear."

"Yeah, yeah…I love you too."



"Why don't I hear you singing?"

"I should have never vowed to do anything for you…"



"…I'm still waiting."

"…Hogwarts, Hogwarts…"

"Good boy."

"Shut up and take your bath."

I'm just a bit obsessed with the Hogwarts song right now haha...so, did you guys notice all the references to the previous chapters and stories? ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed it! Maybe I'll write some more one-shots in the near future. ~Claudi Skies