Fear. Delicious. Not so much a specific scent like any food he'd dare remember but more because it was a promise.

The scent grew stronger and he felt muscles coil mid bound so he would land as silently as his shadow. His eyes focused on nothing but the prey. They were out of breath, sweating, and their heart was beating a mile a minute. He couldn't ask for a better victim, a better promise. He could hear their gasps and squeals of horror as he got closer and closer. At last he leapt and pinned his victim to the ground. He dug his claws into their skin, feeling it pierce and feeling the silent screams of pain that came with it. He howled proudly as his prey lay helpless beneath him.

He was sounding parts of his nature that were deeper than he could ever explain when he wasn't here, in the middle of it. He howled for his life and for the other's death, and for his possession of its very life. He howled to savor the feelings of a wild king. Then he claimed the promise and all its glory. He opened his maw wide and went right for the throat.

Beast Boy bolted up out of bed and promptly hit his head against the bedside lamp. He cradled his head in both hands as he looked around. His bedroom was dark and quiet, as it usually was at three in the morning. He was soaked with perspiration. His heart was racing so quickly it hurt and he felt a feverish thrill. He ran his tongue over his fangs, they hadn't felt the tearing flesh and ached with the need.

He sighed and slumped forward, running his fingers through his thick shock of fur. He then rubbed his tired eyes and threw his damp blankets off. And froze, I don't have fur right now… that was my hair.
^...in the present...^

He stopped retelling his story there. After that he had run into Raven and... He didn't want to share that part of his night, it was precious. He looked up at the rest of the team. They were in the war room. But during peaceful times it was really just a conference room for the team. This wasn't the most important issue that they needed to work on but anything that counted as a family issue was said here.

"You have dreams where you're hunting?" asked Cyborg. "A dream you can analyze. In your dreams are you a human or an animal? And what is your prey? "
"I'm in an animal form, but I'm not really sure which one. All I know is that I have claws and fangs. As for prey," Beast Boy admitted. "No clue, 'm not even sure what it looks like because I just smell or sense it while I'm hunting. It doesn't really matter, I guess. "

"Beast Boy, don't you like meat?" Raven asked. To beast boy this seemed to come out of nowhere and he gagged on his own spit in his hurry to answer.

"What? Of course not!" he said. "I'm a veggie-! [Cough] I mean, IMA VEGAN!" it was all a bit embarrassing but he didn't care at the moment whether or not he had drool dripping down his chin. He didn't care until Cyborg rattled across the room like a cell phone on vibrate in attempt to hand his friend a towel while simultaneously holding in his laughter. He finally did get embarrassed but by then Raven had grown too impatient with all this and took the towel first and smothered his face with it. "MmmF!"
"Yeah I know your vegan, but you eat meat flavored tofu, correct?" she asked. She then continued to scrub into his face like she was scrubbing at a dirty dish, effectively stifling his next protest to continue her reasoning. "So you must like the taste of meat."

Beast Boy's face was stinging and he growled in the back of his throat. It was quickly choked off by her scent. It was less candle wax today and more of her and her shadows. "Well… yeah, I guess I do like some of that and this…" Beast Boy purred into the cloth, through which he could feel the cool of her hand

Raven started to correct him so he would say "this and that" but saw his eyes weirdly focused on her. She shivered without anything in the room that was colder than her. Unnerved she finally realized how close they were and stepped back. Only Starfire saw this small interaction and thought it strange.

When Raven pulled away so did her scent and Beast Boy's Growl returned to the back of his throat. His boy's pride no longer felt the need to be so honest. "The thought of an animal being slaughtered and served makes me sick. I just like the fake flavoring. Nothing else"

"If I were in your position, I'd feel the same way," said Raven. "I think I do somewhat understand what you're going through."

"What? How?"

"I'm part demon, Beast Boy," she stated, a little annoyed at his shock. "I get demonic urges just like you get primal urges." This she began to carefully explain."I always have this desire to let myself go completely and just do whatever my heart wants, no matter what the consequences are. When I'm really ticked off I fantasize about pulling apart whoever stands in my way. Seeing a natural disaster makes my heart race excitedly for a few seconds until I remember it is a DISASTER. See, we share a parallel state of mind."

"But your primal side came and went, so this is probably much more temporary," she added ruefully. Robin nodded at this and leaned back against the wall as if more distance could actually let him see the bigger picture.

"Maybe because friend beast boy suppresses primal instincts so much they're building up and eating away at your mind of subconscious," said Starfire. Robin nodded.
"Could it be the source? Could it be your primal side longing to be released again?" asked Cyborg.

"I hope not," said Beast Boy. "But I doubt it."
"Why is that?" asked a surprised Starfire.
"I don't know … it feels different, really"

That's not very comforting. Maybe this time it's more psychological instead of instinctual," said Raven. Robin nodded at this.
"Could be," said Cyborg, "Maybe you should talk to a pro, B."
Beast Boy jerked his head away from Raven to glare at his best friend. Boy's pride and growl mixing in protest he looked around to see EVERYONE was considering it. "A shrink, guys? REALLY?"

"it matters not how it sounds, as long as it helps," Starfire replied. Robin nodded.

"Would you stop nodding along and say something?" snapped beast boy to robin.
Robin raised an eyebrow now," Frankly, a psychologist would be a huge security concern. It would be an ideal way to earn our trust or learn our weaknesses. But your health is top priority. But I think you are still sound of mind enough to decide if you need outside help for yourself."

"Well then I don't" he made steady eye contact with the rest of his family," and I am actually real sure of this. Whatever happens next is something I need to understand. Some average Joe shrink won't help."
Robin nodded again.
Raven raised his eyebrow.
And Cyborg shrugged.
As an afterthought Starfire mentioned, "Maybe act on your instincts a bit. That may release that pressure of steam."
"Starfire, you have no idea what kind of instincts we're talking about, here," said Beast Boy. "I mean, I have the desire and needs of every animal! Sometimes I growl and roar when I'm threatened, I have this desperate need to mark my territory, and don't even get me started on the Harvest moon that pushes me into heat! How can I just stop suppressing all of that after I've spent so much time controlling them? Or do you want me to make a bunch of quarter human bunny children?"

"It was just a suggestion," added Robin quickly, unnerved by the idea of beast bunnies even as he smiled at the sarcasm. That he sarcasm meant B had at least cheered up. Cyborg started wondering out loud what little beast bunnies could do for the team and robin countered with all of the dangerous "what ifs". They both looked back at beast boy one last time before seriously debating the topic as they left the room. Following, Starfire commented about how adorable mutant bunnies might be, and agreed with one than the other.
Raven was following them out. But she would take the precious scent with her. He couldn't let her just leave. "Do you ever have dreams like I do?" he blurted out.
"Sometimes," she said. "Sometimes I imagine I'm terrorizing people and ...it feels great, and the power high is priceless, preciose. And it's so great until I wake up…"
"Does anything help you to stop having those dreams?" he asked.

"Yes," she said as she turned back around to face him. Her iris seemed to catch the light just enough to reflect some red. But there was almost nothing red in the room. "The next day I let myself in your games of Stankball and take my bloodthirsty side out on you and Cyborg." She said with a vicious smirk that was just a little too toothy. He joyfully smiled back with a little too much fang and saliva. And once again the teens returned to themselves and broke eye contact. They chatted idly as they walked out into the light pretending neither of them had slipped in their humanity.