Beastboy winced as Raven sat him down. He shuddered involuntarily. Teleporting with Raven always left a slight chill in his bones. Like her beloved shadows had passed through him while he had been pulled through them.


Still shaking off the chills, his teeth chattered as he whined, "He called you evil. I had to do something."

Raven's expression darkened slightly, as she pressed her lightly glowing hands to his face. He felt the pain from the fistfight lessening as her powers went to work. "After the incident with Trigon, a lot of people feel that way. You can't just punch everyone who disagrees with us IN THE FACE."

Beast boy grinned, which hurt. Beast boy rubbed his face, hoping to soothe the remaining ache. Raven's telekinesis allowed healing from the inside. It was truly an amazing talent, but not exactly perfect.

"He looked as if he was about to punch You! Plus there was definitely something weird about him. He made it sound like you don't deserve to be a Titan. I don't know; he was just too weird. I think he was crazy."

"He was probably a little bit drunk! A lot of people were. Let me remind you, we were at a charity dinner! You're lucky we could teleport away before you messed up the entire gathering. Thank god the proceeds were from the ticket sales. At least, the programs will still get the money. But talk about Inappropriate!" Raven would have said more but she needed a break from scolding him to concentrate. She held Beast boy's sprained wrist gingerly as she focused on the damaged ligaments.

Making use of her temporary need to be silent, Beast boy decided that the best defense was a good offense. "What was JASON doing when I was getting my butt kicked? He was there too; he should have helped out!"

"Jason would never have caused all this trouble! He wouldn't have turned a comment into a fist fight!"

"Where Was He? Cuz you sure do love to talk about him, Rae- But I was the one who was RIGHT THERE!"

There was some sort of hot headed love confession buried in there but Raven managed not to hear it. The truth about Jason was too distracting.

In all honesty, while Raven, Beast Boy, Jinx, and the Drunkard had been getting into a fight, Jason had been on the other side of the room. It hadn't been a very large room but he hadn't noticed a thing. He had been talking to Starfire.

No, he'd been hitting on Starfire. No, that couldn't be right. And right now wasn't the right time to think about it.

"He was distracted... I don't know, maybe because you just immediately jumped in and hit the guy. Hold still, your wrist isn't done yet."

"Whatever," he scoffed at her defense of her boyfriend.

"It's not whatever, do not do that! You can be such an impulsive moron sometimes."

Beastboy was steamed. He glared at the ceiling only to realize that he didn't recognize it. The only light was that of Raven's glowing hands. "Where are we? I know you didn't drag me all the way back to the Tower."

Raven shook her head. "No, I wouldn't have the energy to heal you if I had done that. We're just in our limo."

"Anyway Raven, you have to admit that he had it coming. He shouldn't talk about you that way, you've helped to save the world!" Beast boy moved his stiff wrist around, testing it. It was sore, of course, but Raven had helped tremendously.

Raven lifted Beastboy's shirt. Raven did a double take when she saw his bare skin. The mark on his ribs was already a dark bruise. There were old scars all over his body. That plus his insane amount of muscles produced an image that was so raw. She swallowed dryly. Even if he wasn't strong by human standards his constant changes into animals had made his body so defined.

"What's wrong? Is it really bad?" She had been staring at him too long.


She pressed her hands to him once again, hoping to ease the pain and ignore the tension.

No, there is no sexual tension. It's all in your mind. Focus.

"It's nice of you to try to defend my honor, Beast boy. It's... sweet, in a way. Still, he wasn't exactly a small man, and you aren't the best fist fighter in the world."

"WHATEVER, I don't care." She rolled her eyes at him and was about to protest when he clamped his uninjured hand over her mouth. "Rachel Roth, take me seriously for once… I would do that again, maybe a million times over again. I am not EVER going to sit back and let someone talk down to you. Plus, you make yourself out to be indifferent while really you get hurt by all this hater talk AND ITS STUPID. Don't make that face- I'm not done yet! You will have to hear a lot of crap from a lot of people like that. But in reality, YOU are the MOST heroic people I know. Anyone who says differently NEEDS to have some sense knocked into them. AND if I hear you AGREE with any of it! S0 HELP ME, I WILL KNOCK SENSE INTO YOU TOO!"

The silence that filled the room was deafening. Raven was flooded with a confused batch of emotions and she was at a complete loss for where all that even came from. Beast boy was inwardly kicking himself and he was at a complete loss for what had let him say all that. She stared at him. Beast boy grew stiff in the silence and started counting the seconds he should maybe wait to break the silence. When he got to 4 though, Raven hugged him.

"Thanks," she whispered. She really held on to him, as though he was the only thing keeping her on earth. He tried not to be awkward. So he hugged her back. But this brought up the issue of whether or not he could cop a feel.

This mental debate was brought short when he felt wetness on his shoulder. Finally tuning in to her mood, he focused on holding her. She cried only little bit. Still, neither of them would ever admit it to anyone. But it was nice that for once, being a little emotional was ok.

She did accidentally levitate them both until their heads hit the ceiling. But BB just held onto her and pretended it was all normal. He pushed upward against the limo ceiling so they were floating in the middle of the limo instead of bumping into it.

She pulled away and (still floating) they smiled at each other. "Thanks."

"Sure, Rae."


"You're welcome, Rae. But…"

She started to bring them back down. Embarrassed now she asked, "What?"

He smiled ear to ear, "I would have clocked the guy even if you weren't gonna thank me for it."

She snorted and then punched him.

"Ow! Wounded patient here!"

She looked concerned for a minute before laughing outright and punching him even harder. That time it did hurt. But that time Beast Boy didn't complain. She was laughing. What else could possibly matter?