(fo' teh record (lol i am mr TEA!) (geddit cuz british people eat tea :D) i am leeving irene alder (more like irene alDERP if u ask me ;)) out of this beucase she is a natsy sherlock stealing ho)

(so juts preted all the irene parts are with anderson or somethin)

(lol anderson!1)

SOOO basicaly Sherlokc and john and just riding~ in the car (lol waht did u think they were on HORSES) (brokeback hill omgees)

Shelrock had ben getting lots of casses lately (omg CASStiel) (haha ;) ;)) and one of them was about this glowing rabbi or something

but then this harry (not potter) dude comes in and sas that his dad was kiled by htis hound

and sherlock is all liek HOUND john i have alyways wanted a puppy

(lol i didnt pay ALOT of attention so juts bear wiyh me)

they go to a hoetel theng and then some crEEPY shit happesn the white rabbi was a code fro crack

the crakc made the people hallunicate and see HOUNDS aslo gasmaks r u my mummy) lol

unfornuttly shelrock didnot get his puppy :((

so then moriarty was dnacing to some ballot msuic (moritaty sould just be a ballerina allready lol)

he stoel some sutff like jewels and than he pertended to bee a guh calked richard bjorks and siad hat sherlock was a liar lair pants in the dryer

so then theyre o nthe rootfop and than moriatry HSOOTS HIMSEFLE IN TH EUFCKINg HEAD and shelrock jumps off

so much sadfaec ! :(