Hey guys! Here is my second fanfic: Senior Class President. It's a NejiTen fanfic and I'm taking a couple of ideas from 'Glee.' You'll see what I mean later. Here's the first chappie. Enjoy!



"Remember. Your project on Volcanoes is due Monday. Have a nice weekend." Asuma announced.

It was break time and I grabbed my things and headed for my locker. One more class and then I can finally have some rest and relaxation.

The name's Tenten by the way. I have long brown hair, which reaches my mid back, tied in my usual hairstyle, two neat buns and matching brown eyes. I'm currently wearing a pink Chinese top and jeans with converse. I am not Chinese. I repeat, I am NOT Chinese! I just like wearing Chinese fashion.

"Tenten! Wait up!" a voice called. I turned to see my best friends Sakura and Hinata running towards me.

Sakura has short pink hair and green eyes. She was often bullied for her large forehead when she was young but as she grew up, she didn't let that bother her anymore. She is short tempered and has insane strength. Trust me, you don't want to be a victim but she also had a cheerful personality that everyone adored.

She had tied her hair in a spiky ponytail and was wearing a yellow t-shirt that had a big smiley on it with tight black jeans and black Ugg boots.

Hinata is a silent girl. She has indigo hair which reached her waist and lilac eyes. Despite her shy personality, she is very mature and patient. She is obedient and friendly to all. She's really nice and her cooking's the best! At first, she stuttered when she talked. But slowly, she got rid of that habit.

She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt and a red knee length skirt with white flats. She also wore a stylish black belt that made her outfit look like a dress.

"Hey guys." I greeted.

"Hello Tenten-chan." Hinata said quietly.

Sakura tilted her head, "Hey Ten, you alright?"

Sakura, you know me too well. I was busy the whole week with assignments, projects, homework not to mention my 'Art of Weaponry' classes. I had taken an interest in weapons and sharp objects since I was little and have been taking classes on how to wield them. I didn't tell anyone about these classes except Sakura and Hinata. You don't wanna be around me if I have something sharp in my reach.

"Just . . . tired." I replied.

"You push yourself too hard." Sakura said as she shook her head.

"You should take a break, Tenten-chan." Hinata suggested.

"That's the plan," I said. "I'm planning to take a nice long rest this weekend. Maybe go to the mall or maybe watch a movie."

Sakura snapped her finger, "I know! Let's have a sleepover at my house this weekend. We can watch movies, eat tons of food, have a makeover etc. etc."

"Sounds good to me." I grinned. A sleepover with my best buddies? I'm definitely in.

"Great idea Sakura-chan," said Hinata. "But if you don't mind, let's have it at my house. This weekend my father is going on a business trip tomorrow evening. He told me to stay at home. He also said I could invite some friends over if I wanted to."

"That's okay with me," Sakura said with a smile.

Then, someone bumped into me. "Ow! Watch where you're going." I exclaimed.

"Watch where you're standing." A voice answered. It was Hyuuga Neji. Neji was Hinata's cousin. He had lilac eyes like Hinata and long brown hair, which reached his waist, tied in a low ponytail. He was said to be a genius. He was good in both academics and sports, making him an all-rounder. He was a school heartthrob and had fan girls. Although I hate to admit it, he's hot!

We glared at each other. Neji then grunted and walked away.

"Humph! What about him?" I asked crossing my arms. Everyone has flaws. They think Neji doesn't have any but he does; his attitude stinks! He's really arrogant and cold. I don't like the idea of Neji, the arrogant jerk ruining my weekend.

"Don't worry, Tenten-chan," Hinata said softly. "Neji-nii-san said he would be out this weekend. That's why I have to stay home."

I sighed with relief, "That's good."

Sakura laughed, "You totally like him."

"Do not!" I yelled. Sakura was always looking for opportunities to tease me with Mr. Arrogant.

"Do too!" Sakura replied childishly.

"You're one to talk, Haruno. You like Sasuke." I said mischievously. Ever since elementary school, Uchiha Sasuke, another hottie, and Sakura, had been at war. Though I can tell, they have the hots for each other.

"No I don't!" said Sakura and stuck her tongue out.

"Sure." I said sarcastically.

Sakura crossed her arms and pouted, "He's an egocentric jerk who knows only knows how to say 'Hn'!"

"Hn." A voice grunted. Behind Sakura was Sasuke, who raised an eyebrow at her. He was cold and mysterious and had raven hair that was spiked up at the back of his head and onyx eyes. Like Neji, he was also an all-rounder and the two were always competing. Translation: He's a jerk like Neji.

"See! I told you so!" Sakura said proudly as she put her hands on her hips.

Sasuke sighed and ruffled her hair as he walked off. "Hey! You're gonna pay for ruining my hair Uchiha!" Sakura yelled as she remade her ponytail.

I laughed, "Come on let's get to class."

We walked to our respective classes; Sakura and Hinata had Math and I had History, which was my favorite class until a certain incident took place. And what is that incident? You'll find out. I took my seat. I took out my iPod and listened to my favorite song.

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

From the corner of my eyes I saw Neji take his seat next to me. And that is the reason I now hate History class. Kurenai-sensei made us all change our seatmates because she felt we 'caused too much trouble' and unluckily I had to sit with Neji. He's really cocky and like Sasuke, he only says 'Hn.'

I rolled my eyes and put away my iPod as Kurenai-sensei entered the class. After history was over, I went to my locker and took out the books necessary. After that I rushed home. My mom died giving birth to me and my dad died in a car crash when I was six. I live alone in a small but cozy apartment.

I decided to complete all my homework today since I would be at the sleepover the next day. There wasn't much; just a couple of equations in Math and my Geography project on volcanoes. I made a baking soda volcano and wrote a couple of notes.

After I finished, I got ready to go to my weapons class. I reached the dojo and changed into a red tank top and tennis shorts. Many were sparing and others were polishing their own weapons. Our sensei, Shiranui Genma, told us to settle down.

"Today we will be studying," He started to say. He pulled out the thin piece of metal, which he kept in his mouth like a toothpick, out. "About this. This is a senbon."

"Senbons usually serve a medical purpose, being used to strike acupuncture points," said Genma. "They have little killing power, but can be thrown with great accuracy. A user with proper medical knowledge however, can effectively use senbon in battle to incapacitate or even kill their target should they aim for vital spots. To make these needles more effective, the user can poison the tips of the senbon. An added benefit of throwing these at the enemy is that these are smaller than a kunai or a shuriken, making it harder to see and dodge."

Sakura would like something like a senbon. She had great medical knowledge and senbons were probably her kind of weapon.

"I'm gonna give you all two pairs of senbons and I want you to practice you aims." Genma announced. He handed out four senbons to each student. Everyone was practicing their aim with the senbons. I managed to hit the bull's eye with all four senbons. Not to brag but my aims were always perfect.

"Well done, Tenten. Everyone, a big hand for Tenten." said Genma. The other students clapped although some didn't too happy about it. I took a bow.

After class was over, I changed and headed for the door when Genma-sensei called my name.

"I'm impressed," He said with a smirk. "Once again your aims are flawless. Good job Tenten."

"That's why I'm your favorite student, sensei." I said with a grin.

Genma chuckled, "And I'm your favorite teacher." He ruffled my hair and I pouted.

When I reached home, I took a nice hot shower. I was so busy that I didn't get to shower for the whole week! I know, disgusting! The hot water unknotted my muscles and the smell of my fruity shampoo helped me relax.

I changed into my pajamas and looked at the senbons on the bed. Since I had four, I decided to give a pair to Sakura and keep the other for myself. I decided to do a little cleaning. After I finished dusting my room I grabbed the broom and started to sweep. As I cleaned under the bed, my eyes landed on a cardboard box. I pulled it out and opened it.

Inside were a couple of my dad's belongings. His graduation cap, basketball trophies and medals and some other stuff from his youth were there. There were also some cook books that he must have used after mom died and by the looks of it, these books weren't available in stores anymore. Hinata loved new recipes. I took out the cook books and put my dad's belongings back under the bed. I smiled to myself; I had a pair of senbons for Sakura and cook books for Hinata.

I went to the kitchen and pulled out the juice carton from the fridge. My phone started buzzing and I answered it.

"Yo!" Sakura greeted on the other end.

"Hey Sakura. What's up?" I said as I drank the juice straight from the carton. I didn't even bother to get a glass.

"Hold on. Let me call Hinata too."

Finally a voice said, "Hyuuga residence." It was Neji.

"Umm . . . can we speak with Hinata?" Sakura asked politely. Neji sighed and told us to wait. A few seconds later, Hinata spoke, "Hello?"

"Hey Hinata." I said.

"So here's the plan; tomorrow we can meet up at the mall at around 11:00, do some shopping, get some lunch then go to Hinata's place for the sleepover." Sakura cut in.

"That's fine." I replied.

"There is a tiny problem," Hinata said quietly. Sakura and I waited for her answer. "Hanabi would be home with us."

"WHAT?" Sakura shrieked.

"But she's a monster!" I protested.

Hyuuga Hanabi, Hinata's sister, may seem cute and innocent but she's plain evil. Once, Hinata and I had to do a video presentation on the topic 'Forest Fires.' We made an awesome video but somehow, Hanabi replaced it with a video of Neji whistling the 'Pink Panther' theme song while mowing the lawn and Hiashi in the bubble bath enjoying his sake. Not only did we get an 'F' on the project, but we got huge lecture from Hiashi and cold glares and sneers from Neji. Hanabi was never caught. It was definitely NOT cool!

"I'm sorry," Hinata said. I could imagine her looking down apologetically on the other end of the phone. "I thought she would be going with father or maybe going to my grandmother's place this weekend."

"No problem, Hinata." Sakura said softly.

"Yeah," I piped in. "I mean we'll just mind our own business."

"Thank you, girls!" Hinata exclaimed softly.

"No problemo!" I replied. I put the juice carton back in the fridge. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Bye." We all said at the same time.

I went back to my room and lay on my bed. I thought about my dad. He did everything by himself to take care of me. We would sing country songs during our road trips, we would spar together and we would always watch the game on T.V.

As for my mom, my dad told me that when I was in my mom's tummy, she would sing to me when I kicked her and tell me stories of her childhood. Though I never met her, I feel like I've known her all my life. I blamed myself for her death but my dad told me my mom loved me dearly and would have done anything to protect me; even give her life.

After my dad died, I went into shock. After I received the news, I didn't talk for a whole week. I couldn't sleep because I'd get nightmares. People started avoiding me because they thought I was a psycho. But then, I met Hinata and Sakura and slowly, my life was returning back to normal. I told myself that my dad was now with my mom and both of them wouldn't be happy if I spent the rest of my life brooding.

I sighed and pulled the covers over my head. I closed my eyes and let the sleep take over me.

The first chappie is done!

I used the lyrics of 21 guns by Green Day in this song. Why? Well there are two reasons: one, it was in my head when I was writing this chapter. Two, a gun is a weapon and Tenten is a weapons expert. LOL

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