Frozen in the Past

I am alone out here in the dark.

My thoughts squirm like a writhing crawler.

I've been a horrible flyer, no doubt.

There's no way I could feel any smaller.

I look to the sun,

And I see no one;

I'm all alone in my run.

I dig my talons way deep in the dirt.

Pulling them back, I see my reflection.

Oh, what a fool I was back then.

I actually thought I could reach perfection.

I look to the moon,

And I hope that soon,

I can become quite a boon.

I bash my head and rightfully so.

Never have I felt such anguish before.

Will I ever be accepted again?

My heart can only dread what's in store.

I look to a cloud

While the beating is loud,

Right where I once felt so proud.




Never standing here or there.

Never happy anywhere.

No more with a peaceful air.

The cold time winds blew far across the land.

At long last, five cold times were now at hand.

Pterano then flew to the valley so fair,

But his thoughts overwhelmed, and he stopped in the air.

His past would not change, so only this would suffice:

He stopped flapping his wings, fell, and froze in the ice.

Author's note: There was a tiny mistake in here, but after making the audio for it, I didn't feel it was crucial enough to worry about fixing. For those that don't know, I have an audio file link for this on my account page.