Biff tannen was finding gold to be then he saw a deloran! Hidden under a HUGE block of ,How...Marty just came Back from 1955 and saw him and Doc! The deloran time traved and Marty Diss appeard. Doc! The teenage boy flips the old man and sees him crying the doctor gets up. Well,what the hell. They left but what did you not see? BOOM! Marty presses 12/9/1885 on hits a house, A cave then he crashes on the window and now dead. Back to the present, Biff opened the deloran and took out the dead calls someone. Marios toe tows how may I help you. BACK TO THE FUTURE PART 21 2015 Hey Mcfly I heard you took down Griff! What! I didn"t I was at the cafe 80"s said Marty jr. Ha nice joke. Now confused he went home. One day later... Dad father son day! To Miami! Yeah yeah get your ass in the car. BOOM! Marty! Said doc Yo- he was cut by Marty yeah Doc I have to go back to the future now tell me the god damn year and tell me what to Marty you didn't let me finish.I was going to say I need your SON to go back with whats goin on! Son im a Time travler. Chapter 2 coming soon