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The dark, shadowy figure stood his ground in the field, clutching at his left side, blood gushing from the wound. In the background, he could hear his father and brother yelling, his younger sister screaming as his mother cried for her youngest son. In front of him, his broken lover lay on the ground in front of a murderer, crying silent tears from the agony of his own wounds.

"Scorp-" Albus tried to say, as he fell to his knees. His father yelled for him to stop, but he ignored them all. He only had the need to get to his lover's side, the man above forgotten as tears of his own pain slid down his pale cheeks. Draco Malfoy, Scorpius' father, stood back with Harry Potter and his own family, both older men watching the dark brunette's form as he crawled to Scorpius' limp form.

Just as he reached Scorpius' form, a swift kick forced him back a foot, onto his back. Struggling, with the shrieks and screams of rage from the others behind him, he lifted his head, his emerald eyes glittering with something akin to pure anger; He could barely see the Malfoy heir's chest rising and falling, and he knew, he had to get to him. Soul mates or not, he had to get to his lover.

"Ah, ah, ah! No moving, Potter." A cold, shudder-inducing voice hissed above him, as the attacker's foot came down onto his chest, keeping him efficiently pinned down. Rain, ice-cold, came down on the large group, all Ministry workers and Hogwarts staff, everyone, watching the two.

The headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Minerva McGonagall, clutched her wand to her chest, and watched in horror as Albus was grabbed by his throat and pulled upwards, no thought on the attacker's part for how Albus would be affected .

"-ou…bastard!" Albus growled, ripping himself away. He stumbled a few inches backwards, Voldemort's hand snaking out quickly to backhand him roughly. The blood tasted horrible, so he simply spit it out at the snake-faced man. A mistake, he realized too late as Voldemort stepped forward threateningly.

"Malfoy is dead, Potter. Now it is your turn. Face it like a man, Potter! Face it with dignity, or do you deny your precious lover that knowledge, knowing you were a-" Voldemort spat out the last word, like it was bitter inside his mouth, "coward!"

"No! I'm not! H-he would never think that way about me!" Albus growled, lifting his right arm, wand in hand. The AK was right on his lips, all he had to do was say it, but all too soon, he was knocked off his feet by a CruciatusCurse. Screams of rage and horror filled the void as Albus writhed and twisted on the muddy ground, screaming in agony. For two minutes, the curse was held. Once it was released, Voldemort stepped back, a smirk on his thin, red lips.

The man stepped back, allowing Albus to scramble past him to get to his fallen lover, as Riddle began his immense speech on how Harry Potter was weak, and how his SON was going to be such a pleasure to kill.

"Scorpius..Malfoy..Baby, please..get up, lover..get up! Please, Scorpius, I need you!" Albus whispered fiercely, cupping his mate's right cheek with his right hand, "Please, baby..open your eyes. I can't do this without you, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.." Tears slid down his cheeks, in thin, angry rivulets. The anger, rage burned within him at the man who had rendered his love so helplessly. That was enough to knock most of the on-lookers back, and the sudden gust of wind forced Voldemort onto his arse in the mud, "-ease, Scorpius. You've never let anything get you this way before, why should you let it happen now?" He begged his lover, willing to open his eyes. As nothing happened, Voldemort watched the distraught lover beg and plead with the young Malfoy boy, his cries reaching all on-lookers. Each and every one of them had tears falling, except Voldemort, as Albus lent over his boyfriend and pressed soft lips to the chilled, slightly blue-tinged lips of Scorpius' own. Pulling away, the Potter male only collapsed onto his love's chest, a sob ripping from his own as the agony finally set into his heart.

Voldemort had murdered his best friend, his lover, his mate. No, not his mate; His soul-mate. The closest thing you could ever get to completion.

Rage soon over-shadowed the agony, and with trembling fingers, he pushed the long, silky blonde strands of Scorpius' hair from his face, before he wiped his eyes with his hand. Struggling, he stood, gripped his wand tightly within his fingers, and pointed it at Voldemort's chest.

The man, murderer, had the balls to actually stand there and laugh as Albus made his way slowly towards him. All eyes were on the young Potter male, James and Harry both equally frightened for their son and brother. Ginny had gone to her sister-in-law Hermione's arms, all of Albus' cousins and family members gathered round.

"-you. Will. Pay. Voldemort," the young man snarled, brandishing his wand as numerous curses, hexes and Unforgivables flew. Voldemort returned each with his own vigor, not wanted to be bested a second time by a Potter. A curse hit the Dark Lord's chest, making him howl In pain. Albus advanced without mercy, his face taking on a completely different look that had more than his father and would-be-father-in-law worried. Each hex and curse struck the man, who was on his knees, Albus' mind filled with hatred and anger.

Until one cutting hex too many lobbed Voldemort's head from his shoulders, and Albus once more fell to his knees. Voldemort's head, still alive and twitching, landed twenty feet from Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, and rolled the rest of the way, stopping one foot from them both. Draco looked back at Albus, who was swaying from the onslaught of his rage-filled magical attack. He ran forward, knowing Harry would deal with the body of the Dark Lord.

All Albus knew as he collapsed, was a pair of strong arms moving to wrap around him; One around his shoulders, the other around his waist, the darkness overtaking him.

A soft murmur of "Scorp-" reached Draco's ears, making the tears spring back into his eyes at the mention of his son. But he knew as he motioned for Poppy Pomfrey to assist him, it would hit Albus Severus Potter so much harder than anyone else. And only he knew why, on top of that.

Scorpius had been right around two weeks pregnant with Albus' child when Voldemort had struck Malfoy Manor to abduct the young Heir from his bed.

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