Hey everyone, Emma (Skyuni123) here. I'm your new author for this story. Also, I'm a New Zealander, so I apologise if I use any weird spellings of some words, such as realise (realize). If I use any Maori words (such as Mana, Maia, etc) I will provide a translation.

Okay, as we have some double ups in names, Allie Cunningham will be referred to as Allie C, and the other Allie will be referred to as Allie. Xavier Munguia Gonzalez will be referred to as Xavier, and the other Xavier will be referred to as X.

Okay then, on with the story!


A wave of nausea overcame her as she forced her eyes open. A metallic taste hung in her throat, her vision was blurred and her lips were parched. She had no idea who she was, where she was or how she had came to be there. She had no idea of really anything at the moment.
Sam, her subconscious whispered. Your name is Sam. One semblance of her identity restored, she glanced around her surroundings with renewed vigor.
A shadowy box, about two metres cubed, with no visible exits. Sam staggered to her feet, feeling the box swim around her. Or, perhaps that was just her.
Another wave of nausea, this one worse, made her lean against the wall of the box and dry retch. As she pressed her ear against the wall, she could hear the faint sound of rusty, grinding engines nearby. Rusty. That wasn't a word she knew from... But, knew from where? She couldn't make out anything before waking up in this.. this, lift. Lift was also a word she didn't know.

It was then that she realized that the room was moving. Moving slowly, very slowly, upwards. How she hadn't noticed it earlier, she didn't know. Perhaps she was too preoccupied by the overwhelming nausea and headache that still remained.
Suddenly, the room, the.. lift, stopped moving and she, unprepared for the sudden stop, pitched forwards and her outstretched arms landed in a puddle of red, sticky liquid. Under closer examination, she could tell it was blood. Then, she noticed a small shape in the far corner of the lift. Curiously, Sam, still on her hands and knees, crawled towards it. Then, she recoiled in horror. It was a hand! The nausea in her stomach threatened to rise again and she turned away from the horrible, bloody sight.

She sat in the corner of the elevator for minutes, hours or was it days? After awhile, her fatigue got to her, and she fell into a, somewhat uneasy, sleep.

The lift was illuminated with a bright blue light, and Sam's ears were in agony. A loud wail, not unlike screaming seemed to be pouring into her head from all corners of the lift. She threw her hands over her ears to try and block out the horrific noise, but nothing seemed to help. She realized the noise was coming from her own head. The noise grew louder and louder, forcing Sam's hands away from her ears, and to clawing at the wall, trying to stop the pain from the earsplitting sound. She clawed at the wall, nails snapping and blood dripping from her fingers.

The screaming sound rose higher in pitch, and Sam's head started to throb. She squeezed her eyes shut as the pain in her head intensified, then..

..she woke, her heart thudding in her chest and her breathing heavy. She glanced wildly around the lift, making sure that her dream wasn't real. A loud clanking from the ceiling made her look up, apprehensive of what she might see. A crack had appeared in the roof, where uncomfortably bright light shone through. Sam squinted at the crack, feeling slightly more interested as the crack widened into a sizeable gap, wide enough for her to climb through. She could see the silhouette of something, perhaps heads leaning over the gap.

That was when a rope ladder almost hit her in the face.

"Oi, shank! Grab the ladder!"

Sam reached the top of the lift and fell out onto dry ground. She hauled herself up to find herself surrounded by teens, all different nationalities and heights. They were staring at her. She stared right back, confused.

A short, skinny girl with black hair and green eyes pushed her way through the crowd. She held out a hand, "Hey, shank. I'm Allie C and.."

She was interrupted by a larger boy with dreadlocks and very noticeable scars on his cheeks pushing in front of her. " Dylan. This is..."

Sam walked past him, back to Allie C. "You were saying?"

Allie C smiled. "I'm Allie C, one of two, hence the last name. Welcome to the Glade. Or, as we like to call it, our personal hell."

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