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Chapter Three

"What.. what was that?!" Sam puffed, lowering the somewhat heavier, black-haired boy to the ground.

"That was the Doors." Another girl, who looked very young and had brunette hair said as she ran up to the group with a medical kit. She knelt and began to examine the still-prone Rachael. "They close every night to keep the Grievers out... Wait, who are you?"
Sam briefly explained who she was.

"I'm Kate." Kate said, pulling a shiny tube out of the medical kit, "And I'm a Med-Jack."
"A what?" Sam asked.

"A person who helps other people. Medical help." Kate explained, as she rubbed some of the cream from the tube on Rachael's forehead.

The unconscious girl began to stir, causing Dylan to look over from where he had been talking quietly to Connwaer. "Good. We can finally get this sorted out." Dylan said grimly, "Connwaer, what the shuck happened out there?"

"Well..." Connwaer said, slowly sitting up, looking incredibly ill as he did so. "I was running like normal, but then I ran into a group of Grievers. They chased me, I got out of the way and then followed them. I.. I found a new pathway, Dylan."

"What do you mean?" Dylan said curtly, looking over at Sam as though she wasn't privileged enough to listen to this 'secret' conversation.

"The path just ended. It dropped into nothingness. The Grievers were jumping off, and then.. they disappeared." Connwaer finished, trailing off into silence.

"What about Rachael?" Dylan urged, "What happened to her, Conn?"

But Connwaer was gone. He'd passed out, most probably from fatigue, Sam theorised.

Kate looked around at the crowd gathering around them. "Felicity?" She asked.

A girl, who looked about the same age as Kate emerged from the crowd. She had brown hair and large brown glasses on.

"..What?" She asked shyly.

"Can you get us some water? Conn and Rachael need it." Kate explained. "And Richard, you go with her." The two aforementioned people headed off out of the group without another word.

"..Can I help?" Sam asked Kate. She wasn't good with girls, but this one seemed nice enough.

"You can mix this into the water when Dick and Felicity get back." Kate said, tossing Sam a clear packet full with some bright orange powder.

Sam caught it and waited for the others to return with the water.

Rachael stirred some more and then her eyes flew open. Dylan's gaze moved to her immediately. "Rach. What happened?"

"G..Grievers." Rachael said simply, "Get me to the Map Room. I need to write this down."
"Is it safe to move her?" Sam asked Kate. She didn't know what the Map Room was, but the note of urgency in Rachael's voice was enough for her.

Kate didn't answer.

"Who's this then?" Rachael said, looking at Sam with a wary glance.
"Sam. I'm Sam." Sam said, "I got here just now."

"Really." Rachael said, barely disguising the contempt(?) in her voice.

"I'll carry her." Dylan interrupted, stopping anything that Sam was about to say in retaliation. "If she says it's important, it must be."

"But..." Kate began.

"You can help her in there." Dylan said, swiftly cutting Kate off.
"..I..I'm allowed in the Map Room?" Kate said, looking incredulous.

"Just this once," Dylan replied, "Not her though." He directed his gaze at Sam.

"...Uh... Okay..?" Sam said, "I'll just stay here then..." She plopped down onto the dusty ground.

Dylan nodded, picked up Rachael and walked off towards a small concrete building over in one corner of Haven. Kate took the packet of orange powder off Sam, packed up her medical kit and helped the now-awake Connwaer up. They followed Dylan and Rachael, talking quietly.

Sam felt a bit put out.. Okay.. She was in a strange place that she had no idea about, most likely everyone didn't trust her and she had no idea what to do. Great...

A moment later, another girl sat down beside her. It was Allie C, from earlier. Apparently she wasn't trusted enough to be left on her own for long.

"Hey!" Allie C said.

"Hi..?" Sam said warily. She wasn't the best with girls. She didn't know why, but she felt as though she couldn't really trust them. "Um... What do I do now?"

"It's going to be dark soon." Allie C explained, "So we'll have dinner and then find you a bed. You'll get taken around the jobs tomorrow."

"Jobs?" Sam questioned.
"We all work here." Allie C said, "But I'll go over that tomorrow, when it's light."

It was later, after dinner, when Sam was stripping down somewhat for bed, she noticed that she had what looked sort of like a tattoo on her left shoulder. She squinted at it, trying to read the small printing. It read 'WICKED is good'. Not knowing what WICKED was, Sam decided to ignore the tattoo and just go to bed.

I'll introduce the characters I haven't introduced yet in the next chapter and the jobs etc. If you've got any criticism or something like that that you want to tell me, go ahead! Thanks for reading.