Passion Dissolved in the Wine

Disclaimer: Sailormoon is the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha and Toei Animation. All characters, settings etc. are used without permission. This is a fanfiction of Sailor Moon, for my interest in the KunZoi pair, and I promise that there is definitely neither illegal nor financial purpose.

Warning: This is an M rate fanfiction of KunZoi.


The story:

"Hope you enjoy yourselves, everyone!" With the active words from Prince Endymion started the annual New Year dancing ball of the Kingdom of the Golden Elysium. It was the happiest time of a year to people of Elysium, and it was for not only celebrating a new year but also for best wishes to the next year.

Kunzite, who was the highest-ranked general and also the most powerful warrior of the kingdom as well as the leader of the four royal guardians of Prince Endymion, was not in the dancing pool at the moment.

Instead, the silver-haired man with a pair of silver eyes was standing beside a table holding a glass of wine in his hand. However, it seems that he was definitely paying little attention to his wine, since he was gazing at a certain moving point in the dancing pool.

Prince Endymion was dancing with the beautiful moon princess who was specially invited to the New Year dancing ball of the earth. The blonde royal guardian named Jadeite was chatting with some servants while making some notes at the same time. He was in charge of the sundry duties and he was always doing his duty as the well-known most loyal guardian of the prince.

Kunzite turned his sight to another side after a quick glance at them, he didn't care about that fellow guardian of his, even nor did he care about their prince at this moment.

At another side of the dancing pool an auburn-haired man was dancing with a maid with red-brown short hair wearing a green ribbon on her hair. Kunzite could figure out that were Nephrite, his another fellow guardian, and Naru, Nephrite's girlfriend.

Yet, it was also not Nephrite and Naru whom Kunzite was gazing at. The silver sight was actually following a delicate boy who was now dancing with someone—perhaps a noble lady.

Kunzite sighed before swallowed a mouthful of wine. That boy with copper curled ponytail and emerald eyes was Zoisite, who was his student—the only student, and the five-star student of him—as well as his youngest fellow guardian.

The ice king sighed again. Zoisite was so talent, uninhibited and graceful that even his icy cool teacher had secretly fell in love to him. However, Kunzite hid his emotion deeply behind his stony freezing appearance, and he had never allowed that affection visible on his expressionless face.

However, when seeing Zoisite dancing as graceful as a swan with someone else, Kunzite felt jealousy burning inside him. He swallowed another mouthful of wine. He couldn't help dreamt that what if that pale, slender hand was in his hand, what if that soft, smooth waist was in his arms, and what was more, what if that delicate face was beside his shoulder…

With these thought Kunzite kept his gaze on Zoisite and saw him changed his dancing partner for several times. Being flooded by that bitter feeling of jealousy, Kunzite even didn't noticed that he had finished more than two bottles of wine.

Usually the ice king could carry his liquor like a gentleman, however it was so intense jealousy that had driven the highest-ranked general to the edge of his own temper.

Finally the warm-hearted prince noticed the abnormal situation of his leader guardian as well as the best friend. He whispered something to his beloved Princess Serenity before walked towards the silver-haired general:"What's the matter, Kunzite?"

"Nothing's wrong, your highness. Thank you for asking." Kunzite was still able to behavior himself in front the royal lovebirds since he was after all the ice king who was called that way not only because of the color of his hair.

The kind-hearted moon princess showed her concern over to the general gently:"But you don't look all right, Lord Kunzite, the color of wine has already reflected on your face."

Kunzite knew what the princess said was true. He could feel that his face was a little hot. Well, he had never been drunk like that, but he clearly knew what caused that.

Hence, the silver-eyed general only thanked the moon princess politely and again said that there was nothing wrong with him.

Prince Endymion hesitated for a while. It seemed that Kunzite was at least a little abnormal, if not over drank. At last he decided to ask someone to take care of Kunzite. Endymion thought for an instant before called Zoisite.

"Would you do me a favor, please?" Endymion asked the boy walking towards them, "Please take your teacher back to his room, I think you could do that better than anyone else since you're his student and you know him better than the others."

The emerald-eyed boy twinkled before bowed: "With pleasure, your highness." With these words Zoisite gently held one of Kunzite's arms:"Let's go, Kunzite-sama."

The silver-haired man didn't insist. After all he could not refuse his five-star student since he saw that Zoisite really care about him from that pair of emerald eyes. "Thank you." He murmured before following his student, didn't show clearly whom he was giving the thank to.

However neither the prince nor Zoisite cared. Endymion just backed to the dancing pool with his beloved girl and Zoisite was holding the arm of his teacher carefully.

Well, definitely I could walk myself. Thought Kunzite. Yet he would rather like to pretend that his was over drank so that he could be so close to that delicate creature… the indistinct fragrance of rose from that copper curled hair was just…intoxicating, Kunizte thought bitterly, although the owner of that hair may never belong to him.

What Kunzite didn't know was that Zoisite's heart was also beating so fast. The boy never dared to express his secret love to his icy cold teacher, hadn't he even dared to think about that.

They both kept silent till they approached Kunzite's room. "Thank you, Zoisite." Eventually Kunzite said mildly, "I don't mean to force you here, but I really feel a little headache, so…would you please stay with me for a short while?" The highest-ranked general was almost begging, though he used to ordering instead of begging anyone else.

Zoisite smiled hearing these words:"My pleasure, Kunzite-sama." He helped Kunzite to sit down on the sofa before poured a cup of tea for him:"I hope this would make you feel better."

The silver-haired man received the cuat p of tea without a word. He wished that the time could stand still if possible so that he could be with Zoisite and seeing the concern in that pair of emerald eyes forever.

The younger one gazed at his teacher for several seconds, but at last he forced himself moved his sight to a random other point. The atmosphere fell into a viscous silence again, and Zoisite could even hear his own heart beating.

In order to break the deathly stillness of the air, Zoisite smiled before tried making some small talk:"Well, Kunzite-sama, are you feeling better now?"

Only seeing you here could make me feel better than anytime. Kunzite quietly said to himself in mind. However, being afraid that Zoisite would go back to the dancing ball leaving him alone if he gave the positive answer, Kunzite simply stared at the beauty keeping silent.

Getting no reply, Zoisite felt a little uneasy, and under the gaze of his handsome teacher he couldn't help blushed. The boy turned his sight away before looked around the room to find something to do such as tidying the desk so that he could feel less uneasy. Unfortunately, the room of this highest-ranked general was over too tidy and neat—he would be like messing them up rather than putting them in order if he tried to do whatever with the documents on the desk.

Finally Zoisite decided to break the silence by continuing the small talk:"The prince seemed really care about you so much, Kunzite-sama. So how much wine on earth did you have?" He paused before added:"Well, whatever, it's really a rare occurrence to see you drunk like this since you are always…that calm and self-controlled, Kunzite-sama."

"So what?" This time a very short answer. Zoisite smiled again:"Nothing, Kunzite-sama." Hearing the reply the boy relaxed a little and joked freely:"I guess I'm the only one who had ever seen you being like this, Kunzite-sama. And if you let the sexual impulsion have you, like most drank people, it might be even more uncommon that matches the possibility of the sun rising from the west of the sky."

Before the beautiful smile of Zoisite faded, Kunzite suddenly stood up and stepped towards the younger general:"Do you want to see the sun rising from the west, Zoisite? Then you'll see it happen right now."

Zoisite was driven aback for a while when he fell into the embrace of his powerful tall teacher. He felt both sweet and nervous and was taken by a feeling of ambivalence. He tried to struggle against the arms holding him, but Kunzite seemed to be completely taken by sexual impulsion that he even tightened his arms.

Actually Kunzite wasn't really drunk, nor was he that easy to be taken by androgen. However he felt like burning hearing Zoisite's words, and the icy mask he used to wear melt immediately in the copper fire. He hated to hurt the boy, yet he loved the boy so much that he was so eager to take even own the beauty.

Kunzite knew that he was losing his reason, but he couldn't control himself any more. He rudely pushed the youngest general on the bed before covered that slender body with his own.

Zoisite tried to struggle against his teacher again, but only added some more times to his record of failure. The silver-haired man was completely different from the calm, cool glacier that was familiar to Zoisite at the moment.