Warning: Male×Male sex!


The story:

The silver-haired man ripped the boy's coat as if he wanted to tear those annoying clothes into piece. At the same time, he suddenly covered the rosy lips of Zoisite to lick and suck them heavily.

It was a violent, domineering but passionate kiss. Devoted so deep in the kiss, Kunzite even stopped the movement of his hand and was completely absorbed in the kiss.

Zoisite finally gave up to the kiss, he felt himself melting in the heat of that pair of dynamic lips. He began to kiss back, as the best of one who had never kissed could do.

Feeling the response of his dream beauty, Kunzite started to tear off Zoisite's clothes again while kept kissing the younger one. Not until they had to break the kiss for breath did Zoisite notice that he was already naked.

Kunzite felt himself almost on fire. His rational part was burnt out and his passionate was boiling. The beauty beneath him was moaning, and tears were blinking in the emerald eyes. Kunzite wiped out the tears with his tongue but Zoisite tried to get rid of his licking.

That noticed Kunzite that he was forcing the boy and in some way made Kunzite feel bitter. The ice king hesitated, he told himself that he could not hurt the delicate boy. However, he loved him so much that he was so eager to own at least that delicate body, at least for this time, hadn't he could gain Zoisite's love.

Zoisite dared not to meet those silver eyes. He felt embarrassed for his being naked, but when noticed himself secretly yearning for getting further he felt even more shame. At last he tried to avoid meeting his teacher's gaze and let the moan escaped his mouth.

The moan was so sweet-sounding to Kunzite that almost drove him crazy. He lowered his head and began to lick and suck the younger one's nipples, first one of them, then the other one. At the same time he took off his own clothes before carelessly threw them on the floor.

"Kun…Kunzite-sama…" It was even difficult for Zoisite to pronounce a complete single word. He hated to have so sensitive a body. His nipples were badly swollen being teased like that, and something was waking up inside him, as some part of him was becoming harder and harder.

Kunzite was satisfied with what was happening. His own length was already hardened and sprung up with the stimulation spread through him from his tongue and fingers. Zoisite's skin was soft and smooth…and tasted like rose.

He was a rose in bud, thought Kunzite. The silver-haired general was so eager to have the rose bloom for him, even if for only once, only this time.

With these thought Kunzite lifted the boy's waist with one hand, and stroke the boy's butt with the other hand. Zoisite shivered with tears, and his manhood raised its head as if staring at the man who awakened it. Zoisite blushed when noticed what happened to him, but that only made his teacher more aroused.

"You're mine, Zoisite." Kunzite's voice was deep and hoarse with lust and madness mixed in it. He didn't stop the dance of his wet tongue when saying that. It's over too…sexy! Such words suddenly came to Zoisite's mind.

"All belong to you, Kunzite-sama." Zoisite couldn't help murmured. Because I love you, whatever you think. The youngest general quietly added in mind. Still he dared not to express his love to that glacier, though he wasn't like a glacier at all at that moment.

Kunzite didn't waste too much time on tasting the pair of cherries on the younger one's chest. He kneeled between Zoisite's legs, used his fingers trying the entrance of his student while bent to kiss the rosy lips again.

Feeling the fingers dancing coquettishly around the entrance, Zoisite again trembled, he could felt the heat of himself that made him feel shame for himself. Yet, it was so magical a feeling that made Zoisite even has no time to notice his shame…What he wanted to do only so badly was to melt in the embrace of his cold teacher, and to dissolve in the ice…

Zoisite screamed when Kunzite's finger suddenly invaded. That felt like kind of narcotic drugs, really painful but with a mystery attractiveness. The sensitive, delicate boy was almost tore apart by the impulsion of evading from his teacher's impetuous invasion and the desire of wanting more from the man on his top.

So was Kunzite.

The highest general clearly understand that he might have gone too far, but he wasn't able to control himself. Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, but Kunzite actually didn't know whether it was mostly because of the wine he drank or the words Zoisite had joked, neither did he care. He loved that student of his so deep that he wanted him worse than any time he had suffered before.

And if that meant he have to force Zoisite for that, thought Kunzite, then he was ready to become a rapist.

The beauty's breathing fast beneath him excited Kunzite even more. He put the second finger into Zoisite as the younger one screamed once more.

And then, the third one.

Kunzite scissored his fingers in Zoisite while the younger one's length began to brush his stomach. With another screaming filled with the mixture of fear and lewdness Zoisite burst into tears, and Kunzite knew that he had found the point.

The silver-haired general withdrew his fingers and covered Zoisite's mouth with his own before the copper-haired boy could moan for the feeling of loss at his backward. Swallowing the groans together with the saliva, Kunzite thrust into the younger one.

It was like a violent, fierce battle. Neither of them realized that how long had passed. The two naked bodies were twisted together, Zoisite was yelling "stop that" with tears but his legs wrapped around the waist of the man on top, trying to grab him closer, while his arms were also holding Kunzite's back tightly.

The silver-haired general was like fighting on the battle-field. Feeling the manhood of the beauty beneath him goring his stomach shyly but hard, he knew that Zoisite was close. Realizing that Kunzite couldn't help smiled and loosened his arms holding his beloved a little, allowed the younger one to take a deep breath.

Zoisite creamed "Kunzite-sama" and closed his eyes as he finally came on his teacher's stomach. Before he could say a single more word, he's tongue was grabbed by Kunzite's immediately.

During the passionate kiss Kunzite assaulted for a few more times before he came…came inside the delicate boy who was blushing and panting breathlessly with the mixture of sweats, tears and saliva on his face.

"How breath-taking a beauty you are, Zoisite." Kunzite fondled Zoisite's pretty face with these words when he calmed down a little. He got up before swept the completely exhausted boy in his arms:"We need a bath, Zosite, and it's time to go to sleep." He paused before added:"It's too late for you to leave, and I suggest you stay here tonight."

Kunzite's voice heard cool and calm, as if he was talking about the arrangement of the battle or a training of the army of the kingdom. Zoisite was hurt by the coldness, but he just nodded quietly without saying a word.

Kunzite didn't disturbed a lot when Zoisite was bathing, and they just finished it silently.

The embrace of the ice king felt warm and safe. Zoisite leaned closer to his teacher as he felt the older general tightened his arms. Those silver eyes were closed, and Zosite thought that the silver-haired man must be asleep.

"Kunzite-sama." He raised his head and quietly whispered to Kunzite's ear, "Although you did it only because of alcohol, I still love you." Well, Zoisite hadn't expected a sleeping man would hear that, yet he was just so eager to speak it out.

To his surprise, the pair of silver eyes suddenly opened: "It's not alcohol, Zoisite, actually my mind was completely clear." Kunzite continued as those emerald eyes widened:"I had fallen in love to you since long time ago, but I dare to do so only…under the guise of alcohol."

Before Zoisite answered, Kunzite kissed his beloved beauty again and whispered:"Would you forgive my being so rude, Zoisite?"

There was no answer. The copper-haired boy was just shyly stroking his lover's shoulder with his smooth face.

Feeling so filled with happiness, the lovers eventually fell asleep, leaving the quiet sweet fragrance to the air of the night.